Council Chair                                               Buddy Smith (2)

              Vice-Chair / Apprentice                 Macrae Walters


Lay Leader                                                   Johnny Norton (2)

         Apprentice                                Sean Bloom


Secretary                                                       Chelsey Kohl (2)


Financial Discipleship Chair                Dave Thrams (1)


Staff-Parish Chair                                         Matt Butler (2)

          Apprentice                                  (Matt is discerning)

Trustee Chair                                            Bill Koehler (1)

              Apprentice                                      (Bill to discern in year 2)    

Team GO (co-Chair)                               Sharon Cantrell (1)

         (formerly Service Comm.)

Worship Chairpersons:                             Macrae Walters (3)


Children’s Council Chair                             Cindy Burton (2)


Senior Adult Ministries                                Rita & Bill Koehler (3)


UM Men’s President                                John Miller (1)


UM Women’s President                               Linda Carpenter (2)


Youth Representative (1 yr term)             Jessie Smith will hand off to another Youth


Scouting Liaisons                                         David Barger  (3) (Boy & Cub Scout)

                                                                       ___________________  (Girl Scouts)


Mt Pleasant Liaison                                  Betty Luckey (3)


UNITED Board Rep                                 Terry Moore (3)


Lay Delegate to Annual Conf.                 Matt Butler (2)

Alternate                                    Karen Davis                                       





2019  Mitch Johnson, Donny Hough (Vice  Chair), Matt Butler  

2020  Ashley Austin, Bill Koehler

2021  Kirk Hargis, Lynn Smith, Glenda Bumgarner, Mike Moore, Jeanne Young, Pat Mudd, Dave McGuire, Charles Heafner


At Large: Laura McGuire (Parsonage), Pat Ramey (Kitchen), Nicole Tyson (Facility-Use)


Parsonage Subcommittee:  Laura McGuire (4) (Chair)  

Bob Cloninger, Freda Burch, Laura & David McGuire              

Paulette Erskine, Kristen Hargis

Bill Koehler (Trustee Chair)

Ex-Officio:  Karen Sweezy


Kitchen Subcommittee:  Pat Ramey

Develop Procedures, Maintain, & Train to use the Kitchens appropriately


Glenda Bumgarner, Tim Messer, Downy Ensley, Pat Ramey, William Taylor, Valerie Moore, Freda Burch, Rita Koehler, Jen Medici


Facility-Use Subcommittee:  Chair Nicole Tyson & Glenda Bumgarner (1)

                Mark Hovis resigned 8/16/19 (4), William Taylor (Mt. Pleasant Rep– 5),

Nicole Tyson (1), Glenda Bumgarner (3)

Samantha Miller, Dan Smith, Karen Davis, Stephanie Butler


Kitchen Coord. Pat Ramey

Hospitality Volunteer Coord – Glenda Bumgarner




2019  Valerie Moore        

2020  Matt Butler (chair), Johnny Norton, Tim Kohl, Joanna Schultz

2021  Dave Thrams

Rita Koehler

Ex-Officio: Johnny Norton (lay leader), Noel Sweezy (pastor), Matt Butler (delegate to Annual Conference)


Financial Discipleship:  

2019  Jon Miller, Bill Mason

2020  Jeanne Young, Ronnie Shelton, Robert Walters

2021  Dave Thrams (chair)

        Martha Ross

        Shannon Hullett


Ex-Officio: Buddy Smith (council chair), Bill Koehler (trustee chair), Johnny Norton (lay leader), Tabitha Owens (Church Treasurer), Bob Cloninger (Assistant Treasurer), Matt Butler (SPRC chair), Matt Butler (annual conference delegate), Noel Sweezy (Pastor)


Youth Council:

              Chairperson                                                Samantha Miller


Safe Sanctuary Committee:  Joanna Schultz (chair)  Johnny Norton, Cindy Burton & Valerie Moore (CPR Training), Matt Butler (SPRC), Buddy Smith (Council), Noel Sweezy (Pastor), Cindy Burton (Children’s Council Rep.), Samantha Miller (Youth Coord)



Active members of this Ministry Team will form the core of the new “GO” Action Team forming in the fall 2018.


                                                       Main St.                                  CommonGround Worship                      

Worship Leaders:                           Macrae Walters (Chair)    Joanna Carangelo

                                                       Sean Bloom                             Randy Davis

                                                       Todd Burton                         Sonja Johnson

                                                       Lisa Thrams                             Rachel Medici

                                                                                                    Gracie Lewis

                                                                                                    Donny Hough

Communion Stewards                    Phyllis Burton                         Laura & Dan Deangelo

Acolyte Coord.                           Chelsey Kohl

Audio/Visual Coord.                      Buddy Smith                          Matt Butler

                                                       Robert Walters                Karen Davis

Lay Leader                                     Johnny Norton                         Johnny Norton

Music Coord.                              John Fohner                     Lou Price

                                                   Jan Stewart



Committee on Lay Leadership (Nominations):  Noel Sweezy (chair)


2020  Glenda Bumgarner, Kim Smith

2021   Lisa Thrams

        Jeanne Young

        Macrae Walters

        Sandy Mason

Lay Leader – Johnny Norton



Help Fund Committee:

              Don Bumgarner (chair), Mark Hovis (resigned 8/16/19), Sandra Moore, Bob Cloninger, Mary Doris Chapman, Freda Burch, Mark Etchison



Tech Team:

              Buddy Smith, Mark Hovis, Robert Walters, Wesley Clark, Matt Butler, Ashley Austin, Gabe Price, Karen Davis



Church School Secretary:  Joan Morris                                      Assistant Treasurer:  Bob Cloninger

Worship Hosts:  Eddie Stewart & Donny Hough                                        

Brotherhood/Sisterhood Rep:  Lay Leader         

Congregational Development Rep:  Lay Leader

Bereavement Committee Contact:  Linda Carpenter

Stanley Total Living Representative: Teresa West                 

Historian:  Jan Stewart & __________________________