NaSTA Report 2017-18


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2017-18 has been a challenging but successful year for NaSTA. A lot of the activities undertaken by officers and representatives has been behind the scenes and organisational work to put NaSTA on a more solid footing moving forwards. This has reduced the engagement between the officers and member stations but has generated significant benefits for the organisation. It was also the first year with the new seven member executive structure which has increased the man power available and resulted in a more balanced workload for the officers. However filling both executive and non-executive roles is still a challenge. The year can be sumarised in the following points:

Success and benefits achieved in 2017-18:

  1. The new executive structure was successfully adopted which has reduced the workload on some officers and created a more balanced workload between the officers.
  2. NaSTA has a new website with greatly increased functionality and accessibility on mobile devices.
  3. The NaSTA Awards were reorganised at the end of the 2016-17 year which has made them more manageable for the host station and more defined for stations entering the awards. This should end the practice of changing the awards every year which is confusing for all parties.
  4. The NaSTA Awards Entry Rules & Criteria were taken over by the Exec and have been provided in a permanently available document for stations to access all year round.
  5. NaSTA has a new constitution which meets Charity Commission guidelines for charity governing documents.
  6. NaSTA has applied to become a charity.

Challenges and problems faced in 2017-18:

  1. Although NaSTa has applied to become a charity, charity status has not yet been granted due to the application process and rewriting of governing documents taking longer than anticipated.
  2. Whilst providing the Award Entry Rules & Criteria for stations has been of great benefit, it has exposed the urgent need to define and regulate the rule break and appeals procedures more clearly.
  3. Engagement and retention of officers is still a chronic problem. This year 8 executive officers and 8 non-executive officers were elected. Of these 3 executive officers resigned. There is currently one vacant executive officer position (Marketing Officer) and two vacant non-executive officer position (West Midlands and London & Home Counties Regional Officers). Engagement and retention problems may be exacerbated by the need to elect trustees for the charity.
  4. Access to the bank account has once again been problematic with woeful service from HSBC regarding the change over of signatories.


I believe that at the end of the 2017-18 year NaSTA will be in a better position than it was twelve months ago. It will have a much clearer structure of governance, be more transparent and provide more information to member stations. It will hopefully be a recognised charity which should bring stability and help make the annual transitions between Exec and host teams smoother. It should also provide a solution to the financial access problems that have been endured for the last two years. However, engagement with member stations and individuals still remains the biggest challenge and must be addressed by the incoming Exec as a priority.

Chris Osborn

NaSTA Chair 2017-18

Chair’s Report

NaSTA Chair Report 1017/18 - Chris Osborn

Key activity undertaken:


Future activity

Challenges and Recommendations

Communication with the host team must be better in future years. The NaSTA Exec - Host agreement which was implemented this year to define roles and responsibilities needs to be expanded to ensure the host station are aware of all of their responsibilities. However there is a fundamental flaw in NaSTA’s structure that means there are no sanctions available to the Exec in the event of a host station not fulfilling their duties.

Other comments

Secretary’s Report

NaSTA Secretary Officer Report 2017/18 - Haaris Qureshi

Key activity undertaken:


Future activity

Challenges and Recommendations

Other comments

Industry Liaison Officer’s Report

Key activity undertaken:


Future activity

Challenges and Recommendations

Other comments


External contact

Executive conversation/ meetings

Stations/ Regional contact


6 June - Ryan OGM

8 June - General Election Broadcast - With LSTV

10 June - Host Handover

12 June - OGM

17 June - YSTV North Convention and Exec Handover

21 June - NaSTA NUS meeting

21 June - Chat with Chloe & Tom

28 June - RED Workshop

JULY - off for most of month

1 July - Bank Handover

7 July - Exec Call

20 July - NUS Lead and Change (no one attended)

25 July - NaSTA Exec Meeting (didn’t attend)


16 August - NaSTA Exec Meeting

23 August - West & Wales Regional Call


7 September - Meeting with SMPTE in London

10 September - NaSTA Exec Call

24 September - NaSTA Exec Call


6 October - Meet Fuse TV in Manchester

16 October - Exec Meeting

25 October - Freshers TV (Didn’t attend)


13 November - NaSTA Exec Meeting

17 November - RTS Thames Valley Event

25 November - Affiliates Welcome Event

28 November - Host update call


4 December - Catch up with Tim Marshall

6 December - Meet Smoke TV/ Westminster

8 December - NFTS catch up

12 December - EGM


4 January - Meet up with NFTS - Away rest of month

30 January - call with Reel CANCELLED


5 Feb - Skype with Exec

9 Feb - Go to Bank



Call with Reel

Training Officer’s Report

Key activity undertaken:

● Oversaw the organisation of the Welcome Back Event in London and the Welsh Regional Convention in


● Ensured the regional development officers were fully equipped with all the resources they need to perform

their activities. As well as guiding them on all the relevant workflows.

● Assisted with the push get stations to affiliate and to turn up to regional events.

