Members Highlights 2018

2018 - Warringah Kidbow Tournament Nov: Gold: Maja Kecskes (RU10G), Mitchel Campbell (CIB), Ben Souchaud (RIB), Jack Chambers-McLean (RCM), Carmelo Aslanidis (RU20M), Silver: Tom Tattersall (RIB), Alex Ware (RCM), Bronze: Massimo Llana (RUB), Joshua Ware (CIB), Gabbie Smith (RCW), Ben Ware (RCM)


2018 - National Championships Oct: Maria Wright (CV+W) obtained Field event-Gold, WA Target event-Silver, Short Course event-Gold, & Clout event-Gold


2018 - State Clout Championships Oct: Gold: Jack Chambers-McLean (RCM), Gabbie Smith (BRCW), Ben Souchaud (BRIB), Mitchell Campbell (CIB), Maria Wright (CV+W), Silver: Alan Nolan (RVM), Bronze: Maja Kecskes (RUG), Stirling Calandruccio (RMM)


2018 - Troy Adams Halloween Clout Out AM: 1st Place, Mitchell Campbell (CIB), Maria Wright (CV+W), 2nd Place: Maja Kecskes (RUG)>

Same event PM Shoot: 1st Place: Mitchell Campbell (CIB), Maria Wright (CV+W) & 2nd Place, Maja Kecskes (RUG).


2018 - Fred Herbert Clout Oct : Gold: Maja Kecskes (RUG), Massimo Llana (RBIB), Mitchell Campbell (CIB) Jack Chambers-McLean (RCM), Maria Wright (CV+W) Silver: Kristian Chambers-McLean (BRM), Mariano Llana (BRMM)   Bronze: Alex Ware (RCM)


2018 State Target Championships: Gold: Carmelo Aslanidis (RU20M), Maria Wright (CV+W), Wayne Moore (RVM), Mitchell Campbell (CIB),  Silver: Jack Chambers-McLean (RCM)

2018 State Field Championships Sep: Gold: Mitchell Campbell (CIB), Silver: Carmelo Aslanidis (RU20M)

2018 South Coast Field Aug: Gold: Mitchell Campbell (CIB), Jack Chambers-McLean (RCM), Silver: Gabbie Smith (RCW)

2018 Lake Macquarie Games Field Aug: Gold: Mitchell Campell (CIB)

2018 Northern WA60/900 Jul: Bronze: Jack Chambers-McLean (Recurve open division)

2018 National Indoor Championships Jul: Australian Champion - Maria Wright (CV+W)

2018 NSW Indoor Championships Jul: Silver: Jack Chambers-Mclean (RCM), Bronze: Gabbie Smith (RCW), Gold: Maria Wright (CV+W) & Mitchell Campbell (CIB).  Maria & Mitchell were name in the NSW State Compound Team, Jack was named in the NSW Recurve Team, Elizabeth Jennison named as Coach of both teams

2018 Oceania Championships Jul: Mitchell Campbell member of the Australian Team

2018 ASNSW Short Course Distance Championships Jul: Gold: Jack Chambers-McLean (RCM), Bronze: Stirling Calandruccio (RMM)

2018 Liverpool Short Distance Championships Jun: Gold: Lilia Hutchinson (RMW), Maria Wright (CV+W)

2018 Golden Arrow Shoot Penrith Jun: Target Gold: Mitchell Campbell (CIB) & Maria Wright (CV+W), Clout Gold: Maria Wright (CV+W), and Field Gold: Mitchell Campbell (CIB).

2018 Northern Junior Challenge May: Gold: Jack Chambers-McLean (RCM), Maja Kecskes (RU10G) & Mitchell Campbell (CIB)

2018  Jim Scott Memorial Clout May: Gold Jack Chambers-McLean (RCM), Maria Wright (CV+W), Lilia Hutchinson (BRMW), Alan Nolan (RVM)

2018 Oceania Australian Team announced May: Congratulations to Mitchell Campbell (CIB), who was named in the Australian Team.

2018 Youth Nationals Apr: Gold/Clout: Jack Chambers McLean (RCBM), Bronze/Field: Mitchell Campbell (CIB), Bronze/Target: Carmelo Aslanidis (RU20M), with NSW winning the National Recurve Teams Trophy

2018 Trans-Tasman Team announced Mar: Mitchell Campbell (CIB), who was named in the Australian Team

2018 Golden Gong Mar: Gold: Massimo Llana (RUB), Deanna Smyth (RMW), Elizabeth Jennison (CVW), Silver: Mariano Llana (RMM), Peter Turner (RVM), Maja Kecskes (RUG), Bronze: Laef Hosking (RMM)

2018 ArcheryNSW Youth Team Selected Mar: Jack Chambers-McLean (RCM), Mitchell Campbell (CIB)

2018 CaptainPhilip Oliveria Tournament Mar: Gold: Ben Souchaud (BRIB), Maria Wright (CV+W)

2018 Metropolitan Championships Mar: Bronze: Maria Wright (CV+W)

2018 Coast Archers Youth Tournament Feb: Gold: Jack Chambers-Mclean (RCM), Mitchell Campbell (CIB)

2018 Warringah Open Feb: Gold: Carmelo Aslanidis (Recurve Male), Leanne Spencer (Recurve Female), Silver: James Johnston (Recurve Male) Recurve Teams Event - made up of Carmelo Aslanidis, James Johnstone, Leanne Spencer & Jack Chambers-McLean and the Womens Teams event made up of: Maria Wright (C), Elizabeth Jennison (C), Leanne Spencer (R) & Gabbie Smith (RW)

2018: ACT Championships Jan: Gold: Mitchell Campbell (CIB) Target event & Youth Matchplay