Tairangi School Procedure Statement


        NAG 3 Personnel

        NAG 4 Finance & Property



During Term 4 the Management team in consultation with the staff will review the plan for the following years.

The following procedures are to be followed by the school:

  1. The Board of Trustees will budget for professional development to reflect the importance the Board places on opportunities for the professional development of staff, both in teaching and non-teaching.
  2. The Board will also budget for its own training needs.
  3. There will be four priorities for allocating professional development funding:
  1. Development related to the school’s annual goals, syndicate goals and individual goals with priority firstly being given to the literacy and numeracy goals.
  2. Development related to curriculum areas not related to that particular year’s goals with priority first being given to literacy and numeracy goals.
  3. Papers, seminars and conferences related to curriculum areas.
  4. Papers, courses, conferences related to management issues or activity leading to enhanced qualifications to teachers.  This is development that benefits the individual teachers and benefits the school to a lesser extent.
  1. Staff will apply for professional development opportunities by the end of February each year by listing up to four choices in priority order.
  2. By mid March each year the Principal, Deputy Principal and Assistant Principal will have met to allocate funding according to the priorities.  As a general rule activities in Categories a and b will be fully funded ie course fees and reliever costs.  Activities in Categories c and d will be partially funded as the budget allows as these activities benefit individuals as well as the school.  Staff will be informed of these decisions by mid March.
  3. Reimbursement for activities in Categories c and d will be upon presentation of a certificate of completion and a receipt indicating proof of payment.
  4. The Principal will ensure access to professional development is equitable for everybody and that expenditure remains within budget.  Approximately $1200 per year will be kept aside from the above process as a contingency fund.
  5. The money in the contingency fund will be allocated by negotiation with the Principal as additional courses come up during the year.
  6. Staff are expected to provide a written report to the Board and report to staff about professional development activities they have attended.  This will include staff who have been on study leave or seconded for any length of time.

File:profdevel134.doc        Procedure Statement – Professional Development