The King And The Beast

by Duncan Jones

Trumpets blasted far and wide

All came to see the kingdom’s pride

The fiercest, greatest dragon ever brought in

And was the one who wore the crown

Who had tracked the giant down

The one who’s clever trap had finally caught him

Now the crowd was in an arc

Stood awaiting flame and spark

As the hunters prodded tempting all their fate

“Well let’s go! Let’s have a show!”

And the rocks began to throw

And shortly after came the whips for it was late

And when the whips began tire

Came the torches and the fire

But the night was dark, the princess said, “No longer!”

And she held her father’s hand

And called off her father’s band

“Let us save the show for when we’re feeling stronger!”

Looking at the giant trapped

Royal banners on his back

“A shame to act in such unflattering a manner!

For my heart would surely sing

If he realized you were King

I can’t believe they let him wear our royal banner!”

A feast was planned and all agreed

All could use some rest indeed

And he chained again was loaded on the wagon

“Such presence have you daughter!”

“Please don’t compliment me father!

You should know that I was speaking to the dragon …

Who is King and who is beast?

Who thinks of the other least?”

And the dragon’s eyes lit up just like the day

“So go ahead and show your might

It’s clear he didn’t even fight!”

Then Dragon smiled and melted chains and flew away!