Inspire Love

A wee bit of prose, then

Vol I and II of poems by

Imran Ali Namazi

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Essays to a Swan

“a journey of reflections”

Spontaneous Love

“a journey in going boldly”

by Imran Ali Namazi

Written between Mar 2016 and Apr 2019

Collection: Poems - Vol I and II

With initially, a few passages of Imran’s regular prose.

Print and Web Edition: Edition 1

Typesetting: Imran, 18 Apr 2019, Synopsis - Dec 2019

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© Imran Ali Namazi 2019

Imran asserts the moral right to be acknowledged as the author of this work.

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, without the prior written permission of the author

Authors Note

I am thankful to these authors who've inspired me tremendously

This painting by Maria was made at my request and is a scene from Tolkien's “Leaf By Niggle”. It can be read at:

A religious reading of Leaf by Niggle could lead to the conclusion that the allegory of “Leaf by Niggle” is life, death, purgatory and paradise. It is often seen as an allegory of Tolkien’s own creative process, and, to an extent, of his own life.

Born 90 years after Swami Vivekananda travelled to America for the famous World Parliament of Religions conference, it wasn't till the year 2010 that Imran’s spiritual journey gained momentum. In the next year he would read Sri Aurobindo at once enchanted and spellbound.

He now purports to build Joyland centres worldwide through his company that is inspired by and the like.

“A number of yogis took birth in the Indian subcontinent as we tried to push the boundaries of our terrestrial evolution. A plethora of Avatars from around the world helped make the worldwide revolution of love that was the sixties - Robert Maynard Pirsig among these giants. If we see far today it is by standing on the shoulders of these giants to quote Sir Isaac Newton.”

“I believe this to be D319 in the Dwapara Yuga as per Sri Yukteswar, making our future an altogether wholesome and desirable outcome yet to be won. Goodness exists all over the world and comes from all lands and religions. ‘Let the good forces unite’ as a good friend said to us all last September.”

“We all live ‘curious lives’ so let’s all learn from those tales of Ferrets and Angel Ferrets. Live the ‘way from within.'' - use our precious resources to follow our highest right and do our Bright Ones proud.”

Thus spake Imran Ali Namazi a.k.a Shasa YM Ferret and J Shasa Shivram.

Inspire Love” is a collection of poems by Imran and is published at in April 2019 with a Base Price of Rs 350 / $5.

Ars Gratia Artis

For my parents Shayesteh and Uma

And the woman I hope to meet someday.

“The promised land is waiting like a maiden that is soon to be a bride

The moment is a masterpiece,

The weight of indecision’s in the air

Standing there,

The symbol and the sum of all that’s me”

Gratitude, Sep 5, 2011        (ii)

Lord, what a wonder this life, what joy to live those experiences long wrought by Thee for us.

To be first children, viewing the world as wondrous, exploring it and finding those hidden treasures You left along the way.

Learning to take the bad with the good, learning that You have given us guardian angels to see us through. Giving us the power to dream as we grow up, and the ability to make those dreams come true. To give us a life and smile when we complain at the little things, knowing that one day, we will realise Your largeness of heart and the richness of life.

Then You bless us with friends as an extension of our families and we reach a new height. Just as we grow happy and grateful, You send a partner to us. A person with whom to build a home. To share life and watch it unfurl. To test our resolve and courage and forge the best in us. To help us when we falter, to give us purpose and to focus our character. To share future joys and sorrows.

And children You send, to make us learn responsibility. And to understand the bliss our parents knew when they raised us. Helpless to watch as they lead life in their own unique ways, laughing as they remind us of ourselves. Carrying our hopes forward a generation.

You accommodate every kind of person in this act of being, enriching our lives with Your grace. Watching as we discover the bounties You left for us, carrying Your spirit through our trials and reaping their rewards. Content as our relations deepen, our partner’s personalities complementing our’s, With our children on their way, and us at last with time to turn to Thee, to praise Thy name for life was thy gift to us.

With hearts lifted, we at last understand and bow to Thee, our Creator.


Dear Brother, of both Kindreds, Aug 10 2013        (iii)

I grew up at my mother’s side. We lived on the eastern side of a mountain. By the time I was fifteen, I had come to know the facts of life. Our people were not responsible for a single modern convenience. Those came from the tribe that lived on the west slope. There was also some mention of a Golden Age in my people’s past, but that was millennia ago. I had the privilege of watching my brethren descend en masse into destitution, thievery – immorality in its many guises – a chaos that bound and enslaved us.

Repulsed by the thriving animal instinct here and lured by the order, freedom and justice there, my brothers had packed their belongings one early spring morning and began an exodus that would leave our villages bereft of most of the few remaining civilised people. The rest of us could not stand the chaos, but did not know what to do, so closed our eyes and pretended everything’s alright.

