KW Associate Guide To Getting Started At

KW West Ventura County.

Revised December 2018

Agent Services

Keller Williams West Ventura County

2831 N. Ventura Rd

Oxnard, CA 93036


This handbook contains helpful information on Office Information and Protocol, Important Contacts, My Basic Information, Questions- Go-to List, KW Websites & Tech Support, KW Belief System, Get Involved, ALC, Etc.,... Our goal for this handbook is that you always know where to go to find the answer to your KW questions.

Table of Contents

Office Information





My Basic Information

Where To Find Us On Social Media

Who’s Who & How to Reach Them…

Agent Leadership Council (ALC)

Our ALC Members

I’m Ready To Start ... Where Do I Begin?



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Profile & Reports

Find an Agent

eEdge Control Panel

Find a Vendor

Production Dashboard

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Give Back & KW |Culture

Quick Links

Set Your Goals!

Career Growth Initiative

Brand Your App!

Keller Williams Realty Search App

Work Your Database with eEdge




Helpful KW & Business Abbreviations, Jargon & Lingo

Office Information


2831 N. Ventura Rd., Oxnard, CA 93036

O: 805.643.3337

F: 805.643.3338

M-F 8:30-5

VCRDS Office Code: V8022


109 N. Blanche St., Ojai, CA 93023

O: 805.646.9800

F: 805.640.9845

M-F 9-4

VCRDS Office Code: V8023


1071 S. Seaward Ave, Ventura, CA 93001

O: 805.643.3337

F: 805.628.3040

M-F 8:30-5

VCRDS Office Code: V8250


1690 E. Ventura Blvd., Camarillo, CA 93010

O: 805.322.3384

F: 805.482.0820

M-F 9-4

VCRDS Office Code: V8361

Public site: www.kwwestventuracounty.com

Agent site: www.kwwvc.com

My Basic Information

MyKW.KW.com Username/Password: _______________________________________________________________

@KW.com Email (login at gmail.com) Username/Password: _________________________________________

KWWVC.com Username/Password: _________________________________________________________________

MLS Username/Password: __________________________________________________________________________

CAR.org Username/Password: ______________________________________________________________________

Dotloop Username/Password: ______________________________________________________________________

MichaelLewisMarketingSuite Username/Password: _________________________________________________

My eEdge Website: __________________________________________________________________________________

My KW (Placester) Website: _________________________________________________________________________

DRE License# ____________________________________         Office DRE License#  __01859199____________

Office Tax ID# __80-0305991_____________________         Office HUD/NAID# __VVLDIH5591____________

All Office Wifi Passcodes: ___wi4cs2ts_________               Other: _______________________________________

Other: ___________________________________________         Other:________________________________________

Who’s Who & How to Reach Them…

Sam Benner

Team Leader (TL), CEO

Cell: 805.901.2162

Email: sambenner@kw.com

Recruiting & referring Agents, coaching and consulting agents, transaction strategies, training and mentoring, broker questions and strategies, legal dispute and resolution, MLS procedures & regulations, team meetings, ALC meetings, profit share questions, & public relations.

Sarah Miller

Market Center Administrator (MCA)

Office: 805.288.6291

Email: klrw835@kw.com

1099’s Processing & Questions, Disbursement, Authorizations & Revisions, Green Sheet Processing, Office Staff Management, Profit Share Statements, Human Resources- Office Procedures & Audits, General Agent Questions

Laura Warfield

Productivity Coach

Office: 805.205.9108

Email: laurawarfield@kw.com

Productivity Coaching, Mentoring Assistance, Agent Marketing Assistance, General Agent Questions, Assistance w/KW Systems & Implementation

Jen Ridgway

Director of Agent Services

Office: 805.651.3881

Email: jenridgway@kw.com

Agent Onboarding, Agent Marketing Assistance, Social Media Coordinator, Scheduling, Assistance with KW Systems and Implementation.

Angelika Jedrasik

Lead Compliance Director

Office: 805.804.5630

Email: angj@kw.com

First point of contact for file questions, reviews all transactional files in DotLoop file, maintains transaction checklists and assists with Dotloop questions.

