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2019 Parent Preparation Packet

  Camp Two Roads

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  April 2019

To:  Families registered for Camp Two Roads

From:  Tsuga Community Commission (TCC)

Subject:  Information for parents and participants to prepare for camp

Staff members associated with the Tsuga Community Commission have been running camp programming in Oregon since 2006. We are thrilled to be introducing our custom camp program, Camp Two Roads in 2019. Through fundraising efforts and business partnerships, we are able to offer a full week of summer camp for youth ages 8-14 at a subsidized rate of $300 per participant.


Tsuga was founded in 2008 and established as an Oregon 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in 2010.

Mission Statements

Academic:  Tsuga conducts and responds to needs assessments identifying opportunities for youth development and community enhancement, to build custom residential camp and day-camp programs, with complimentary professionals and collaborative organizations, to produce sustainable social capital networks within and between Oregon youth communities.

Universal:  We learn about our client’s unique needs to figure out how we can help.  We build camp programs specifically to achieve a set of strategic goals.  We work with experts and other nonprofits to provide additional assistance and support for our clients, so the next generation of Oregonians are intentionally engaging each other both personally and professionally.

Camp Two Roads: Camp Two Roads believes that outdoor happiness deepens awareness, kinship and adventure. We strive to provide the tools necessary to empower young women to be confident leaders both in the outdoors and within their communities. We work to broaden their horizon of possibilities so that they have the courage and ability to blaze their own roads in life.

  From our family to yours, we want to let you know how excited we are to serve you!


Ethan E. Erickson

Founder, Director

Tsuga Community Commission

IMPORTANT: To be completed prior to June 1st, 2019

  1. Mail a check made out to Camp Two Roads to the following address:

Camp Two Roads

c/o Erin McPherson

1751 SW Orchard Pl

Gresham, Or 97080

  1. Submit an electronic payment via PayPal: www.paypal.me/tsuga/

**Please make sure to transfer funds from a bank account as payments made via credit or debit card are subject to processing fees.


How to Stay Informed

Camp Two Roads 

Information within this letter will be available for download at our website. Check out the Camp Two Roads facebook page in the weeks leading up to camp for reminders, weather reports and other updates. This is also where we will do daily updates and post photos from camp.  

Please note that we will have limited access to phone and email during our week of camp. For any urgent matters, please call the Canyonview Camp phone number. For non-urgent matters, contact c2r@tsuga.org and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Camp Site Description:  Canyonview Camp

Camp Two Roads will be happening this year at Canyonview Camp in Silverton, Oregon. This is a return to a site TSUGA has used in the past and we couldn’t be happier to be hosting the first Camp Two Roads at this beautiful site.  There will be morning education field studies on the lake, at the river or in the forest.  Afternoon recreations will include Swimming and Kayaking in a lake complete with water slides and rope swings, Field Games, Hiking, Arts and Crafts, a Snack Shack and more.  Several partnerships, including The Oregon Garden, Oregon National Guard  and The Portland Trail Blazers are currently being worked out to bring experts to camp to teach our campers new skills. Each evening there will be a full campfire program and possible late night activities include an outdoor movie under the stars with popcorn and an all-camp Dance . Participants will stay in cabins grouped by age with comfortable bunk beds.

We turn off the technology for a full week and exercise interpersonal skills.  Camp Two Roads is fun, safe and an important opportunity for young people to get to know themselves and the world around them. We use this opportunity to integrate environmental education into our camp curriculum. The food at Canyonview is nutritious and tasty - better than what most consider camp food.  Our staff are well trained and recruited from other programs - they're very good at what they do.  Our staff are background checked and our nurse on site is credentialed.

Travel and Mail to Canyonview Camp – (Google Directions)

DROP-OFF is Sunday, June 23 at 4:00 PM, PICK-UP is Friday, June 28 at 11:00 AM

Emergency Number: (971) 239-1347

To leave a Non-Urgent Voicemail for TCC Staff:971-328-1653

or e-mail camptworoads@gmail.com        

Canyonview Camp Address:         

Camper Name                 

Attn:  Tsuga – Camp Two Roads        

PO Box 128                                                        

Silverton, OR  97381

What to Bring / What Not to Bring

Important Item Information:

  1. Please mark all clothing / personal items with Participant’s name.

  1. Please bring any medication your child will need while on site.  All medications must be brought in its original container (OTC or prescription) with instructions and permission to dispense.  No drugs will be administered to your child by camp staff without written parent or physician authorization (see next page).  

Suggested Items

Suggested Items (cont):

2019 Theme Days (Optional)

This year at camp, staff and participants are welcome to dress according to the theme for each day of the week. This is by no means required, but it is a fun way to build community (and can make it easier to pack!) Here is the list of theme days for 2019:

Other Optional Items:

 Do NOT Bring

Lost & Found

Please do all you can to ensure your child takes home all they brought with them.  In the case of items lost, the TCC office will make every effort to locate the item, but will not be able to replace or reimburse the camper for the item.  Unclaimed items will be disposed of after July 31st, 2019.  If any of the prohibited items are found on site, they will be taken from the Participant’s possession and returned to parents at Pick-up.  

Preparing mentally for camp

“Homesickness” (missing home) is common for some kids while at camp.  Tsuga staff are trained to address homesickness in a positive manner.  Our policy is to not call parents even when youth or teens at camp are missing home and want to talk to their family.  However, if after 24 hours your child is still feeling homesick, the camp director will immediately contact their parents.  If you anticipate your child experiencing homesickness during camp, please do not tell them they are able to come home anytime they want to, but rather let them know that our staff are there to help them enjoy the remaining days of camp.  This is one of the most important reasons why we also ask that parents do not send cell phones to camp with their child.