We awoke after a generation, to find everything awry. The price of these conveniences had all gone through the roof, and in buying them, we had lost our souls and our pride somehow. Those brothers who had been in the exodus had also shut their eyes and wound up paying a series of prices they didn’t even know existed. The prick of conscience of a land forgotten, or ignored, or spoken of with bittersweet sadness. People cloven as individuals, as well as a whole.

What remained to be done was for the tide of the exodus to be reversed. For some years now, there had been 2 trickles – one from the west, of those tired of prosthetics, who found peace in the words and works of the Bright Ones here. And another even smaller trickle of Bright Ones who went for the sake of those who knew not the way, to spread the glory and message of old.


But, everyone was playing the game of putting a price on every commodity, and on none was the price so high as on those tools and teachings that unclove the spirit. It seemed for a while that for every step taken forwards, we slid back a few. Then suddenly, we found our Mother had risen, and with a casual shake of her hand, had exposed the Fake Bright Ones and uncovered in us, the lost sense of pride, and love all-encompassing.

With arms outstretched, she embraced us all. She told us the secret that we had not always been two kindreds apart, and she welcomed back those westerners, and those west-dwelling easterners who of all it seemed had gone through the most horrible ordeal – that of amputating their homeland in their search for peace.

At the zenith of its flow, the exodus was turned. A hundred different movements began that systematically and lovingly changed the status quo. The animal instincts were humanized and the human instincts were hallowed and heightened.

Not everyone understood all these changes as they happened, but a few who had led the exodus felt a deep stirring in their hearts, and paid heed to counsel they had not heard before. Some here were given an instinct they trusted and maybe some inkling of the days to come, but only as in a dream, a promise of tomorrow, but one that had to be built.

Rejoice they did in their work, those reunited brothers and sisters. For they trusted in the sense of vision of things to come, and fretted not at the travails ahead for they knew the strength of their numbers, the numbers of their Bright Ones, and the effulgence of their Mother.

Divine (Purusha and Prakriti), Nov 22 2015        (v)

Mahakala, that ancient of days, our constant companion, substrate of all that is and will ever be, illimitable, that shines on us, turning our focus inward and upwards, uplifting and ennobling us, Holy Father, consort of that Universal Creatrix, seemingly lost in the multiplicity of creation, durable as the sponge, non judgemental as the sun, wearing us down like water does rock, sweet as ambrosia, latent in us all, finding divine expression in the arts, ethereal, absolute, refuge of the righteous, reminder to the fallen, foe to the Lord of Darkness, equanimous in the duality, beyond the modes of nature, silent witness, plural, singular, void, throbbing like the big electron, present in the sub-atomic vibration of strings, leader in the venture to trek amidst the stars, dancer in the woods, player of the flute of the ida pingala and sushumna, blowing life with his prana, kernel of the sheath of bliss, attainable through vidya bhakti and tapas, lord of the sacrifice, father to Adam and Manu, worshipped as the tortoise and the boar, king under the mountain, trapped in the dance of water and light, transcendant, wise, kindly, dweller in the hearts of sentient beings everywhere, exuberant as the blue jay of spring, master of doom, spirit of fire, solid as bedrock, finding sublime expression in music, instigator of action, remembered in prayer, boundless as the sky, union of man and divine, dynamic and effervescent, beyond creation, Hari and Haran, formless, timeless, sanctioner of enlightenment, simple, attainable and sovereign of the kingdom of heaven.

Mahashakthi, Tara, Kali, Kamaakshi. seed of creation, nature, nurturer, executrix, cocombatant in the journey of life, refuge of man, healer of hurts, queen of the stars, giver of fruits, tearmaiden, sustainer of all life, lover, pure as snow, graceful, adorable, grower of seed, coursing in the veins, instiller of hope, teacher, confidante, friend, implorer to enjoin good, intoxicating to the senses, fragrant as


the flower, poetess of renown, companion in silence, voice in the wilderness, resplendent as the dawn, labourer and plotter in the grandeur of tomorrow, walker amidst the cathedrals of the world of the spirit, tug of conscience and spirit of harmony, sweetener of the sword of time, sorceress that lit the garland of the stars, comforter at the pass into death, sacred as the Ganges, valiant and awe inspiring, soother of spirits, fosterer of the yearling and the bud, spark of wisdom, saver of neelakanta, virtuous as Sita, passionate as Radha, rapturous as Aphrodite, inspiring as Fathima, sorrowful as Mary, melodious as a church organ, fleeting as a flight of fancy, mellifluous as the pranava, tranquil as the moon, dweller in the hearts of men, indulger of the mischievous but pure of heart, guardian of olvar and kelvar, Demeter, Inanna, Isis, Astarte, witness and friend to the shepherds of the trees, Melian in the winter of her grief, Luthien in her voice to render passive the Black Foe, supplicant for mankind, mother to us all and womb of the universe.

Harmony Prayer, Nov 2015

Dear God, give man the fortitude to listen to the words of peace and love in his heart and not be swayed by the evil forces that abound in the world around him and incite him to commit acts against the very principles that his religion and beliefs are founded upon.

