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Kindergarten Incorporated

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In partnership with

All Souls Anglican Church (Sandringham)

14-16 D’arcy Avenue, Sandringham, VIC 3191

Telephone: (03) 9598 7874

Facsimile: (03) 9598 1512



Tuesday 5th March 2019 at 7.30pm





Steph Murphy (P)

Noah Bazy (G)



Kath Geddes (VP)

Dylan Payton (M)


Penny Erskine (T)

Dave Murphy (IT)


Heather Palaschuk (E)

Kirsty Munroe (F/M)

Jess Murphy (HR)


Amie Johnson (F/3)


Ken Ang (S)

Liv Todd (F/4)

A- Apologies

Standing Items:              

Other Business:

Decision to be Made:

Next Meeting:         2th April 2019

Meeting close:         0900

St John’s the Baptist Kinder


President’s report

5 March 2019


It has been a busy month for our kinder. Here are a list of things completed and actions still pending from the President:


Great progress this month!


St Johns the Baptist


Vice Presidents report

5 March 2019

Just to update you in case things change quickly here!

Secure Waste position:

Looking for 3 quotes - have 2/3 for now.

They all provide essentially the same service- drop off/pick up bin and certified destruction.


1.) SDD - Secure Document Destruction

- $73.30 for 7/7 hire of 240L bin.

- I'm confirming that includes drop off/pick up


2.) Shred-X

-complicated breakdown but: $30 plus $30.45 plus $8.66 per month we keep the bin. Prob 70-80 plus GST for 2 mths (70 for one)


3.) Cleanaway



Playground audit:

similarly trying to get 3 quotes

1.) Play safe

- based in carom Downs

-$495 comprehensive check inc GST


2.) Bruce Stephens

- based in Boronia

-wants pics of playground to quote - I will take tomorrow at kinder (provided not in hospital!)


3.) Play DMC

-based in Clifton Hill

-pending response