How to Make Observations for the Jersey City 2020 BioBlitz

Greener JC will be utilizing the iNaturalist app to facilitate observations during the BioBlitz and throughout 2020.  Below are some easy steps to start contributing to the Jersey City BioBlitz:

Step1:  Download the iNaturalist application on your phone

Step 2:  Create an account

Step 3:  Join the BioBlitz project

                -Click “More” in the bottom right-hand corner of the app

                -Click “Projects”

                -Search “Jersey City BioBlitz 2020”

                -Click “Join”

Step 4:  Make an observation

                -Find a plant or animal in Jersey City to identify

                -Click “Observe” at the bottom center bar of your screen

-ID with a photo: Snap a photo and select “What do you see?” to  view suggestions. Tap on the species identification you feel is most accurate

-Don’t have a photo? Click “NO PHOTO” the select “What did you see?”


                -Check to make sure the location of your sighting looks correct

                -Click “Projects” and select “Jersey City BioBlitz 2020”

                -Click “Share”

Congratulations you’re now a Community Scientist contributing to Jersey City’s first BioBlitz!