2019/20 Weymouth Sailing Club Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) Trustees and General Committee

The Club is now fully established as a CIO following the recent AGM where five new Trustees were elected together with a new General Committee.

Trustees 2019/20

Current Chair Rima Bugler (to be rotated amongst the Trustees every three months)

Contact Tim Day, Secretary to the Trustees, trustees@wsc.org.uk

General Committee 2019/20

Steve Dadd, Commodore


Phil Ashworth, Treasurer


Simon Vines, Rear Commodore Sailing


Nick Munson, Rear Commodore Moorings and Yard


John Arnold Rear Commodore House (vacant post)


Phil Gray Honorary General Secretary (vacant post)


It’s still early days operating as a charity and with a new management structure, and the new Trustees and the General Committee are feeling their way into the task.  But we are all optimistic about the prospect and about the potential opportunities for the Club in the future.  You can expect regular updates about our Club’s management activities and the Trustees can be contacted directly by email via trustees@wsc.org.uk.  However, ordinarily, the Club’s Officers remain the first point of contact for most matters.