“Beyond the Guidebook”  College Representative Questionnaire


10/3/2018 @ 8:15 AM

Name of College:

Allegheny College

Name of Representative:

Suzyn-Elayne Soler

Email Address:


Phone Number:


College Web Page:


Please give some examples of high profile events

held on campus last year  (i.e. concerts. speakers, political debates, etc.):        

  • Animal Activist/Environmentalist Jeff Corwin gave an open talk to the entire Allegheny Community;
  • Each year, the “Major Concert” sells out, Spring 2018 performers were BJ The Chicago Kid and Aaron Carter;
  • The 2017-2018 Prize for Civility in Public Life was awarded to: Texas Congressman Will Hurd (R) and Beto O'Rourke (D) for their cross country road trip which was live-streamed;
  • Dr. Lisa Whitenack, professor, was featured in 2018 Shark Week!

What percentage of students stay on campus during the weekends?


New initiatives on campus and/or institutional goals?

  • Carbon Neutral by 2020
  • Bentley Hall, (1832) the original Allegheny College building, a national historic Landmark on the Register of Historic Places will be closed for two years so that it can be renovated and converted into a LEED certified building while maintaining historical accuracy.

What is something you might find at the school that may not exist at any other school?

  • All students are required to have both a major and a minor and they cannot come from the same discipline
  • ELs (Experiential Learning) trips are shorter study abroad options, 1-3 weeks, thus ensuring that anyone who wants to study abroad will have time to do so, even pre-med students;
  • Allegheny Gateway, a one stop-shop for all academic support needs such as internships, study-abroad, research grants/funding, internship opportunities, career center…
  • IDEAS Center (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Access and Success)-a place where great conversations are had and ideas around social justice and plans are implemented to help level the playing field and celebrate diversity and resiliency of Allegheny students;
  • A student-designed solar-powered greenhouse, a building that actually generates more energy than it consumes

If located outside of New England, what New England area schools is your institution similar to?

Colby College in Maine

Bennington College in Vermont

What is the distance to the nearest big city? And what is that city?

Erie- 35 minutes

Pittsburgh- 90 minutes

Buffalo- 2 hours

Cleveland- 2 hours

What is the approximate distance from Westborough, driving and/or flying?

Erie to Boston via Philadelphia 3-5 hours flight including layover

Pittsburgh to Boston non-stop flight 2 hours

Meadville to Boston driving  8.5 hours

What are your most popular majors?

Biology (Pre-Health sciences)



What are your newest and/or most unique majors?

  • Newest: Business, Integrative Informatics
  • Global Health Studies-it’s a social science, not necessarily pre-med, although students can pursue pre-med in conjunction
  • Dance and Movement Studies-it’s a minor but includes dance, yoga, and asian martial arts such as Tai Chi
  • Computer Science-truly made accessible to everyone no matter how intimidated you may be about math, with a lot of hands-on creativity
  • Environmental Science & Sustainability- we own our own research forest, and the campus contains many examples of student research projects including solar powered green house, community garden and reclaimed glass art installation

What majors are you hoping to grow?

Humanities disciplines; computer science

Will applying “undecided” for a major affect a student’s chances for acceptance?

LOVE!!!  We love the undecided students because they have an open mind to try all sorts of classes. We do not have a core curriculum, students are open to taking whatever classes in their first two years and just need to satisfy at least one course that lands in 8 specific disciplines.  Undecided majors are not at any disadvantage.

Is there a statistical advantage to applying early decision or early action?

No statistical advantage!

ED Deadlines: ED 1-November 15, ED 2-February 1

EA- December 1

If interviews are required or recommended, where and by whom are they conducted?

Recommended but not required, certainly appreciated!

Campus Visit Coordinator Kimberly Mourer, 814.332.4351...or me!

On-campus interviews are done with either an admission counselor or a student intern, off-campus interviews are done by admission staff from the area

And, we can get creative with a phone call or Skype

Are students automatically considered for merit scholarships with the application to the school?

An application to Allegheny College (Common Application or Allegheny College application) is a scholarship application for the Trustee Scholarship ($10,000-$35,000 per year for 4 years, automatically renewed, no minimum GPA just satisfactory academic progress to maintain.)

*Performing Arts Scholarships: music, dance and theatre require online application and audition/interview during one of Allegheny’s on-campus programs, or individually scheduled on a case by case basis.

What percentage of demonstrated financial aid do you meet?

Varies by academic performance, the better the GPA that closer we get to meeting your unmet need as demonstrated by FAFSA

Is there anything else a student should know that they will not easily find in a guidebook or online?

“Unusual Combinations” is not just a tagline, it is how we live in Allegheny, recognizing the diversity among students, faculty and staff.  We embrace all sides of people, we live by a code of civility and are willing to take risks academically and to serve the community as one Allegheny family.