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209.2  AR

The purpose of the health service in the school is to help each student attend school in optimum health and to benefit from the school experience.

With this purpose in mind, the nurse shall work to stimulate in every child the desire to safeguard his/her own health so that s/he may face the school experience with a healthy body and an eager mind.  However, the school nurse is not to take over the responsibility that belongs to the parents/guardians.  The training of a professional nurse does not qualify him/her to prescribe or make a diagnosis.

School health services shall consist of identification of problems of health education, health promotion and health correction.

In order to be able to respond to the student’s needs, it is essential that a parent/guardian complete an emergency card for each child attending school.

The following information will be requested:

  1.  Name, address, telephone number of each parent/guardian, including place of business.

  1.  Name, address, telephone number of a responsible relative or neighbor who can be contacted if parent/guardian cannot be reached.

  1.  Name, address, telephone number of physician who can be contacted in case of emergencies.

Whenever any of the above information should change, it is the parent’s/guardian’s responsibility to notify the school.

The District’s health service department shall be responsible for the following:

  1.  The nurse will administer first aid according to standing health orders as specified by the school doctor and standard healthcare procedures.

  1.  The nurse will decide if a student needs further treatment by a physician or hospital.  S/He will notify the parent/guardian or responsible person listed on the emergency card and make a recommendation for care of the student.

  1.  If the nurse is unable to contact the person listed on the card, the family physician will be notified.

  1. The nurse will assume responsibility for the student until s/he is relieved by another individual, such as a relative, etc.

  1. Based on the determination of the building principal, medical personnel and parent/guardian, the injured may be taken to the hospital.  Depending on the seriousness of the injury, the injured may be taken to the hospital in one of the three (3) following ways:

  1. Parents/Guardians – the parent/guardian comes to the school and transports the injured in his/her personal car.

  1. Ambulance Service – building principal or designee prompts ambulance.

  1. Teacher/Administrator/Medical Personnel – after confirming with parents/guardians, teacher/administrator/medical personnel transports the injured to the hospital in a District vehicle.

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