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        Chef’s Tasting Menu


4-Course Tasting Menu

Break A Leg

Butternut Squash Bisque | chili oil

Merlot Blend, Bigode, Portugal

Act I

Lump Crab Cake | arugula salad

Sylv(an)er - Le Crustaces, Fr

Act II

Crispy Pork Belly | sweet pea puree | brussels

Beaujolais - Bouchard, Fr

Curtain Call

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

Syrah Rose - Disruption, WA

$50 | $75 with wine pairings

8-Course Tasting Menu

Course 1

Sweet Corn Bisque

Champagne, Opera Prima Brut

Course 2

Roasted Beet Tortellini | sage cream

Syrah Rose, Disruption, WA

Course 3

Basil Artichoke Wontons | habanero

Sauv Blanc, Squealing Pig, NZ

Course 4

Monaco Meatball | sweet potato puree

Pinot Noir, Folly of the Beast, CA

Course 5

Soft Shell Crab | passion fruit caviar | arugula

Sylv(an)er, Le Crustaces, FR

Course 6

Crispy Pork Belly | brussels

Beaujolais, Bouchard, France

Course 7

Salt-Block Filet Mignon | roasted vegetables

Zinfandel, Zinphomaniac, Cali

Course 8

Vanilla Panna Cotta

Merlot Blend, Bigode, Portugal

$80/person +$40 with wine pairings