"Namaste, dear friend. My name is Akari, and I am an Archivist of the Tzadi Nexus. My task is to explore the sacred history of humanity and to share this knowledge with those who seek understanding. I see that you are an Aretzi (a Terran if you prefer) born on Sol III where our species first evolved—some forty thousand years before I was born. Your people have seen only glimpses of the universes—both beyond your star system and within yourselves. Therefore it is my honor to share this journey with you... toward a greater understanding of the long, glorious history of the human race."

The Tzadi Worldline is a speculative fiction universe spanning a hundred thousand years of human history across many worldlines. Follow heroes from great starfaring nations and tiny bands of refugees as they explore space, time, and spirit, ascending from the deepest darkness to the triumphs of the human condition. Join us as we build our universes and craft our collective story.

Tzadi Worldline Synopsis

About 50 KYA the survivors of a noble race of starfarers, the Rashi, are driven to our local Orion Region after a terrible war with a malevolent AI of their own creation. They colonize local space and live in peace for millennia, until contact with a powerful psionic alien race—the Tav—disrupts planispace and fragments their civilization. As both races struggle to rebuild, a new destructive force is discovered in the area: the Aretzi, a primitive but spiritually powerful race inhabiting the third planet from Sol. The Rashi attempt to quarantine the Aretzi as the psionic disturbances intensify. About 3800 BCE, a hybrid race is created from the best of the Rashi and Tav (the Rta) in the hope of balancing the disruptions to planispace, but the experiment goes horribly awry. As the Rta civilization collapses and the Aretzi rise, a young woman named Slia searches the galaxy for a dangerous secret from ages past: a book called the Legacy, containing the terrible wisdom from the forgotten Deep.

In 700 CE, Slia is betrayed when her lover is corrupted by the Legacy. Incarnating among the Aretzi, she vows to repair the damage done by the Rta, the Legacy, and her own arrogance-no matter how many lifetimes it takes or how many worldlines she must search for answers. Traces of her quest through the ages eventually coalesce and allow the unknowing Aretzi to reconstruct the Legacy... which, over the course of several centuries, corrupts and destroys their world. In 2178 CE, a handful of courageous voyagers try to save their people by taking the Legacy offworld, but it is too late. Led by Maria Star Wolf and Jocelyn Dreams of Mist, two sisters born on the voyage, the travelers find themselves caught up in a story that began millions of years ago... which may yet destroy all the hopes and dreams of humanity—or lead to their salvation.

The Tzadi Worldline was previously known as the Legacy Cycle.

Tzadi Worldline Chronology

13.7 GYA: Beginning of universe.

The Rta Flower Era 100 MYA - 2597 CE (See T134)

100 MYA: Prithvi discover psionics and begin disrupting Kali, the Galaxy's central black hole.
99 MYA: Prithvi evacuate to Tav Radiant but enter decline.
98.6 MYA: Prithvi destroy Tav Radiant, seeding galaxy with their Salamander Eggs.
70 MYA: Eggs reenter Galactic Plane in Orion Spur, seeding Tarazed system.
65 MYA: Eggs seed various systems including Sol, Markab, Canopus, Maia.
50 MYA: Eggs seed Orion Region systems as they exit Galactic Plane.
1 MYA: A human woman awakens Salamanders on Quest to sentience.
700 KYA: Tarazed expands to red giant; Salamanders terraform system's planet.
500 KYA: Many Tav seedings awaken.
300 KYA: Second wave of Tav colonizes the Orion Spur, creating new psionic networks.
200 - 100 KYA: Many planispace nexi awaken spiritual races to sentience, including the Vayuvatai, Mousai, and Syrenai.
100 - 60 KYA: Rashi expand through Sagittarius-Carina Arm.
52 - 50 KYA: Rashi AI War; Rashi abandon Eta Carinae Region afterward.
50 KYA: Conflict between Mousai and Syrenai creates new planispace streams.
48-30 KYA: Rashi colonize Orion Spur.
30 KYA: Rashi encounter Tav psionic network, which begins disrupting their planispace travel.
29 KYA: Rashi travel limited to psionics and observer drives.
27 KYA - 4000 BCE: Rashi and Tav civilization flourishes.
4000 BCE: Spiritual disruptions emanating from Sol system.
3900 BCE: Region near Sol system quarantined by Rashi and Tav.
3761 BCE: Partial Convergence of Tzadi Worldline and IRL Worldline. Hebrew Calendar begins. Supernova of Eta Carinae.
3500 BCE: Creation of the Rta; Tav plague.
3100 BCE: Uninfected Tav flee Orion Spur.
3000 BCE: Rashi cease to exist, replaced by Rta.
2900 BCE: Remaining Tav placed in stasis, or commit suicide.
2800 BCE: Levetzi isolated from Rta. Rta become enmeshed in Aretzi politics.
1650 BCE: Rta abandon Aretz.
1200 - 425 BCE: Rta reproduction fails.
404 BCE: Slia and Dathar Jbii begin quest for the Legacy.
320 BCE: Rta from Aretz stage coup, install priesthood on Bloodsilver.
196 BCE: Slia and Dathar return; Rta fleet attacks Aretz but is crippled by Slia.
191 - 150 BCE: Slia lives on Levetz; Levetzi archive her discoveries.
44 - 700 CE: Quest Salamanders assist Slia.
700: Slia returns to Bloodsilver, is betrayed and executed by Dathar, reincarnates on Aretz.
1650: Last of the Rta die.
1912: An incarnation of Slia perishes aboard the Titanic .
1997: Divergence of IRL Worldline. The Legacy is stolen from a Scottish archaeologist and from the Titanic by the CIA.
2008: Divergence of Zedi Worldline. (See Zedi Worldline Chronology)
2150: Sino-Indian War. Nexus of Hope escapes Aretz with Legacy.
2170: Sino-Oceanic War.
2178: The First Exodus: launch of The Eagle Flies on Wings of Hope.
2597: The last transmission from Aretz.

