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Disability Justice: An Accessibility & Inclusion Overhaul for New York City

Over 1 million New York City residents have a disability. Though we constitute a large portion of the City’s population, we are consistently excluded from our local communities, lacking access to necessary resources, support, and infrastructure. Instead of having full access to the City, people with disabilities are left to live separately and unequally. Disabled New Yorkers lack meaningful representation in government, which directly correlates to the lack of public policy, care, services and attention our needs garner.

As a disabled New Yorker, I will not allow the needs of the disabled community--my community--to continue to be overlooked. Disability justice, accessibility, and inclusion will be at the center of every decision I make in office.

Disabled New Yorkers should not only survive but thrive. Our movement’s goal is to ensure that New Yorkers experience and participate in City life with dignity and ease. I am advancing a robust platform that contains policies to improve access and inclusion while promoting disability justice in New York City.


Transportation & Streetscape

Employment & Financial Stability


Arts & Culture

Housing & Economic Development


Community-Based Social Services & Awareness

Policing & Public Safety

Small Business


[2] Getting It Right: Building Effective Civilian Review Boards to Oversee Police (