Christine Dalida

Director of First Impressions Oxnard (DOFI)

Office: 805.288.6282

Email: frontdesk835@kw.com

Oxnard office administration,office equipment issues, basic technology troubleshooting, transaction file processing procedures.

Candace Young

Technology Director

Office: 805.322.7909

Email: tech835@kw.com

Assist with implementation of KW Technology Products and Systems including Google Apps for Business products and basic online safety measures.

Linda Ekman

Director of First Impressions Ojai (DOFI)

Office: 805.646.9800

Email: kwfrontdeskojai@kw.com

Ojai office administration, transaction file processing procedures.

Heidi Bowls

Director of First Impressions Camarillo (DOFI)

Office: 805.322.3384


Processes Wolfnet/Market Leader IDX setup and implementation, Agent auto insurance compliance, DRE License renewal tracking, New agent CAR setup and templates.

West Ventura County Escrow - Broker Owned Escrow Division located 2nd floor Oxnard office

Dora Vasquez 
Escrow Officer


Dana Stroh
Escrow Assistant


Where To Find Us On Social Media


search ‘KWWVC’ on FB to join group



Agent Leadership Council (ALC)

The Associate Leadership Council is comprised of the top twenty percent of the Keller Williams® agent body in the Market Centers. The purpose of the Associate Leadership Council is to guarantee our associates a vehicle for giving direct input as to the operation of Keller Williams®.  

The ALC is actively involved in the leadership of the company, holding ownership and management accountable to live within the budget and participates in attaining the goals of the Market Center, i.e., production, drive profit, education and standards and principles. This is NOT a sales meeting nor is it a complaint session.

The ALC acts as the Market Center’s “Board of Directors”.

They are the guardians of the culture.  A covenant agreement of ALC responsibilities is entered into by all ALC members with their Market Center peers.

Our ALC Members

Dennis Aubery

April Aubery

Rebeca Elliot

Christine Cardoso-Moore

Meggie Hawthorne

Doug Moe

Xavier Flores

Sharon MaHarry

Robert Ridgway

Brooke Smith

Jeff Roundy

Ashley Anderson

I’m Ready To Start ... Where Do I Begin?


This is a shortcut to view of all of KWs’ Technology products. Explore the various tiles and side bar to learn more about each tool offered. Let’s focus in on the KW Technology Setup tile.

Much of the initial setup is done for you as part of your ‘Welcome’ package at our Market Center. However, reviewing these eight steps will give you solid foundation of KW’s technology products for your business. Watching the myKW Orientation Video link featured in the aqua Resources box will give you a great overview of KW’s systems.


This is your one stop shop for all things Keller Williams. All of the tools provided by Keller Williams International can be found here and are provisioned through your mykw.kw.com Intranet account. - MyKW for short.  At first glance this may be overwhelming, but let’s peel back the layers so we can implement these tools. Watch this brief video to get the full run down.

Black Tool Bar

This consists of seven pull down menus that include topics such as New Agent Info, Education, Training, Logos, Business Basics, links to manage your KW Email, access your KW Websites, KW Events and so much more.


Can’t find something you’re looking for? Type your term in the search bar and it will scour the mykw.kw.com, answers.kw.com and kwconnect.com site for references matching your term.

Profile & Reports

Manage your KW White Pages directory, Lead & Referral information from the profile tab.  Unlock a wealth of information under the Reports tab and know your numbers!

Find an Agent

Looking to send a referral? Or trying to locate an agent? Search for their name.

eEdge Control Panel

eEdge runs every aspect of your real estate business. Leads from your websites, mobile app, or manually entered leads show on your dashboard as myLeads. You can organize your myContacts into groups so you can target your marketing using drip campaigns, postcards, open house flyers, personal touches and more all found within myMarketing and myEmail. These tools are all brought to you through a third-party called MarketLeader. Follow through with your leads will result in transactions; you’ll use myTransactions to submit your paperwork for electronic broker review. This third-party tool is provided by Dotloop. myMarket Center Intranet is slowly being replaced by KWConnect, and we prefer you join our KWWVC Facebook Group to post your needs and wants, and view the calendar and our local office documents on our KWWVC.com site.