Grant him the understanding that each man is free to choose his religion, that none is superior to the other, that each man understands the will of God according to his own nature and the truth of his being.

If he must talk of his religion, let it be with an openness to understand his brother’s religion as well, for as Lord Krishna says – All paths lead to me.

Let us hold hands and stand against the spread of ignorance and conflict.

Let us embrace one another and truly accept each other’s faults and limitations as our Lord accepts us.

A minutes silence for contemplation and thoughts for world peace.

Join Us, Mar 26 2018        (vii)

Hi there, I’m Imran. Life is full of ups and downs and it’s really hard to come up when we’re down. We just don’t know where to turn / what to latch on to and everybody is so busy with their lives / full of their own ideas on how to “fix” ours that we miss out on some timely help. And when we’re up, we don’t think to look around and find someone to help – someone whose problem we can relate to because we’ve “been there”.

Here at, we suggest a triad of helping – help us, take help from us, go pay it forward. A social experiment, we are a bunch of caring people, looking out for one another, in an inspired-to-act spirit of oneness and love.

“Collaborate and coexist, not compete”, is one of our watch-phrases. As Steven Hawking put it – “Mankind’s greatest achievements have come about by talking.'' And today, we talk across the world and share ideas not just in person, but on the internet. We bring perspectives from all over in a way that’s been called “dapple”.

YieldMore is trying to streamline the way we use the internet – collaboration, careful editing, declutter and omission of the negative are the words we think of as we set out to share articles and stories, promote people and organizations and curate inspired works of art, all that’s positive, uplifting and inspiring – the best of humankind’s endeavours.

Were in the midst of human [r]evolution, living in blessed, magical times – the true re-naissance (rebirth) of the 21st century that's gonna make us a civilization par excellence.

Join us as we inspire others to lead an action-packed, “treat every day as you would your last” lifestyle full of learning, healing, sharing and LIVING!

Foreward, April 2019        (viii)

For Aurobindo, John, Khalil, Louis, Richard and Wilbur

I am thrilled that these poems and some of these passages are now being printed. “Sensitive to the world and its problems”*, I try and balance a regular job as a programmer with my loftier ambitions of seeing a better world built for and by our youth.

Somewhere from that fount of optimism, these poems pour out. A cry to humanity to think of love (good thoughts and good deeds) before it's too late.

Since writing “Join Us” - the call to action for YieldMore (, I have been inspired to design (yet to effect) Joyland centres where there is one in every place, reaching out to everyone. If these poems inspire its visitors to “tell their own stories and express their own thoughts” then this printing will have not been in vain.

Joyland centres may sometimes be run by, the company im creating for its design and execution. You can sum up the spirit of Joyland” with the line “Maximum good to maximum numbers, all done together as a new spirit of ONENESS takes over the world.”

YM was created to collate and share “inspiring and useful information” from around the world. To that, I am it’s Chief Curator always “building on other’s stories and imagination” to respark the human equation and fill life with more beauty and love.

To Joyland, I am it’s Chief Engineer, trying to “build the impossible” as Stephen Hawking puts it.

I hope these lines fill you with the spirit of my 2 ventures here mentioned because it was as I was trying to give them both a sense of purpose that these many lines came tumbling out of my mind, a reflection of the wonderful prose and poetry it has been my privilege to read.

“To live, love while the flame is strong, cause we may not be YOUNG ONES, very long” - Cliff Richard


