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 After reading this article, I was wondering what your thoughts are to this approach for homework.  I as well as many others are intrigued by the idea of un-homework. The idea of homework wouldn't be abandoned because  the unfinished business from school and " a book before bed principle." would still be encouraged.  


I have very strong feelings about homework and how too much homework can have a negative effect on students.  It is one of the reasons that I was adamant about not having homework on our District report cards.I believe that it is important for me as a District leader to be cautious about blanket mandates such as No Homework at K-3 or K-6 because although this is something I think could be beneficial our practitioners may have  different thoughts on this matter and may see ramifications of such a policy that I may not have thought of. That being said I loved the article you had shared and the progressive approach to HW.  Although I do not think it is my place at this time to make a mandate I would certainly support and applaud any teacher particularly at the Elementary level who adopts the strategies suggested in the article.  I would also not be opposed to developing a District team that reviews current homework practices and works to establish consistent guidelines for HW in North Rockland.

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