Roundtable 4: Wildlife & Natural Resources


        Competing interests


                Food security / Organics diversion

                Garbage collection - centralized, mobility problems

        Cumulative effects, eg mines one vs several

        Power projects

        Regional land use planning (regional and municipal) and wildlife corridors




Organics in Canmore - start small, emphasize commercial side of question first, send off site

Electric fencing, for chicken in backyards, not for composting

Food security and food recovery


Community fruit press / juicing, volunteer picking

Bins for yard waste

Jay Honeyman’s (individual) bear proof bins

Zero-waste incentives for events

Cumulative effects

Crown Land referrals

Forestry, mining, habitation, back-country use, wildlife,

ALCES / Brad Stelfox company that looks at various inputs that affect impacts / possibilities

 Trail strategy (Golden) with competing interests - what kind of trail density will work in particular areas

0.6 km of trail and road / sq km landscape threshold in GB habitat  / another threshold for bull trout (might find on Alberta Environment and Parks)

*Hilary’s note: correction: this is an open road threshold, not a trail threshold. Check out and for impacts of roads, trails and human disturbances on wildlife and water.

Electric mountain bikes / scooters /

Reconciliation of some cross-boundary policy differences

Wildlife corridors

        Where to start?

        Computer modelling on landscape mapping with data can identify “least cost” routes for different species of wildlife

        Corridor requirements vary for different species

        There are broad principles that are a good place to start.

Pirated trails / enforcements