Find a Vendor

In search of signs, cards, badges, posters, clothing, closing gifts… you name it - Search here for a list of approved vendors partnered with KWRI.

Production Dashboard

This tool will show your production trends, how close you are towards capping and your ratio conversions. Please note that the data on this dashboard will always be about a month and a half behind since the information is not processed and loaded till after it’s been collected by headquarters.

*If this dashboard is not visible, you will need to enable Flash on your browser.

kw | NOW

These rotating banners provide you KW’s latest news.

Give Back & KW |Culture

Links to some of the special projects KW has spearheaded as well as more on the warm & fuzzy KW Culture.

Quick Links

Just that, quick access to frequently used pages on MyKW and KWConnect. Explore what the Welcome New Associates link has to offer and familiarize yourself  and personalize your email settings using the KW Gmail Login link.

Set Your Goals!

Career Growth Initiative

Keller Williams has experienced tremendous growth in the recent years, and the Career Growth Initiative tool was instrumental in its’ success. This tool allows you to work backwards from your profit goal - the funds needed to fuel an extraordinary life! Take just a five minutes to visit cgi.kw.com, set your goals and get real numbers to hit to keep you on track to success!

The CGI Tool will provides a guide on the left side of the screen to walk you through each field on the worksheet. Or watch this brief video.

If prompted for a class code to proceed with setting your goals, contact our Front Desk personnel or staff.

Brand Your App!

Keller Williams Realty Search App

Keller Williams was the first in the industry to provide each and every one of their agents with a custom mobile app that was branded to them - that means you too! In just a few steps your friends, family, clients along with yourself, can download the app and begin searching their local market even if they live in another state. Your users can view homes not covered by your local MLS by piggy-backing off of the local Market Centers IDX Agreements with their local MLS - this means potential referral money for you!

Work Your Database with eEdge

View a full rundown on eEdge features here or additional resources from Market Leader.


Your database is the heart of your business. This simple rule applies, the larger your database the larger your profit is - it’s a numbers game. myContacts is the Contact Relationship Manager (CRM) provided by KW and allows you to systematically work your database you can be top of mind.


Add New Contacts

  1. From your eEdge dashboard, click the plus button next to myContacts, then select Add New Contacts.
  2. Add the contact details you need and be sure to include a valid email address so that they can be included on marketing material.
  3. Click the save button

Add New Contacts - if already in eEdge

  1. Click on Contacts from the drop down menu located at the top of the screen
  2. Select Create Contact
  3. Add the contact details you need and be sure to include a valid email address so that they can be included on marketing material.
  4. Click the Save button

*Practice by adding yourself and your significant other or close friend as a contact


From new agent announcements, just listed postcards, open house flyers, listing guides and drip campaigns; myMarketing is your hub! Let’s focus on sending a marketing piece announcing your move to KW to all of your recently added contacts.

Access Marketing from MyKW

  1. Select the + button next to myMarketing 
  2. Choose Create Marketing Materials

Access Marketing - if already in eEdge

  1. Select Marketing tab from top menu navigation
  2. Choose Marketing Center

Your Marketing Center is comprised of three main areas

Send Your Own!

  1. Select Email & Video Marketing under the Design Library section.

  2. Explore the library pieces available. Or use one of our suggested pieces to send out as an announcement to your Sphere by searching for the following pieces by using the Keywords section of the Search Options box.
  1. When you work with me
  2. New Agent Card
  3. New Game in Town
  4. Mobile App Features*
  5. Download my mobile app today!*
    *Be sure your mobile app ‘share’ URL is entered into your account settings of eEdge
  1. Select your piece by clicking on the thumbnail and select Personalize
  2. Use the editor menu to personalize your piece. Many aspects of the piece are editable, just as images, text, hyperlinks and so much more. However, some of the text is actually an image, therefore you cannot edit the text, but can replace the image entirely. Feel free to change the verbiage on any of the pieces to more accurately reflect your personality.
    Note: If you get stuck, be sure to check out the
    step-by-step help guide by clicking on the ? in the upper right hand corner of the screen.
  3. Save and Exit  be sure to save any changes, name your piece, then exit the editor using the buttons in the upper left corner.
  4. Share your piece. You can now use the Publish to Web and Share option to share your piece on social media, or Compose Email to the contacts you added to your database.