Table of Contents

1. Amore (Love), March 2004

2 Thank You (to God), 26 March 2016

3 Sara (2 lovers), 13 April 2016

4 Wishes, Nov 2016

5 Sandra, Nov 2016

6 Mother, Nov 12th 2016.

7 Son, 19 Nov 2016

8 Sasha / Teacher, 15 Dec 2016

9 Ebbs and Flows, 23 Dec 2016

10 Infants, 31 Dec 2016

11 Hope, 31 Dec 2016

12 Brother, 31 Dec 2016

13 Cousins, 14 Jan 2017. For SA

14 Mentors, Jan 15th 2017. For Jayan

15 Nature, Sunday, 22 Jan 2017

16 Muse Male, Sunday 22 Jan 2017

17 Doing, Saturday, 4th Feb 2017

18 Friends, 8 Feb 2017, For S

19 Love (Poem), 11 Feb 2017

20 Teeming With Life, 12 March 2017

21 The Path to God, 12 March 2017

22 Dauntless, Sat 18 Mar 2017

23 Perfection, Sunday, 19 Mar 2017

24 Acres Wild*, Sunday, 19 Mar 2017

25 A Friendly Nod, 25 Mar 2017

26 Wistfulness, 25 Apr 2017

27 Touched, 3 June 2017

28 Cycle, 3 June 2017

29 Inspire, 3 Jun 2017 - for Uma

30 Eros, 19 June 2017

31 Mademoiselle, 23 June 2017

32 Tether, 15th July 2017

33 Sivam, 23 July 2017 - for My Grandfather

34 Once, 26 Jul 2017

35 Light, 26 Jul 2017

36 Glimmer, 29 July 2017 - for S2

37 Friends II, Sunday, 6th August 2017 - for Veena and Rahul

38 Notables, 6 Aug 2017 - for Tolkien et. al.

39 Striving, Mon, 7 Aug 2017

40 Dwell, 13 Aug 2017 - For A

41 Maa, Wed 23 Aug 2017 - for my grandmother Vasantha

42 Music, 2 Sep 2017 - for Vasantha (granny)

43 Toi, 9th Sep 2017, for SA and MA

44 Fate, 29th Sep 2017 - for F

45 Stormy*, 2 Oct 2017 - for Richard Bach

46 For AFT, 3rd Nov 2017 - 9 things I learned by loving

47 To Hold, Nov 12 2017

48 Nos Animaux (Our Animals), 18th Dec 2017

49 Go Back, 24th Dec 2017 - for Pater

50 - Prayer Rebirth, Nov 2015

51 Boy, 5th March 2018. For Tejas

52 Field of Truth, 13 Mar 2018

53 Dear Lady, 6th April 2018

54 Killing Time, 6th April 2018

55 What Time Remains, 6th April 2018

56 Friends Oughtn’t Fight, 6th April 2018. For MSV

57 First Touch, 8th April 2018. For F

58 Lord Scamp, 11th April 2018. On Animals

59 Teach Us You Did, 16 April 2018.

60 Teakliness, 25 April 2018

61 The Bhaktas, 16th May 2018. For RK

62 In My Life, 2nd June 2018. For A

63 No More Cloudy Days, 3nd June 2018. For E

64 Angels, 6th June 2018. For MSV

65 Turn That Page, 6th June 2018. On Peace! (for Eugene)

66 Well, 23rd June 2018

67 All My Loving, 24th June 2018. For Tracey

68 Babble, 30 June 2018. For F

69 When to Dream, 14 Jul 2018. For M

70 Fudge, 14th Jul 2018. For N

71 Cosmic Shiva - 20th Jul 2018

72 Miscreants, 20th Jul 2018. On Rape

73 Us Not Them, 18th August 2018. For Mel and Bal

74 Promise, 19th August 2018. With Jenny

75 Resilience, Aug 26th 2018. For Anusha

76 2018, 26th Aug 2018.

77 Sculpting, 2nd Sep 2018. Jointly on Brotherly Love

78 Joy, 7th and 15th Sep 2018. For F

79 Starburst, Sep 30 2018. For F

80 Taken, 8th Oct 2018. Jointly

81 Imran, On himself - 8 Oct 2018

82 Sadness Lifted from the Kernel, 19 Oct 2018

83 Love Our Nature, 26 Oct 2018.

84 Woman of yester dreams, 5th Nov 2018

85 Beaten, 6th Nov 2018. On Domestic Violence

86 Light, 6th Nov 2018. for Diwali / Tolkien

87 Wonder, 10th Nov 2018. For F

88 Tarun, 30th Nov 2018.

89 Time travelling, 6th December 2018. Dehors d'Auroville

90 Wake up (Sons of God), 5th + 11th Dec 2018.

91 Plug Away, Dec 12th 2018. For Rahul

92 Nymphs n Angels - 13th Dec 2018. Romance

93 Still Loving You, 26th Feb 2019

94 Wie Lieben Dich, 20th Mar 2019.

95 Captured Heart, 20th Mar 2019. Romance

96 Woven, 28th March 2019. Agape, Inspired by F

97 Fight, 30th Mar 2019. Live Valiant

98 Louise, 31 Mar 2019. For Louise L Hay

99 Tonight, 6th Apr 2019. Romance

100 Joyland, 10th Apr 2019.

1. Amore (Love)

March 2004

what is this life so fraught with care,
we have not the time to stand and stare,

our heads so filled with worry & troubles
we wish only to look at how other people seem to enjoy our suffering
and forget that their lives are as full of worry if not fuller
we don’t realise how akin we are to each other in our miser
and we dullen our sensitiveness until all we see are our own problems
and think life is being unfair / unkind to us
while it is actually simply us who are indeed in love with our own misery
we know not that all it takes is a little understanding
and the realisation that all we need to do is share our problems
and in the talking itself our worries are half dissolved
and for the talking, we gain strength to face the rest of our burdens
for we know that there is a little someone, somewhere who cares

if only we’d stop and stare and see the beauty in life,
for as a man once said:
the beauty in life is in knowing that there is beauty in it in every moment
all we have to do is know that life is beautiful and voila: it is

we shut ourselves inside the sombre walls of our minds,
darken the windows and refuse to let anyone in
till we forget what it is like to have the sun and wind on our face
and grow to believe that all there is in life is misery

so what is real beauty in this world? the simplest answer of all:-
anything that you love is beautiful for that is the truest synonym:- love and

