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Preschool, Kindergarten and Grade 1 Students

Finn Office Phone Number: 508-485-3176

Please remember that all changes in student dismissal plans may be made via phone or email ( to the main office by 2:00pm the day of the change. Please do not email the teacher as they do not always have a chance to check email during the school day.


If a student needs to be dismissed earlier than the end of the scheduled school day, parents need to park in the parking lot and proceed to the Main Entrance of the school. Once at the main entrance of the school, parents must signal their arrival through our intercom/security system. Parents will then be allowed entry into the waiting area (space between main and secondary doors) where they will need to sign the Finn arrival/dismissal form and wait for a Finn school staff member to bring the student to the waiting area. At this time there are no unauthorized visitors allowed in the school.

All students are assigned to a bus so if your student will not be taking the bus, you must notify the office in writing of their dismissal plans. If a change to the regular dismissal schedule for a child is anticipated, parents must notify the school office in writing. Children will not be released to other adults unless authorization has been given by the parents. This is a safeguard for all children and it will not be compromised.