    Compose Email.  With this feature you will be able to select multiple contacts or entire groups to send your piece to by selecting the blue  To:  button.  You can also modify the Subject field or add an additional message to the Body of the email. Once complete, click Send Now .

    Publish to Web & Share.  You can simply copy and paste the URL provided into your website, email, or another social platform. Or click on the buttons shown for social networks to login and share your post there!

Your Websites!

Keller Williams has embraced technology as a part of Real Estate early on; as a result it offers a few different website tools and platforms. It may be a lot to take it, but we’ll give you a brief summary of the sites provisioned to you as active KW Agent.

KW.com ‘Business Card’ Profile

This ‘site’ is more of a profile page, but it’s generally one of the first results when you Google your name and KW, Real Estate ect. Therefore, it’s important that you have your information up to date and pointing to the right location.

This information is fed from your Profile section of myKW, primarily the MyKW Info|Whitepages. Only the ‘visit my website’ link is controlled from  MyLeads|Your.KWagent.com section 2.4 by selecting the Alternate bubble and entering your Alternate Website in the field below. Be sure to save your changes.

eAgentC Site - yourkwagent.com

If you modified your ‘visit my website link’ in the last step, you’ve actually dabbled in the eAgentC website. This was the first big Technology breakthrough offered by KW. Now, we almost entirely disregard this archaic site except for section 2.4 for the alternate website and section 4.5 which controls a few settings for your mobile app.  This site can be accessed from the eEdge control panel,  and clicking the myMarketing + button and selecting Manage eAgentC Website.

eEdge Website powered by Market Leader - kwrealty.com

This site is part of a suite of tools provided by Market Leader and is known as the ‘set it and forget it’ site. It offers minimal customization,  but that means it requires little to no maintenance as well. It is mobile responsive, looks pretty slick and offers clients the ability to search for properties via IDX and set searches and alerts for their search criteria though it does not offer blogging capabilities. This site can be accessed from the eEdge control panel,  and clicking the myMarketing + button and selecting Manage eEdge Website. For more information on eEdge.

KW Websites powered by Placester - kw.com

Placester was the most recent iteration of KW Technology Partnerships. It became evident to KW that they need to provide a clean, easy to use & beautiful platform that offered customization and blogging capabilities… enter the KW Website. This site offers a mobile responsive design, IDX search for clients, and an user friendly blogging platform for the agent. These template sites offer the ability to create unlimited pages while still allowing the capability to feed your leads into the eEdge myContacts system. This site can be accessed and managed from the Technology tab and selecting KW Websites and clicking Go To My Website. For more information on Placester. 

Additional Resources


This is a website created specifically for our agents here at KW West Ventura County. You’ll find our training calendar, listing & buyer presentation templates, office resources, helpful blog articles, support numbers,  and much more… it basically houses any internal office document you may need. The username and password for this account are not generated by KW, rather you will be able to register with your preferred email address and password, be sure to make a note of it at the beginning of this book.

MLS - Multiple Listing Service

An MLS is a marketing database of private offers of cooperation and compensation by listing brokers to other real estate brokers.  This is really the lifeblood of the real estate business. To gain access to the MLS will need to join a local Board of Realtors.

We have multiple boards in our region, though the primary board is Ventura County Coastal Association of Realtors®, or VCCAR. Some of these boards ‘co-op’ to share data with each other and other boards throughout California. You will need to be a member of one board office and pay your National Association  of Realtors® and others dues, but you can subscribe to other MLS’ should you need to. The board manages your Realtor® status and provides tools and benefits through your membership.

