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Odyssey HS Progress Update #3 Due February 26
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CSI High School Progress Updates                        

Progress Update #3  (Progress, Barriers, Next Steps)

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School Performance Plan Implementation: Please provide a short narrative(100 words or less) to capture your progress in the implementation of your School Performance Plan thus far.

Professional Development



Next Steps

Professional development for the science department was provided and focused on the NGSS standards.

Interdisciplinary PLCs continue to be held weekly where teachers look at grades and common assessment data to identify at-risk students and create plans for support.

The school community is grieving the loss of our beloved principal and mentor, Mario Gatto. His exemplary work has positively impacted many educators, students, families, and school communities. The staff at Odyssey HS “will honor him, by making decisions that positively affect our students and their futures”.

Individual, virtual professional development will continue to provide teachers with support to develop rigorous curriculum aligned to NVACS and strategies to work with students who have gaps in their learning and knowledge. The PD department will continue to provide teachers with written feedback, virtual follow-up meetings, and virtual coaching.

Family Engagement



Next Steps

Information for families and students is posted regularly on the school website.  A variety of  scholarship opportunities, post-secondary opportunities such as the NV State College and NV National Guard, essay/video contests, virtual college fairs, DIY virtual family activities, resources for homeless teens, and mental health resources have been shared with families and students.  

Many OCS community members have found it difficult transitioning to a 100% online format, as well as providing encouragement and support for their children.

A virtual trivia night is scheduled for February 24th.  Families are encouraged to provide a celebration video for their senior students to be shared at the graduation ceremony. Results from parent surveys about preferences for fully-online or blended learning for their students next year will help shape planning, staffing, and scheduling.

Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment



Next Steps

Additional class time with the teacher (2 hours) through Google Meet has been added to the instructional schedule as a supplement to the virtual labs on Wednesdays.

In-person, online WIDA assessments for students who are English learners are being administered in small groups. An ACT Prep Bootcamp was offered in February.

Night school is currently being offered for up-to 50 students.

Lack of engagement and poor attendance continues to be a barrier for some students.

Juniors and some seniors will be taking the ACT in-person beginning on February 23rd. Staff will proctor and schedule the exam in compliance with CDC guidelines.

Odyssey will continue to provide students with the option of full-distance education classes for the remainder of this school year, if they choose. Conversations about opportunities for in-person instruction are ongoing.

Progress Update #3  (Assessment Data)

High School Data: Credit Deficiency

Report number/percent of 9th grade students who are credit-deficient (Datalab 02-18-2021)


Class of 2024

Number Off-Track


Percent Off-Track


Unsuccessful Transfers # (%)

6 (2.0%)

High School Data: Off-Track

Report number/percent of 10th-12th grade students who are off-track for graduation (Datalab 02-18-2021)


Class of 2023


Class of 2022


Class of 2021



Number Off-Track





Percent Off-Track





Unsuccessful Transfers # (%)

9 (2.6%)

34 (8.4%)

34 (6.9%)

83 (5.4%)

Progress Update #3 (Targets and Spring Benchmarks)

1. Did you meet the targets you established in the last progress update submitted October 29, 2020?

Targets for reducing credit deficiency and increasing students “on-track” for graduation were not met, but we are on course to meet these targets by the end of the second semester. Although 37.7% of students are currently listed as “off-track” for credit/graduation requirements, the percent decreases to 15.5% when currently enrolled courses are considered. This indicates that students are on the appropriate learning paths to ensure graduation. The percentage drops further, to 9.1% “off-track” when excluding Health, PE, and computers credits which are semester classes that are often taken during summer school or in an alternate sequence.

2. Based on this data, list the adjustments (if any) you will be making to your action plan?

                Yes                                                                 No

What if any adjustments will you make to your 2020-2021 School Performance Plan?

What adjustments will you make to your 2020-2021 School Performance Plan?

To keep on our path to meet graduation goals, counselors will continue to ensure students are enrolled in the correct courses. Teachers will continue to identify students who are in need of additional support and provide opportunities to address the barriers and challenges for each student. The Professional development Department will continue to provide personalized coaching and feedback cycles. Families will continue to be provided with resources and engagement opportunities that support student success. Efforts will continue in order to locate unsuccessful transfers that will count against the school’s graduation rate.

3. What targets will you set for the next progress update based on this initial data?

Targets for Semester 2:

School Improvement Department

Assessment, Accountability, Research, and School Improvement (AARSI) Division