1. Pick your seat. If all goes well, it will be your permanent seat.
  2. You must have a gmail address
  3. Link to class notes is in Jupiter.
  4. Go to evangelchristianschool.com
  5. Fill out student form for Mr Brown
  6. No food,drink, gum
  7. Think on these things
  8. Login to your gmail account

Internet safety  

Google Search

Google Docs, mail etc



Internet safety

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jsXlduUSCN0---kid to kid


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nWq7SXaXj8g---be smarter

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gvb-1duqvkU--online gaming---funny parts


https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B7ZXmGOsm8RoN2QzbTU3M3FSdXM----Dangers and friend





Bring Planner tomorrow---or a note with all upcoming tests, quizzes, etc--this is for a grade

Login to Gmail---

Login in to Typing.com

Do the first 2 lessons on typing.com, if asked, always take the short 5 min test.

Google Calendar----add events, add reminders

Typing .com


Sign in to Chrome

Chrome extensions


add a signature to your email

Send an email to me glenn.brown@ewpc.us.

Format the email’s text with a different font, different color, underlined, bold, italic and send a smiley

Filters in Gmail

Create a filter for any mail that come from me glenn.brown@ewpc.us

Make it place the email in a Label Called Mr. Brown

Color the label Orange


Google Chrome Extensions

Nimbus screenshot annotator

Typing.com….finish all lessons through beginner review

Create a document and share it with someone that I will pick. One of you will write a paragraph on macintosh Computers. The other will write a paragraph on Windows Computers. Do not copy and paste

Typing.com next two lessons

Finish collaboration paper.

Click file, revision history

Open a new google doc

Click add ons

Click get new addons

Type Easy Bib

Install it

Mla Bibliographies

Find 8 books by Smith Wigglesworth and add them to your Bibliography

Find 8 books by John G Lake and add them to your Bibliography

Find 3 books by Loren Cunningham and add them to your Bibliography

Find 2 books by Dean Sherman and add them to your Bibliography

Find 2 books by Joy Dawson and add them to your Bibliography

Find 13 ways to ruin your life by Jarrod Jones






Hint: you can type all the info if you want, or you can find the ISBN and Easy Bib may find it for you. Amazon usually has the isbn for books they sell.

Complete Bibliography Assignment


Pixlr Intro

Pixlr practice test

Make the image straight click here for image

Make only the glasses in color..click here to download image

PIXLR Test 1

Make the image straight click here for image

Make only the glasses and sun in color..click here to download image

http://ewpc.us/crokked1.jpg---make this image straight