‘Round The Clock Update

1.8.18 - 12:30pm

Midnight Room: Gradient is sneaking dessert from the kitchen pantry.  

Room One: He’s gone.

Room Two: Matthew is masturbating in Nick’s confessional booth in Room Four.  Nick is not present.

Room Three: Adam is wandering the wooden menagerie on the lawn.

Room Four: Nicholas is reading the Bible on the living room couch.

Room Five: Dean is falling asleep listening to the fountain in the courtyard.

Room Six: Brad is following some girls down a beach at night with a knife.

Room Seven: Rosie is listening to her old playlists.

Room Eight: Clyde is getting out of the bathtub.  The Ghost Boy is haunting his room and playing a lot of old Metallica.

Room Nine: Evelyn is writing in her room.

Room Ten: is cold.

Room Eleven: You tell us, Jack. What are you doing? Use the link below to leave a note on the fridge about what you’re doing and we’ll update our ‘Round The Clock accordingly.

The Basement: The Ghost Boy of Gray House is haunting Clyde tonight.