and how do we change this mood?
it takes an instants courage/impulse to tear off the dark drapes from our walls
and open the windows and leap into the fray of life
the very thought of looking at the sun again may frighten us
but the sun, life, beauty and love are all that we shall wither without

so fear not to see the world in its true light again.
just as we got accustomed to darkness, so shall we to joy
for the true spirit of us yearns to be free
and should take flight if only the windows were open
and we didn’t trap it in the dark place we call our minds
and gave our hearts the freedom to love
love what? well anything that you can
love is the difference between a poor man and a rich man
the more you love the richer you become
the more you love, the more easy you find it to love
the more you love, the more you love yourself for being an instrument of love
the more you love, the lovelier the world is and the closer to your true self you become
for all we are are a bunch of loving, lovable souls who’ve somehow forgotten that

just like we forgot what it was to be in the sunshine
and thought that our dark mood was our true nature
so too, we’ve forgotten what love is all about.

2 Thank You (to God), 26 March 2016

Thank you O Heavenly Father for all that you have given us viz:
parents, siblings, aunts and uncles,
cousins and friends, nephews and nieces,
teachers, mentors, wellwishers and guides,
partners in whose arms we melt in an outpouring of love,
children with their sweet innocence and spirit,

the sun with its light and heat,
cool breeze, rain and thunderclouds,
rivers with their briskness and lakes with their calm,
waterfalls with their endless dance in air,
seas and oceans with their quiet melody,

cities and citadels, towns and hamlets,
roads and paths myriad with travellers,
glades and forests in heavenly green,
homes and their makers ensconced in toil,

ants and bears and wolves and owls,
snails and whales and lithesome ferrets,
giraffe and butterflies and earwigs aplenty
dewdrops upon spider webs and the chirping of Robins

and sprites and elves and gnomes,
faeries and angels and solemn little dwarves,
deities to delight at our every little deed,
that timeless action of Yoga that fulfills your Divine Plan

3 Sara (2 lovers), 13 April 2016

With a smile that could brighten my any mood,
Hands soft as cream, hair like jet,
A voice of pure delight,
That often erupted into gay laughter.

When we embraced, my knees would buckle,
My heart race in a feeling of shimmering ecstasy,
My mind would look back to the years we'd been together,
And see how God had answered my prayers.

We'd hold hands and walk in the park,
Her head on my shoulders,
Waiting for the moon to make her appearance,
Mindful of the birds twittering and the ducks quacking.

Evenings we'd sit in a quiet corner of my room,
Holding hands and drinking in each other’s gaiety,
Talking about just anything,
Comfortable in the warmth we made.

Nights we’d meld into one,
Her head often on my chest,
Marking time, or stretching it into eternity,
An act of love, serene, calm, intimate.

4 Wishes, Nov 2016

A heart like yours should always be surrounded by loved ones
A mind like yours should burst with creativity and determination
to see all including the least of your dreams come true.

Do actions for the sake of yourself and the ones that surround you.
Stay away from negative thoughts and protect yourself
for you are special beyond measure.

Laugh as you drink in life with its gifts and treasures.
Lead and give purpose to our strivings
Heal and give rest to the weary and the less fortunate.

Talk of lives full of toil and the worship to be found in work.
Dream of things fantastic and weave them into your life.
Let love be the driving force in your life, today and forever more.

May the rest of your days be peaceful and joyous.
Calm and met with aplomb and grace.
May His bounties and Her blessings shower you with love.

5 Sandra, Nov 2016

Who sets my heart awhirl
with a clear conscience
steeped in secrets of the cosmos
and a smile of pure glee

time we have not together
but the spaces between our meetings
are filled not with wistfulness but the embodied presence of the other
and the certitude that that someone loves us deeply

and when we meet, it’s like an eruption of happiness
snatched moments spent in pure ecstasy
an eagerness our hearts could barely contain
thirsting with the need to be close

babbling out our dreams and fears
soothed by the presence of that eternal love
which radiates from the body of the other
giving our own dreams flight

in ages forgotten we used to walk hand in hand
in glades and besides streams
for this sort of love can only
have developed over lifetimes together

but here and now is all we have
in which to express
that feeling of closeness and synergy
an act of love, compelling, intimate, eternal

6 Mother, Nov 12th 2016.

a light to guide you through the dark!

to live in the protection of her love.
to know we were raised in ceaseless toil.
taking food clothes and entertainment for granted.
few realise the absolute greatness that lies concealed by this mortal frame.

to have suspended her own dreams for our upkeep.
to have been our eyes and ears only letting the soft and wholesome enter our consciousness.
to have looked after our friends and playmates as if her own. healing our hurts and uplifting our mood.

to imbibe us with good qualities, leading by example and routing out the flaws in our character.
to turn us inward and connect with that divine spark, teaching us to
contemplate the bounties of nature.
to have kept a gay front even when there were tears inside to keep us innocent of sorrow.
to read stories filling our imagination with lands far away and deeds of characters to look up to.
to give us a lap to cry on when were disappointed and a place to voice our fears and misgivings.

all this and more a mother does for us for love’s sake. always in keeping with her sense of highest right.
a worthy co conspirator of that Universal Mother who holds all of creation in the palm of her hand.