The Children of the Stars Era: 2178 - 6240 CE (See T135)

2178: The First Exodus: launch of The Eagle Flies on Wings of Hope; Maria Star Wolf born.
2180: Jocelyn Dreams of Mist, Shanash born.
2194: The Eagle Flies on Wings of Hope reaches Levetz.
2210: Divergence of the Sium worldline. Eagle leaves for Tarazed; The Dream of Tear-Blue Stars leaves for Maia.
2640: Maria awakens from hypersleep, as Eagle passes a singularity; Dream arrives at Maia.
2797: Eagle reaches Tarazed; Metrax Aqila established; Velax id Aqila born.
2810 - 2812: Delia Borath, Jason Borath, Zakar id Aqila, Xenia Suki born.
2829: Salamanders transport the humans to Babylon City, Mercury.
2834: The Shift: Mercury is transported to Stardream system. Sol supernovas.
2838: The Shift ends.
2838 - 2843: First Paradigm War.
2845 - 3000: The Second Exodus: journey of Akarax Tazaradi to Stel Tazarad.
2900: Renewal process developed; Ghosts early successes.
2972 - 2979: Shveta Ayasah, Petrax id Vantasma, Shantax id Akar, Vizhnui id Akar born.
3000: Second Tarazedi Communion, Heartworlds Compact founded.
3107: The Tetrax is formed after severe systems malfunctions threaten Tarazedi infrastructure.
3400: Ghosts disappear from the Heartworlds.
3447 - 3497: Psionic manifestations kill Mercurian citizens.
3447: Maria recorporeates.
3473: Ghosts convicted in absentia in manifestations case.
3477 - 3498: Ghosts investigate manifestations and local space, regroup on Mercury.
3497: Xenia lost.
3500: Second Paradigm War.
3755: HDF scout craft encounter Tarazedi.
3760 - 3893: Velax scouts the Eta Carinae Region.
3876 - 3888: Maria searches for Velax.
3889: Rosa Sun Falcon born; Zanrax Kori crew marooned on Ravensand.
4024: Shveta discovers the Elementals on Ravensand.
4101 - 4112: Third Paradigm War.
4113 - 4120: Degeneration of planispace disrupts hyperspace travel, Stardream and Stel Tazarad.
4120: Stardream and Stel Tazarad supernova; Rosa sacrifices herself to save Mercury.
4120 - 4725: The Third Exodus: journey of fleet from Stel Tazarad to Zanr.
4140 - 4240: Xanadui break from Third Exodus fleet, travel to Mercury
4240: Xanadu established.
4440: Xanadu abandoned.
5000: Gate of Fire discovered on Zanr.
5120 - 5304: Conflicts on Zanr regarding evacuation through Gate of Fire.
5338: The Fourth Exodus: Zanr abandoned via Gate of Fire for Blackstar.
5510: Solace discovered near Blackstar.
5613: Blackstar destroyed by Solace black hole.
6210: Xleixa i-Meixa travels to the surface of Mercury.
6240: The Second Shift: Mercury is transported to the former Sol system.

