Name of Performer and Song: Lana Del Rey - Born to Die

Media Form


Ratio %:



Theme / subject matter:

50:50 performance to narrative

Intertextual references:

Reference to Patriotism (American flag at the beginning and end)- possible reference to the American dream

Generic Features

The conventional  ingredients

Look of the video/star:

The narrative aspect of the video is very dark in comparison to the performance suggesting that she is looking back on bad times.

Sound of the music:

Slow rhythm which matches the video

Narrative Analysis


Does it illustrate the song?

...amplification :

Does it add another layer of meaning to the song?


Does it seem to work in juxtaposition to the song?

What does this contribute to your understanding?

Amplification/Illustrative - some of the lyrics in the song are illustrated in the video - for example, the song references ‘walking on the wild side’ and she has tigers next to her.

Del Rey is portrayed as the typical innocent girl running off with the bad boy in the narrative.

What is the relationship between the narrative and star?

What does this suggest about the star?

The star is at the forefront of the narrative, showing how her relationship was destined to fail

Quite a contrast between the narrative and the performance elements - in performance, she is shown as a strong character in comparison to the narrative where she is portrayed as quite vulnerable.

Technical Conventions

Visual Rhythm

Camera Movement and Editing

Dolly backwards at the end to show his emotion compared to the destruction behind him

First shot of her performance uses a pan to show the glamour of the room to her sat on the throne with the tigers.

Close ups are used during the narrative elements to show emotions.

The bright and dark of the shot where she’s laying in bed shows how unhappy she is.

Tracking shots are used for the car shots.

Representation of  The Star

What ideas are communicated about the star image (brand) and how are these communicate through camera, editing and mise-en-scene?

American flag connotes patriotism and loyalty which have a theme of love but the tattoos and piercing the male has in the video contrast to the “pureness” of Lana Del Rey. Her long, white dress and flower crown in the performance shots of the video reinforce the idea of purity and goodness. The threatening hand gestures used throughout the video show that her relationship may have been abusive.  


How is the video designed to look visually appealing?

First shot includes leading lines to guide the eyes to the star.

Symmetry is shown by having two tigers sat either side of her.

Leading lines are also used in the car shot where we see the point of view of the car and where its going.