7 Son, 19 Nov 2016

Hello Dear Son,
an angel you came into our midst
sweet and graceful, pure and lovable

daddy was so busy, but you
would wait up to welcome him home

making paintings of trees and rainbows
playing with jigsaws and building blocks

so much time spent in reading
and dreaming of love when you were older

now the time has come and grow you have
into this wonderful man who stands beside me

at loggerheads with those who don’t understand
the meaning of love you bring

to touch lives with your joy and abundance
and reach out to people you care for deeply

passionate about this journey we call life
and thirsting to make people happy

get out of your cocoon and fly
up and find the meaning of love

8 Sasha / Teacher, 15 Dec 2016

To tell us the whys and hows of the world
helping us learn the ways of nature and science
Inspiring us to study more and become
doctors, artists, poets and philosophers.

Filling our childhood memories
with lessons learnt in a home away from home
Giving wings to our dreams
and allaying our concerns and our fears

Embracing us with your love so soft and gentle
helping us throw off our inhibitions
and grow into strong and capable persons
well knit into a community of the young and dynamic

This brotherhood of yore we join at your behest
as worthy warriors forerunning the future world
amidst this fascinating journey we call life
inspired to live by others of your stature and grace

Amazed by your innate ability to impress
a generation full of bold explorers and statesmen
you mould some of us into teachers
to continue this cycle of endless love and toil

9 Ebbs and Flows, 23 Dec 2016

Up and down we go
on this merry-go-round of life
stuck in a rut we get
unable to change our mood and soar again

“you try to hold your head high
the world runs hot and cold” *1
sometimes a small change of scene
makes us think of past joys

and suddenly with elation
we flow through our niggles and bring
enthusiasm back into the things we do
nothing that happens can dampen

this new lease we have on life
full of joy and glee at all the
little things that surround us
until another rut comes along

and turns colourless the moments we’ve treasured
but bask again we shall in the sunlight
for as sure as bad comes our way
so shall good again to grace our lives anew

*1 Don Henley - Shangri La

10 Infants, 31 Dec 2016

nine months in preparation
and ninety years in expression
babies have the power to soothe our hearts
melt us with their laughter

bundles of joy, they bring out the best in us.
slow to learn but quick to love
play they do, amidst our trials and tribulations
making our burdens easier to bear

rapt they listen to our well intentioned lessons
always reminding us of our own joys
that we experienced at the dawn of our lives
expressions they become

of the highest forms of love
an act so serene
and vital to our whole
choose they must, to give of their highest right

endeavouring to lessen the burdens
of those that surround them
on they go, along the way, but,
when we think back, they’ll always be baby to us

11 Hope, 31 Dec 2016

spring it does, eternal in the human breast
the silver lining in clouds that pass
recharging ourselves amidst all strife
a silent shoot to latch onto

while the powerful play goes on
fortifying us to contribute our own verse
often it is thought that triggers
the memory of days of joy

a memory so powerful as to
dispel the shadow of doubt that engulfs us
an intense feeling that revives a sense of purpose
naked and fearless in the elements *1

we plod on along with life's ebbs and flows
hope and despair in all its forms and guises
but nothing can over-dampen our mood
unless in folly we allow it to

hope for love; hope for treasure;
hope to be loved; hope for grace;
hope to dispel all darkness
and live eternal in God's light of love

*1 - Short and Sweet, David Gilmour

12 Brother, 31 Dec 2016

"so be closer to believing
though your world is torn apart
for a moment changes all things
and to end is but to start

and if your journeys unrewarded
may your God lift up your heart" *1
with me by your side to support
you through your good times and bad

to be by your side in everything that you do
to be sought with hours to live *2
and to spend them well
enhancing our lives through the love we share

in all the little things we do together
a friendship through thick and thin
mirroring that gleam in each other’s eyes
live we do in the warmth of our hearts

a timeless liaison of bonding and brotherly love
supporting one another, enriched by time
forever and forever
a fraternity that sees us through

*1 - Closer to Believing, Emerson Lake and Palmer
*2 - Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet

13 Cousins, 14 Jan 2017. For SA

A friendship fore-planned at birth
we're welded together as we grow
an extension of our families
we treasure the memories we accumulate

of mischievous deeds and healthy fun
we have at each other’s expense
a familiarity and camaraderie
that survives every curve ball life throws at us

in times of trouble we stand steadfast
supporting each other as is our wont
a small trickle of love that engulfs us both
and makes us stronger to face our trials

as we grow in the ways of the world
we enliven each other's lives
and bring in nephews and nieces
to magnify this love we share

a new generation of cousins once more
that find life's little joys in their own time
at last we can look back at life
that was enriched by these bonds we made