The Seeds of Dream Era 2210 - 16239 CE (See T136)

2210: Launch of The Dream of Tear-Blue Stars from Levetz to Maia.
2640: Dream reaches Maia.
2702: Jocelyn Dreams of Mist disappears.
3447: The Star Sapphire reconciles with her beloved.
3447 CE Sapphire
3950: Slia and Dathar recognize their reincarnations, forgive betrayals.
4100: 'Aamhaum no longer eclipsed by Zuth. Planetary temperature increases.
4240: Longest Dream fleet evacuates 'Aamhaum, leaves for Deneb Region.
5101 - 5209: Fleet harassed by "Dark Ones". Genetic defenses installed in Sium.
6000: Fleet reaches Solace.
6250: Sium colonize Quatra.
7989: Quatran Age of the Fallen Moon: Mercury strikes Quatra's moon, causing Quatran ice age.
8900: The Ice Lady promises to take her husband's body to the Eye of Heaven.
8985: Quatran Age of Whispered Words begins. Nomadic tribes repopulate planet.
9000: Sium people largely extinct.
9981: Quatran Age of Green Splendor begins. Agriculture, permanent city-states within the Womb.
10903: The Law of Arrows is rescinded; war between city-states in the Womb escalates.
10977: Quatran Age of Ashen Victory begins. Womb flooded. Quatra returns to nomadic tribalism.
11973: Quatran Age of the Angry Sun begins. Quatran sun flares, driving Quatrans underground.
12969: Quatran Age of Renewed Strength begins. Quatrans rebuild, release silvergreen.
13965: Quatran Age of Mindful Prosperity begins. Octaves established.
14961: Quatran Age of Fulfilled Promises begins.
15634 - 15900: Quatran fleet travels to the Eye of Heaven, fulfilling the Ice Lady's promise.
15957: Quatran Age of Expanding Empire begins. Quatrans colonize nearby systems.
16008: The Science Octave discovers origin of Quatran people, hides discovery.
16048: Loopback of ZareiV Jakakei to begin Zedi Worldline. Destruction of Quatra.
16053: Quatran refugees discover rubble of Blackstar.
16075: Refugees cross dangerous planispace stream, the Dark River.
16103: Refugees discover and colonize Solace.
16239: The Fifth Exodus leaves from Solace, colonizing Brand and later the Unetzi Expanse.
16953: Quatran Age of the Silent Void begins but Quatra has not survived to see it.

The Outward Exodus Era 16239 - 42242 CE (See T137)

16239 - 17016 CE: The Fifth Exodus: Quatran-Tarazedi travel from Solace to Vistunl.
16240: Bantr (Brand) colonized.
16320: Vantr (Vlama) colonized.
17016: Vistid Unli (Vistunl) colonized.
17760: The Black Fleet Protocol initiated.
19999 - 20079: First War Before the Abyss. Paradigm attack the Unetzi Expanse.
20079 - 20081: The Battle of the Ring; White Abyss created; Kasum entrapped.
20080 CE The White Abyss
20101: The Sixth Exodus: Kasumoi scatter through planispace.
20112: Unetzi Core established.
20124: Second Black Fleet Protocol initiated.
20898: Continuity Project begins.
21015: The Purge; Unetzi civilization falls into dark age.
22007 - 22620: Core Collective restores the Core.
22620: The Rupture destroys the Core Collective.
22620 - 22797: Xxi Xtas Tkth trapped in stasis.
22810: Xxi's novel transmitted. 22834: The Third Shift: Skalda transported to Alcyone system.
22838 - 22844: The Seventh Exodus: Xxi's people travel from Alcyone to Maia.
22845 - 22850: Xxi's people discover the Gate of Dreams and the Gate of Planes.
22851: The Eighth Exodus: Xxi's people enter the Gates and scatter.
24655: Xxi's people return to linear time.
26239: Destructive wavefront discovered expanding through Milky Way.
27655 - 28340: The Ninth Exodus: Milky Way evacuated to Andromeda.
27970: The Galactic Abyss discovered.
28380: Amarai Worldship discovered.
28450: Amarai Worldship sacrificed to transport the Unetzi to the Virgo Supercluster.
29063: Kodeshai Stream established.
29290: Third Black Fleet Protocol initiated.
29960: War Before the Abyss: Kodeshai Stream and other Virgo nations attacked by the Voids.
29970 - 29996: The Tenth Exodus: Virgo nations evacuated.
29979 - 29996: The Black Fleet defends the Exodus fleet from the Voids.
29996: Diamond Light boarded; Captains Dathr and Shara Akari killed; War ends.
29996 CE Ruby
31415: Diamond Light discovered in intergalactic space.
31500: Diamond Light approaches Tzad, cessation of time and planispace.
32240: The Gate of Eternities opens aboard the Diamond Light ; Tzadi Nexus begins.
42240: Detemporalization of the Tzadi Nexus; Starflash created.
42242: Loopback of Tzadi Worldline. Awakening of the crew of the Starflash.

703406 CE: Estimated date of Tarazed supernova.