VCCAR - Ventura County Coastal Association of Realtors®

W: vcrealtors.com

E: vccar@vcrealtors.com

T: 805-981-2100

F: 805-981-2107

CSMAR - Conejo Simi Moorpark Association of Realtors®

W: csmaor.com

E: info@csmaor.com

T: 805-495-4681

F: 805-620-7700

OVBR - Ojai Valley Board of Realtors®

W: ojaivalleymls.com

E: ovbr@west.net

T: 805-646-8453

F: 805-646-0203

SBAOR - Santa Barbara Board of Realtors®

W: sbaor.org

E: membership@sbaor.com

T: 805-963-3787

F: 805 -966-9664

CAR.org - California Association of Realtors®

Once you have joined the board you will receive an email with your NRDS/CAR member number. If you do not already have a CAR.org account you will need to click the option to Log In and Register. This account will grant you access to member-only articles, tools, benefits, discounts, learning resources at a state level. Be sure to make a note of your username and password at the front of this booklet, or in a password manager.


This tool is where you will draft and write your contracts and is one of the benefits provided to your through your CAR.org account. You will access Zipform through CAR.org and clicking on the Zipform bubble towards the left hand side of the screen. For more Zipform resources.


This third party e-signature tool comes highly recommended from our agents and staff and integrates easily with Zipform. Save time and quickly get e-signatures on contracts when you need them, even from a mobile device. You can sign up for your own account or free trial through Docusign and learn about their plans here, or sign up through any of our office staff and have $15 added towards your monthly agent billing.

My Transactions powered by Dotloop

Once you have contracts in the works, you will need to use MyTransactions powered by Dotloop to submit your paperwork for Broker review and compliance. You can learn how to setup a basic loop using our local templates here.

MLMS - MichaelLewisMarketingSuite.com

This tool has been purchased for you by our office and offers you many templates for flyers, business cards, postcards and many more marketing pieces in a sleek modern design.


Helpful KW & Business Abbreviations, Jargon & Lingo

Affiliates- our real estate industry service partners who provide us with top quality information, goods and customer support. Including, but not limited to title companies, home warranty companies, inspectors, contractors, etc.

ALC – Associate Leadership Council

ASD- Agent Services Director- Jen Ridgway

Associates- each individual agent and realtor who is part of KW. As in, KW has over 110,000 associates in more that 700 market centers worldwide. (verify numbers)

Cappers- In most traditional real estate companies, the commission structures means that the more you earn, the more you give away. At Keller Williams Realty®, we believe that the harder you work, the more you should be rewarded. Keller Williams Realty has an agent commission cap, which means that after you hit the cap, everything else you earn is yours! Our Market Center cap is 23,000 plus your 3,000 franchise royalty fee.

C.A.R. (CAR)- California Association of Realtors®

Caravan- In real estate a caravan refers to a showing method that some listing agents will use when selling a home. A caravan involves inviting real estate agents into a home, or more often a series of homes, listed for sale in hopes to achieve higher visibility and marketing. The sales theory behind a caravan is that other agents know what their buyers are looking for or may know of an interested buyer that might otherwise have missed the property.

CDA- Commission Disbursement Agreement

CGI- Career Growth Initiative

CMA- Comparative Market Analysis

Company Dollar-  The amount of each commission that is paid to KW. This is the amount of your designated split. The Market Center uses these funds to pay bills and make a profit.

DoFI – Director of First Impressions – as in Christine, Heidi, Linda, Angelika

DotLoop- The transaction system which KWR uses via its eEdge “My Transactions” portal that allows the paperwork associated with a multiparty real estate transaction to be completed.

Drip Campaign- A drip campaign is a method used in direct marketing to acquire customers through repetitive marketing actions. It involves sending marketing information to prospects repeatedly over longer periods of time in order to nurture prospects or leads.

E & O- Errors & Omissions insurance ($75 per transaction fee, per side) Errors and omissions insurance (E&O) is a professional liability insurance that protects companies and individuals against claims made by clients for inadequate work or negligent actions. Errors and omissions insurance often covers both court costs and any settlements up to the amount specified on the insurance contract.

EOM- End of Month

Four Laws of Lead Generation: 1- Build a database 2- Feed it every day 3- Communicate with it in a systematic way 4- Service all the leads that come your way

FR – Family Reunion

FSBO- For Sale By Owner, commonly referred to as Fizzbo’s.

FSO – Franchise Systems Orientation

Gary Keller- Chairman of the Board and vision of the company. Started KW in 1983 and franchised in 1991.

GCI- Gross Commission Income. The total amount of the commission dollars the Market Center receives from a transaction before the agent is paid their share.

