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Disruptive Behavior Policy
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Disruptive Behavior Policy

Library users have a right to assume that visits to the library and library grounds will be free from harassment, free from physical discomfort and danger, and free from psychological or emotional stress.

The library staff has essentially the same rights. Each member of the staff should be able to do his or her work free of harassment, abuse, discomfort, and undue psychological stress.
The rights of both the public and the staff are sometimes violated by the attitudes and behavior of a small number of persons.

The goal of the Library's Disruptive Behavior Policy is to minimize the effect of unacceptable behavior by defining such behavior, and authorizing library staff to take necessary steps to stop unacceptable behavior when it occurs. Therefore, it shall be the library's policy to maintain a quiet, pleasant environment conducive to serious study as well as casual use. To ensure the successful implementation of this policy, unacceptable behavior includes, but is not limited to:

•        Failure to wear shirt or shoes.
•        Loud conversation or laughter disturbing to other users.
•        Unruly children.
•        Obscene or abusive language.
•        Use of tobacco products inside the building.
•        Use of radios, CD Players, or cell phones.
•        Willful destruction of or damage to any library property.
•        Blocking or interfering with the free movement or any person or persons.
•        Intimidation.
•        Fighting.
•        Bringing animals other than service animals into the library. Leave pets at home.
•        Removal of any library property from the building without authorization through                established lending procedures.
•        Use of rest rooms for meetings, loitering, consuming alcoholic beverages, smoking or using illicit drugs.
•        Solicitation for immoral purposes.
•        Soliciting or selling of any kind.
•        Distribution of leaflets or posting of notices not specifically authorized by the library staff.
•        Use of library telephones by any person other than library staff unless approved.
•        Consumption of food or beverages unless approved by library staff.
•        Following staff or others around the building or other harassing behavior.
•        Rearranging or moving any library furniture or equipment.
•        Snoring.
•        Sexual activity.
•        Carrying firearms.

All members of the library staff have the authority to take necessary steps to correct the problem when this policy is violated, and police may be called at any time to assist.

Disruptive behavior most often occurs within the library buildings, but may also occur outside on library grounds or in the parking lots. This policy covers disturbances both inside the library and on the library grounds.