Bridge Program Chess Club 2018

Chess players from beginning to advanced are invited to learn how to play chess and improve their skills by joining The Ambrose School Chess Club.


Why join Chess Club?

Studies indicate that children’s academic performance can improve significantly when participating regularly in chess. Benefits include increased:

· Concentration, critical thinking, and problem solving.

· Imagination and creativity.

· Logical reasoning and pattern recognition.

· Strategic, long-term thinking and complex decision making.


Goals for your child

In chess club, we focus on:

· Clear understanding — learning the basic rules of chess.

· How to win — basic tactics, opening, middle, and end game theory.

· Evaluation skills — learning chess notation.

· Strategy — through analyzing an opponent's position.

· Sportsmanship — proper chess etiquette, win or lose.


Students are encouraged to attend local tournaments where they compete against students from other schools across the valley. Representing The Ambrose School as part of a chess team helps instills values such as teamwork, cooperation, and unity.


About the Chess Teachers

David Baumann teaches the Upper School chess preceptorial and has many years of experience as a chess dad. He is certified as a Local Chess Coach through the U.S. Chess Federation. Ellen Baumann is the school librarian and taught all four of her sons to play chess before they started Kindergarten. Together, they work to promote scholastic chess in the Treasure Valley through the Western Idaho Scholastic Chess League (WISCL).

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