● Ensured that NaSTA’s record of station information is accurate and up-to-date


● Managed to reach out to some of the smaller, less active stations to advise them to affiliate.

● Enhanced the record of station information so that regional officers can use to be able to contact

stations in their region

Future activity

● Implore the possibility of organising a tour of a place of industry

● Assist with the organisation of the Southern Regional Convention (estimated mid-May time)

● Assist with the organisation of the Scotland Regional Convention (estimated end of May)

● Assist with the organisation of the Northern Regional Convention (TBC)

Challenges and Recommendations

● Challenge: At times it felt very difficult to contact the regional development officers, especially during busy periods. Solution: Keep positive, optimistic and persistent in communications.

● Challenge: At times it seemed that station engagement with NaSTA was really low, and it is difficult to get a response out of stations or get them to attend an event. Solution: As with the above, keep being persistent but positive and optimistic. Notify students about events as soon as possible, and keep sending reminders every so often so it doesn’t slip, perform a mixture of group emails and individual messages.

Other comments

● NaSTA is in a good position, it is really important for students’ employability and there are

numerous people who have managed to seek employment because of connections made at

NaSTA, therefore it is important for NaSTA to continue to pursue events with industrial guests.

Communications Officer’s Report

Alex Smith - Communications Officer Report 2017/18

Key Activity Undertaken:

What I’ve Done

Future activity

Challenges and Recommendations

Other comments

Technical Officer’s Report



Future activity

Challenges and Recommendations

Returning Officer’s Report

Returning Officer Report - Ryan Andrews

Key activity undertaken:


Future activity

Challenges and Recommendations

Other comments

Regional Officer Reports

Officer Report: South - Tom Brown

Key activity undertaken:

Future activity

Challenges and Recommendations

Other comments

Craig Searle Officer Report - Eastern England RDO

Key activity undertaken:

●           Emailed & messaged stations in my region about things happening in NaSTA such as affiliation

●           Picked the best content from the region for pick of the week

●           Gave feedback on the Constitution

Future activity

●           Attend LA1TV to help with their coverage of Roses

Other comments

Being RDO this year has been difficult with the lack of responses from stations in the region. This has made it difficult to actually do my job. I have not done anything constructive towards NaSTA and the region since Christmas for 2 reasons; there has been a lack of direction from and involvement with the Exec team and as well as becoming more busier with my own stations affairs and University work than I had foreseen.

Grace Downer Officer Report

Events organised/attended

I organised and hosted the NaSTA Northern Convention 2017, welcoming students from across the North of England to York for a day of talks and displays with guest speakers from the industry.

Stations visited

Primarily YSTV, but myself and Oli are planning a Northern Stations social and hopefully conference for the Summer Term

Groups communicated with etc

All Northern Stations via e-mail, Universirty of Salford regarding NaSTA Affiliation

Other comments

I think NaSTA is a brilliant organisation; it is necessary for bringing Student Television Stations together and vital for encouraging inter-station relationships, organising TV events, celebrating student television and inspiring students to get involved in the industry. NaSTA is a network that allows students to make contacts and build on there experience before venturing out into the industry. I am lucky to be a part of it.

NaSTA Financial Report

Attempts were made this year to make the bank account more accessible. We started on the process of switching from HSBC to Metro Bank but decided not to when we found out that they were no more flexible and did not meet our needs. Expenses this year to date have been low due to a number of factors including officers concentrating on behind the scenes work e.g. building a new website, rewriting the constitution etc instead of engagement and outreach work. The current account balance is: £6491.84.

Once we have completed the process of becoming a charity the account can be moved to a different bank and a treasurer can be appointed from the Trustee Board to serve a two or three year term. This should make accessing the account easier including the hand over between executive teams.

Future Governance Structure

Once NaSTA becomes a charity it will have a different governance structure. This will be:

Trustee Board

A Trustee Board responsible for the governance of the charity. The board will be made up of:

  1. 3x trustees who are current members of NaSTA affiliated stations, appointed at the AGM for a 1 year term
  2. 3x trustees who are appointed by the NaSTA Exec for a 3 year term
  3. The NaSTA Exec Chair
  4. The NaSTA Exec Secretary
  5. The NaSTA Returning Officer
  6. The STAN Committee Chair

The Trustee Board are responsible for the legal and financial actions of the charity and therefore have the power to overrule any decision made by a NaSTA officer or representative that could bring the charity into disrepute or cause legal or financial difficulties.

NaSTA Exec

The NaSTA Exec will be responsible for the day to day running of NaSTA as is currently the case. They will report to the Trustee Board on matters which need their permission.

STAN Committee

The STAN Trustee Board will be named the STAN Committee and will continue to function in its current form, reporting to the Trustee Board where necessary.

NaSTA Host Station

The only changes to the NaSTA and Host Station relationship will be:

  1. The host agreement will be signed off by the Trustee Board as well as the Exec Chair.
  2. The Trustee Board will take over the awards entry appeals procedure.
  3. The Trustee Board must vote on any major partner or sponsorship deals signed by the Host Station.