14 Mentors, Jan 15th 2017. For Jayan

who accepts us for what we are
always inspiring us to be better
involving us in the ways of the universe
an uncommon initiation into secrets timeless

knowing our fears and desires
guiding us to the avoidance of the one and the fulfilment of the other
filling the gaps in our knowledge
pushing the boundaries of our abilities

initiating us into the path of works, knowledge, love
making our burdens passable
leading by example and a salve to the afflicted
we try and follow in their footsteps

always reminding us of He who holds
the stars in the palm of his hands
for it is in the lap of God
that we play, ever mindful of the bounties of life

mother, father, teacher, God
that chain of nurturers showing us the way
from within, inside our hearts
to become that highest expression of love

15 Nature, Sunday, 22 Jan 2017

to smell a garden after it rains
to stand under a waterfall beside one you love
to take children for a picnic in the countryside
and stop in a wood to recharge

that well from which love and beauty flow
deer and bears, squirrels and parrots
of the best of God's creations
and us, the crown

who stop subjugating nature
and instead, live in harmony with it
feeling the fall of every little flower
we've stopped killing in the name of food

hunters turned to guides,
taking us deep into forests
to see where elephants inhabit the place
and monkeys frolic in sweet innocence

bringing out in us deep wells of love,
for the plants and animals that share this planet
unstained by lust or greed
we've come full circle and found everlasting peace

16 Muse Male, Sunday 22 Jan 2017

that font of manliness that inspires us
a grace from God to cherish and protect us
we've spent a lifetime together
and found "true love will never fade" *1

the centre of our universe
whose warm smile completes
the feeling of love in our hearts
whose graceful nature and toil

kept us in abundance and comfort
gentle with our children he brought
a certain love for mankind in their hearts
and also for Mother Nature and Father Supreme

he inspired us to sing of love for all things
and paint trees and animals and birds
take care of us he did - tender loving care
to make our burdens easier to bear

protecting us from the outside world and its evils
we discovered a world within our hearts
peopled by others of our kind
in true harmony with the ways of our lord

*1 - Mark Knopfler

17 Doing, Saturday, 4th Feb 2017

"you serve god best when you love" * 1
doing the sorts of things
that would make your parents proud
giving of yourself to dear ones and the needy

but mostly to the ones you've bonded with
short this life, and time flies
immersed in a stream of action
we work out our karmas

but what of our collective karma
that shows were all
brought under the same Judge
who, with his benevolent glance

chastises us for time wasted.
In and of this world we are,
a tribute to our comrades,
doing His work, ever mindful

that time is short, giving him our best days
so that, when we enter at the pearly gates
were at peace with ourselves
for all we did, we did in service to Him.

*1 -

18 Friends, 8 Feb 2017, For S

A smile you bring to my face when I'm low
Sinking lower still till I can't sink no more
You hold my hand, pat me on the shoulder and say
Where are you brother that you can't see the light of day

Healed I am of this seed of melancholy upon my brow
For indeed it was you who mended me and made me glow
And I in turn lifted the spirits of another with a song
For he had borne a burden too much for too long

Uplift each other we did in days gone past
For troubles we know won't really last
Talks of friends and loved ones who've brought
Us through all the little trials we've fought

Spontaneous smiles we have now that our troubles have blown away
Never to return again and deny us the calm we have in which we say
Thank you for being steadfast in love for those are the very things
That makes us feel not like paupers but as kings

19 Love (Poem), 11 Feb 2017

Love is the only prerequisite of life
it’s what brought us here in the first place
and what saw us through our early years
the love our Father and Mother bore us

And, the love we bore them in return
the love we had for our friends and teachers
and later, girlfriends and boyfriends
a plethora of people in all

To inspire us to give of our best
for it is only when we express love
do we become closer to our true self
a self that reinstates our illimitable origins

a timelessness of the soul in all its glory
for love is the difference between a poor man and a rich man
love is the beginning, the middle and the end.
when you love, amazing is your life

for it is only with love that we truly live
love for those, our partners and our children
and for lifetime friends and families
to renew that cycle of undying love

20 Teeming With Life, 12 March 2017

Sometimes it calls upon our hearts to step
away from the bustle and humdrum
and awaken that silent builder within us
who knows the need of the hour

and renders every hurdle to progress
to a quiet dissolution in the cauldron of life.
Reshape we do, that stream of activity
around us until the possibility of greatness

is achieved and we've made something special.
Fashioned by our hands, guided by
that divine craftsman who waits patiently
for His designs to become fully wrought.

For carefully laid were His plans
and us only the instrument of his execution.
Push us forward he did to build
better and better things, labouring

in timeless halls where we learned
to intuit His every whim,
until we'd built an entire community
of souls simply teeming with life.