High- D- an individual with a high score in the Dominant/Driver category of the DISC assessment system. Team Leaders are typically High-D

KW- Keller Williams.

KW Cares- KW Cares is a 501(c) (3) public charity created to help support KW associates and their families with hardship resulting from an emergency. Hardship is defined as a difficult circumstance that a person or family cannot handle without outside help. The charity is the heart of KWR culture in action- finding and serving the higher purpose of business through charitable giving in the Market Centers and communities where KW associates live and work.

KWLS – Keller Williams Listing System

KWR- Keller WIlliams Realty

KWRI- Keller Williams Realty International

KWU – Keller Williams University

MAPS – Mega Agent Productivity Systems

MC – Market Center

MCA – Market Center Administrator – Sarah Miller

Mentor- A wise and trusted counselor or teacher; an influential senior sponsor or supporter. KW strives to place new licensees with a trusted senior agent for mentoring for their first three real estate deals.

Mo Anderson- If Gary Keller is the vision of KWR, former CEO and current Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors Mo Anderson is its heart. Mo’s personal integrity and unquenchable drive are touchstones that have made KWR one of the most successful franchises in real estate.

MREA – “Millionaire Real Estate Agent”,  book written by Gary Keller

NAR- National Association of Realtors®

OP – Operating Principal (owner) – Albert Meggers and/or investors  

P & L- Profit and Loss Statement which calculated Gross Commission Income less Cost of Sales (Agent Commissions) which totals Company $ less espenses plus other income equals profit or loss for the given period.

Productivity Coach- Laura Warfield

Profit Share- Amount of MC profit that is sent to KWRI for distribution to the appropriate associate in the Profit Share Tree. http://www.makeyourprofitgrow.com/profit.html 

Red Day- Always held the second Thursday in May, RED Day is an incredible occasion to help those in need in our community and a day in which we all gather at a local site to help someone in need. Past projects have included landscape and building “makeovers” and clean up at Casa Pacifica, 3 local schools, Bell Arts Factory’s after- school program, etc.

Royalties- This is the 6% that you pay to KWRI for being affiliated with the franchise. This figure is capped at $3000 per anniversary year.

Sponsor- Each associate names a “sponsor” when they join Keller Williams Realty. A sponsor is the one person the associate perceives to be primarily responsible for bringing him or her to the company

TC- Transaction Coordinator- A person who assist the agent and broker in the processing of the real estate file. Gathering all information, paperwork, and following up of the contractual items. Putting together the final Broker file of the real estate transaction.

TL – Team Leader – Sam Benner

Transmittal- The month end when financials are sent to KWRI 

VCCAR- The Ventura County Coastal Association of Realtors. Sometimes referred to as “the Association”.

WI4C2TS – KW’s Value Proposition and Belief System. Win-win or no deal. Integrity- do the right things. Customers always come first. Communication- seek first to understand. Commitment in all things. Creativity- ideas before results, Teamwork- together everyone achieves more, Trust begins with honesty and Success results through people.

Written Volume- number of pending contracts. Team Leader uses this as a gauge for how well the Market Center is doing.

zipForms®- (and zipForms® Plus) is the easy-to-use real estate forms software that empowers real estate professionals to complete contracts efficiently and reduce risk. zipForms® are available via C.A.R. website upon joining the VCCAR.

36:12:3 Lead Generation 36:12:3 (36 transactions in 12 months by doing 3 hours/day in lead generation)

3 L’s- Leads Listing Leverage

4-1-1 - KWRI’s goal setting and productivity tool

443- Camp 4:4:3 (4 listings and 4 sales in 3 months)

80/20- Vilfredo Pareto’s study of the predictable imbalance in life

8 x 8- A lead generation schedule consisting of eight touches over eight weeks. A high impact, high saturation technique that is designed to put you in the number one position in the minds of everyone in your Met database.

33 Touch- A lead generation schedule consisting of 33 touches over one year. A high impact, high saturation technique that is designed to put you in the number one position in the minds of everyone in your Met database.

12 Direct- A lead generation schedule consisting of 12 touches over one year. A high impact technique that is designed to put you in the minds of everyone in your Haven’t- Met database.