‘Round The Clock Update

1.24.18 - 10:45am

The Yule ritual complete, Christmas and the New Year holiday were a time of letting the smoke clear. Cities burn. Worlds end. We’ve had more armageddons since Halloween than we have leftover candy. But what we’ve learned is that the apocalypse can’t kill our fates. And we were meant to be forever lost in a labyrinth of alternate dimensions so thick that most days, it’s a miracle we can remember each other’s names. But the pressure of the constantly warping universe is one which nobody wants to let continue to rule us. So, we decided on a government shutdown.

The choice was made to confine ourselves to a relatively small area so that we might be able to experience each other with more clarity. We decided our internal landscapes would be perfect for such an enclosure. With Gradient’s help, Clyde has grounded us all in Joshua’s Coney Island (chosen by vote). Physically, we’re allowed to roam around Gray House proper, but metaphysically, we won’t be allowed to travel anywhere but Coney Island. This rule is in effect until such time as we have let the microscope of the shutdown manifest and written down whatever the results of this experiment yield, and then we’re moving on to a location possessed by someone else. That location will be chosen when the time comes to do so.