Blizzard Brawl 2020 Rules

Blizzard Brawl consists of one event, Düssack, with four round robin pools, and an eight fighter, single elimination finals bracket.

The ring will be staffed by three judges and one referee. Any one of them may stop the action in case of a hit or for safety reasons (equipment failure, injury, etc). In case of a safety issue, it will be rectified and the fighters shall reset at their corners, if the fighters can continue. After each bout, the judges shall rotate positions around the ring clockwise so that each judge will view a different angle with each new bout. In the case of a safety issue, even a spectator may call a halt to the action from the seats.

Bouts are fought to at least five points and have a 90 second time limit. If the allotted time elapses without either fencer reaching five points, the fencer with the higher score wins the bout. Time is stopped when the action is halted and resumes when the referee calls for the fight to continue.

In the event of a hit, the judges shall bow their heads so as to not see the other judges. The referee shall then call for each of the following primary criteria: Contact, Target, and Control. These criteria function as follows:

Secondary Scoring Criteria