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Richard Robin, Karen Evans-Romaine, Galina Shatalina

ГОЛОСA 1 and 2 from Routledge

Book 1 Textbook          Book 2 Textbook

Book 1 Workbook        Book 2 Workbook

Golosa 5th edition is no longer available.

6th edition flash links:
Golosa 6th ed. Videos on YouTube  (does not require a subscription)

Golosa 6th edition audio: Book 1   Book 2   (does not require a subscription)

Instructors: if you had access to the Golosa content for the 5th edition,
you automatically have access to the 6th edition Golosa Instructor Resource Materials.

Where to find GOLOSA components

Golosa Textbook and Workbook (print):

BOOK 1                                           BOOK 2

All audio materials online  (no subscription)
Book 1                                            Book 2

The above link leads to a publicly available area in Box.

All video material (YouTube, no subscription required)

The link above goes to the publicly available Golosa YouTube channel.

LingCo resources

These links take you to LingCo, a Routledge partner that provides the electronic version of Golosa’s Student Workbook.

LingCo’s resources require a separate subscription and are not under the control of the authors.

LingCo sample lesson                                     LingCo inquiry page

Grammar supplements and Vocabulary cards

This link leads to older supplements to previous editions. No subscription is required.

Instructor Resources:

Through Google Docs

As a webpage

Both links lead to a Permission Request to an Instructor Google Docs site. Access is easier if you already have a Google account.

After you fill out the instructor request form, you will receive a link to the materials in Google Drive. This is a manual process that takes a few days.

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