Have You Had a Gethsemane?

By: William J. Gaither Copyright: 1962, 1963 William J. Gaither, Inc.

CCLI Song Number: 180871



A        Ab/A G/A    D

In the garden He went to pray

             G                    Gm6 D

When it seemed hope was gone.

                         F#m7 Fm7 Em7 A7

He prayed with a bro—ken heart;

               G/A A7 D

He prayed all a—lone.


                 A   Ab/A G/A    D

Have you had   a   Geth—semane?

                           Em/D D7    G

Have you prayed   in   des—pair?

                      Gm6  D

In the dark of the dreary hour

             A9  F#m/A  A7  D

Did the Lord meet   you there?



Have you had a Gethsemane?


Have you prayed the night



                         F#m7 Fm7 Em7 A7

Have you shed tears of agony

                       G/A A7 D

When no hope was in you?



Have you prayed, "If it be Thy will,

                             Gm6   D

May this cup pass from me?

                    F#m7 Fm7 Em7 A7

But if it's Thy will, dear Lord,

          G/A A7   D

I will bear it for Thee."