Daily Bulletin

Monday, September 23, 2019   “A” Day


Definition: a fundamental part, element or ingredient.

Sentence: Colin Lew swam a very fast freestyle leg in the medley relay, and he was a key component to their success.

TODAY’S MENU:        Breakfast for Today: Cini Minis

        Lunch for Today: Chili Crispito

One Breakfast Meal and One Lunch Meal Per Student provided daily to all students at no charge "CEP”.  

Students must have their ASB card in order to obtain food items.  

Please note that food items will not be available after the first bell signaling the end of health break.


Sport             Opponent                Site                Teams                Time                                       

Girls Golf              Delano                 Home                V                4:00        

Girls Tennis              Deleno                 Home                JV/V                4:00

Volleyball              Monache                 Away                 F/JV/V                4:30/5:30/6:30                          


Club                                 Location                Time        

History Day Club               ASB                     11:40

Drama Club                      Canceled Today

Science Club                     Room 71               11:50 am

Spanish Club                    Room 822             11:50 am  

Plato                                 Room 300             3:30 pm


  * Teens-On-Board gives high school juniors and seniors an opportunity to serve on governmental boards and commissions.  You will attend monthly meetings and make brief reports to their board.

  *  Teen Heroes are high school juniors who are role models for the children of Tulare.  They visit recreation programs and events and speak to participants.  Applicants must have a minimum 3.0 GPA.

See Mrs. Muñoz in the counseling office for an application.  Deadline for application is Friday, Sept. 27th.

Dress Up Days are as follows:

Today: Avengers (dress up in your superhero attire)

Tomorrow: Star Wars (anything to do with space)

Wednesday: Bedtime Stories (Pajama Day)

Thursday: A Wrinkle in Time (Any Decade)

Friday: TU Productions (Spirit Gear)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the following student(s) today:        

Martin Abundis, Breona Butler, Marc-Anthony Camberos, Kamaya Curry, Khyree Lewis,

Cruz Martinez, Bryanna Muniz, David Valdovinos, Anthony Varela, and Eloisa Vicente Juarez

Please send student(s) to the switchboard at this time for a special birthday treat!

Staff Bulletin  

TODAY’S MENU:        Lunch for Today: Grilled Chicken Sandwich $3.00


***Please excuse the following students at 3:00 on Mon. Sept. 23 for a golf match.

Jazzy McIntosh

Paige Saxton

Makaela Maciel

Avery Caetano

Kelsey Ferreira

Dakota Mendonca

***Please excuse the following students at 3:00 on Mon. Sept. 23 for a Volleyball match at Monache.

Kourtney Beck                  Maris Pinheiro

Destiny Galvez                  Mia Renteria

Janiah Jackson                 Jessica Rivera

Trystan Johnson               Beatriz Salcido

Cecily Mason                    Emily Smith

Aliya Meza                        Alyssa Turner


Reese Baldwin                  Natalie Quevedo

Paisley Doi                       Mireya Rosas

Rebecca Huffman              Brianna Santos

Jordan Mendonca              Jolene Tamariz

Madelynn Presinger


Lindsay Beck                    Madyson Martin

Veraty Cattaneo                Makenzie Martins  

Jillian Chan                       Amelia Mello  

Kortney Hamilton               Mariah Moreno  

Morgan Hatton                   Celeste Ontiveros  

Sami Lytle                         Kendall Silva

***Please excuse the following students at 3:15 on Mon. Sept. 23 for a Tennis Match.

Deziray Abundis        Emily Turner

Jylean Cervantes Rosas         Kadijah Vado

Alyssa Gamboa         Monserrath Zamarripa

Nadia Martinez

Camila Rodriguez

Juana Rosas Rodriguez

Marlene Sandoval

Natalie Santana

Micaela Trujillo

***Please excuse the following students at 3:15 on Mon. Sept. 23 for a Tennis Match.

Veronica Abundis

Ria Bhakta

Brooklyn Dahlberg

Celeste Flores

Taylor Gilbert

Jaci Maze

Ruth Mosqueda Hernandez

Kambrya Persinger

Maddie Rodriguez

Maria Sanchez

Dalia Sanchez

Breanne Weber


Connie Mora 9/1, Jeanette Serpa 9/4, Cheryl Mayhew 9/4, Larissa Monreal 9/5, Chase Lander 9/7, Martha Villarreal 9/13, Norma Pimentel 9/13, Manuel Silva 9/17, Gina Hirayama 9/17,

Miguel Torres 9/18, Ronald Berry 9/23, Kathy Colvin 9/24 and Mike Lewis 9/24