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Test Prep Resources 2023-2024
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TGS College Counseling Center - ACT/SAT Preparation Resources -  2023-2024 

The best option depends upon their individual academic challenges, learning styles, available time, and level of effort and commitment to the process. Below is a starter list of resources to research and decide what’s best for your needs. Always contact programs or tutors directly for updated details and costs.

For Those Who Prefer a Structured Program or Face-to-Face Interaction

Kaplan Test Preparation – Program options range from an “Unlimited Prep” program to “Self-Paced Online Tutoring.” Prices can range anywhere from $600-$1800+ depending upon your program needs. For additional information and program options contact Kaplan at 1-800-KAP-TEST or at  

Princeton Review – Preparation programs including online, private, and small group sessions. Due to Covid-19, prep lessons are provided remotely. More information can be found at or at 1-800-273-8439.

Method Test Prep - Teacher-led web classes focus on test preparation and specific test-taking strategies. Details can be found at

UA Think Tank - Program includes a pre-test with a detailed score report, 20 hours of specific test content, and a post-test and summary report. The courses are being held virtually, and sessions start throughout the academic year. Details on ACT and SAT prep can be found at https://thinktank.arThink

Tucson Double 800 - Specializes in PSAT & SAT preparation, offering 8-week courses of in-person instruction and follow-up. Local courses are held at the Tucson Jewish Community Center. Details on course options and prices can be found at

Pima Community College - A 6-week instructor-led online course or a self-paced option provides students with 24 hours of specific content instruction, test-taking strategies, test anxiety management, and scoring explanations. The cost is approx $135. Details can be found at

Tutoring Club Tucson Foothills - Individualized and targeted test preparation focuses on the student’s weakest testing subject areas. For detailed information regarding the Tucson office, please call (520) 299-8899, send an email to, or visit their website at

Doorway to College Students can choose between recorded or live teacher-led ACT or SAT preparation and strategy workshops. Program dates and registration can be found at Doorway to College.

Dr. Robert Stephan, P.h.D,  Asst. Professor - University of Arizona - Dr. Stephan provides structured and personalized virtual ACT and SAT preparation. Please contact him at or by email at

For Those Who Prefer to Work Independently or Need Free/Low-Cost Options 

A simple internet search for “ACT/SAT Test Preparation” will generate countless resources for free self-paced and self-driven test preparation ranging from video tutorials and lesson plans to old full-length tests and question-of-the-day apps for smartphones.


Both testing companies offer free pdf test booklets plus low-cost books and software programs. Free booklets are also available in the College Counseling Center.

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Khan Academy - Free SAT online test preparation and full-length practice exams are available for students to access at will. Tutorial information and guides can be found online at                              

Magoosh ACT Flashcards App, Ready4SAT, Daily Practice for SAT/ACT - available in Apple Store & Google Play  

The Grading Game - available in Apple Store - Free online practice tests for the SAT and ACT can be found online at

Powerscore - This resource provides students with multiple practice tests and answer keys so that they can practice their shared test-taking strategies as often as needed before the official testing date. Find all of their ACT and SAT practice materials online at

Former Teachers - Students may reach out to a former teacher and ask if they’re available outside of class time to provide refresher lessons on test material. Students often find it helpful to have a basic review of Algebra and Geometry resources, English Grammar, and even Scientific Data concepts.

In addition to online materials and resources, there are several book resources available from local bookstores and websites such as - some of the most popular titles are below:

Most Recent News Regarding Testing in the era of Coronavirus:



FairTest - maintains an up-to-date listing of all test-blind and test-optional colleges and universities.

Test-Optional. Schools that fall into this category mean what they say: you can opt to exclude standardized test scores from consideration as part of your application, no strings attached. Of course, if you want your test scores considered because they are strong (i.e., higher than the college’s middle 50%) they'll take them into consideration.

Test-Blind. "Test-Blind" schools never consider standardized test scores as part of your application. So even if you have great SAT/ACT scores you'd like to submit, they won’t be collected nor used.


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