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14-04 Acceptable Use Policy
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Responsible Officer: Chief Information Officer

Responsible Office: Office of Information Technology
Draft Version: 10/30/19


  1. Policy Statement

Portland State University provides a wide variety of computing and networking resources to qualified members of the University community. Access to computers, computing systems, and networks owned by PSU is a privilege which imposes certain responsibilities and obligations on users. Use of these resources is subject to University policies and regulations, and local, state, and federal laws. All users of these resources must comply with specific policies and guidelines governing their use, and act responsibly while using shared computing and network resources.

  1. Reason for Policy/Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to outline the acceptable use of information technology resources at Portland State University and to promote the efficient, ethical, and lawful use of PSU's information technology resources. This policy addresses the responsibilities and obligations of users once access is granted, but does not address the criteria for granting such access. This policy is intended to protect students, faculty and staff, as well as the University and its resources.

  1. Applicability

This Policy applies to all employees, students, and other users of PSU information technology resources.

  1. Definitions

Information Technology Resource: Any information technology or network equipment, facility or service made available to users by Portland State University.

System Administrator: Any individual authorized to administer a particular information technology hardware system, operating system, or application.

Password: A string of characters that a user must supply to meet security requirements before gaining access to a particular information technology resource.

User ID: A character string that uniquely identifies a particular user of PSU information technology resources.

Incidental Use: A Use that does not adversely affect the performance of an employee's duties or the organization's work performance, is not disruptive of others, and is of limited duration and frequency.

  1. Policy

1.0        PSU information technology resources are provided for

         University-related academic, business, and research activities and are

to be used in a manner consistent with PSU policies, regulations, and

procedures, including PSU’s Professional Standards of Conduct and

Student Conduct Code. Employees may use such resources for employment-related communications, including union-related communications, subject to the provisions of any applicable collective bargaining agreement.

2.0         The viewing, storing or accessing of illegal content is not permitted.

3.0         Although PSU information technology resources are provided to

employees for University-related purposes, the University recognizes

that resources such as email and internet access may be appropriately and occasionally used by University employees for incidental personal use. Such personal use must be of a limited and reasonable nature, comply with all of the requirements of this policy, and not interfere with the performance of work duties, disrupt the workplace or be otherwise inconsistent with the needs or functioning of the University.

4.0         University employees may not use PSU information technology

resources to view, store or access obscene materials, such as

pornography, except when clearly required to do so in the course of

their work.

5.0         University employees may not use PSU information technology

resources to support or oppose a candidate for public office or a ballot

measure in a manner contrary to Oregon laws governing the political activities of public employees.

6.0         The use of PSU information technology resources, including the posting

of information on PSU’s webpage, must comply with applicable

copyright laws. When posting or downloading information to or from the internet, the user is responsible for ensuring that copyright law is not violated. For more information, please view PSU’s Copyright Policy.

7.0         All software installed, stored, or operated on PSU systems must be

properly licensed, whether used for educational, professional, or

private use.

8.0         Users are not authorized to access, use, copy, modify or delete data,

or grant access to others, in a manner inconsistent with the University

Information Security Policy. For security and network policy information, please refer to the PSU Information Security Policy.

9.0         Users may not gain access to any files, data, or systems through the

use of another user’s User ID and Password.

10.0         Users may not forge or misrepresent their identity, or enable others to

falsify an identity, when using University information technology

resources. This type of forgery can result in criminal penalties and

disciplinary action.

11.0         Users of PSU information technology resources with access to

University data, such as student or employee information, are

responsible for the continued protection and integrity of such data. This includes the responsibility of users to:

11.1         Ensure that University data is accurate, including the prevention

of any intentional defacement or mishandling of such data;

11.2         Ensure that access to University data is restricted based on the

needs of a job function, and ensure that proper authorization has

been granted for all access;

11.3         Ensure that data is available for appropriate University


11.4         Ensure that confidential data be rigorously protected and used

solely for University business; and

11.5         Ensure the equitable availability of University information

technology resources by not participating in any behavior that

would unreasonably interfere with another user’s access.

12.0         The University may monitor and record usage to enforce its policies

and may use information gained in this way in disciplinary and criminal


13.0        Any employee found to have violated this policy may be subject to

disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.

Any student found to have violated this policy may be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including expulsion from the University. Student employees may be disciplined both as an employee and as a student, resulting in both professional and educational consequences. Additional civil and/or criminal punishments may be applicable.

14.0         The Office of Information Technology is authorized to develop

guidelines necessary to implement this policy

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  1. Contacts

Questions regarding this Policy should be directed to the Office of Information Technology at (503) 725-6246 or can be emailed to

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