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Resource English 10 


Sharon Hill


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848-8200  X639

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Google Classroom  Period 1:  u7izre1

                            Period 5:  ddcrpis

                            Period 6:  y9nnskf      

Course Description

        Resource English 10 will focus on literature, informational texts, and media throughout thematic units.  Literature is studied in depth from a literary, sociological, and historical perspective.  Students will complete a wide array of inquiry-based projects, student-centered learning activities, and writing assignments. Students will build on skills practiced in 9th grade English and prepare for the later years of high school, college, and the workplace.  The thematic units covered in this course include: “Ourselves and Others,” “Responses to Change,” “How We See Things,” “Absolute Power,” and “Hard Won Liberty & Dystopian Literature.”

Course Expectations and Assessments


Course Policies 

        Students may retake/correct tests and edit writing assignments per their IEPs.  Students are encouraged to speak with me at any point in the marking period to discuss missing assignments or make-up work.  

Required and Recommended Materials 


I am available for after school assistance as needed with advance notice.  

Classroom Behavioral Expectations and Rewards/Consequences