21 The Path to God, 12 March 2017

The path from you to God is not measured in inches,
but on a very subtle shift. A movement
in yoga (union), paved with equanimity
a certain cessation of the lower instincts

and a far-reaching sweep towards the divinity within.
For closer he is to you than your own heart.
The kernel hid under a sheath of bliss.
This path towards Him is not

strewn with gold and jewels, but rather
with flowers and leaves
laid on a bed of mud.
A mud so fertile as to yield

an entire forest of the most verdant green,
for it is here that the trees grow tall and vast,
akin in majesty to its ancestors
who grew at an earlier time

in places untouched by human hands.
The foliage parts to reveal
a path not hewn but natural
to guide the traveller to his journeys end.

22 Dauntless, Sat 18 Mar 2017

for Bethany Nikka *

Dauntless we are in the days of our youth,
heedless of hidden dangers that entrap
those less fortunate than us who weep
for someone to come and free them.

When all they need is a little boldness,
to pick themselves up and to travel
again along the way, mindful of
the traps that only prey upon those faint of heart.

Careful now we’ve become, rich with
the experience, sensing those dangers
and avoiding them with an all-seeing eye.
Fortune truly favours the brave.

Foolish are we who seem weakened
in the wake of life, for strength
is the need of the hour - strength
to follow our dreams. Strength to

support those around us. Strength to build
that vision we had so clearly in our
minds in the days of our youth.
A vision so bright as to rival the sun in splendour.

*character from Richard Bach’s novellas “Curious Lives”

23 Perfection, Sunday, 19 Mar 2017

perfection is a state of mind
in which there is abundance of every kind
it springs from a deep well of love
as enchanting as the flight of a dove

upto the kernel of our heart it resonates
deep seated in our mind it liberates
there is no season in which it wont guide us,
erupting from moment to moment inside us

long we desire to exist
continually in this state of bliss
freed from the duality of life
instinct driven and rid of strife

in love we find that storehouse
which triggers activity all around us
crystal clear like snowy springs
what joy to feel that emotion it brings

with people we keep our trysts
helping those blow away the mists
that cloud them and rob them of bliss
ensuring they never take life amiss

24 Acres Wild*, Sunday, 19 Mar 2017

chlorophyll it is which makes a leaf green
rain comes to drench it, making it sparkling and clean
flowers grow and the whole vista explodes
in colours aplenty like a million rainbows

a veritable kaleidoscope this forest
which gives a weary traveller rest
ridding him of his burden
making him think positive again

feed it does many birds and insects
deer and wolf and all of nature’s aspects
nowhere else is life so concentrated
by divine Prakriti orchestrated

there are those among us who seek
to strip this forest, seemingly weak
and prone to rape, for dumb the meek
but protect her we do, though the fight seemingly bleak

endless the horizon, green and vast
in its tranquility seemingly lost
those of us who see acres wild
filled with the wonder of a child

* for the Jethro Tull song

25 A Friendly Nod, 25 Mar 2017

On looking back to my time in Bellevue in Nov 2013

there I was alone in a new nation
chock full of ideas and needing validation
the people there took a genuine interest
chatting me up and sharing the best

of what they'd learnt in that wondrous place
seemingly blessed and full of grace
an artist there was who painted
and taught with a fire unsated

Dear Brian it was who played
songs from another lifetime that stayed
etched in my mind for all time
a reminder that all I heard was sublime

Martin and Nick there were
friends with a lonely campfire
and little Brandy to give us her chi
for the dragons and unicorns that be

Murph and Gary shared much
for they made me say thanks a bunch
my entire trip was fine and dandy
last to give me a nod was Randy

26 Wistfulness, 25 Apr 2017

"How I'd love to hear the choir

In the chapel in the moonlight" *1

where we may meet and kindle fire

and joy to fill our hearts with delight

Juliet! Juliet! wherefore art thou

a companion new-born amidst timelessness

to sit atop branch and bough

and mark time with tender wistfulness

that you may appear to save me from despair

a kindred spirit to hold oh so close

in your loving arms i would declare

that your fragrance methought a rose

what will we do to fulfil this lifetime

we’ve spent searching for the other

in woods mayhap a glimpse sublime

in dreams I'll see you till forever

oh my what this, o life

come now and appear my dear

weave spells to quell our strife

all life’s trials we shall endure

*1 - Dean Martin

27 Touched, 3 June 2017

woe unto he who lives a life

devoid of bliss, for bliss there is even amidst strife

dwell we do in a pool of pain

unable to find the will to live again

sorrow comes to strike away the crud

we've covered ourselves with - fallen in mud

sorrow and joy, joy and sorrow, we oscillate

failing to find that life to illuminate

noor its called, like a 1000 splendid suns *1

a vision so grand as to embrace everyone

the cycle wears on, the drama is wrought

good things and bad things so dearly we’ve bought *2

experiences so engraved in our minds

emotions that linger in all shapes and kinds

love blossoms in our heart for that illimitable creator

who gives us a part in the human theater

shorn of all hope and beginning to despair

we find that divine spark and start to care

for things big and small and people who stand

firm in their faith, touched by His hand

28 Cycle, 3 June 2017

Yama comes to make His claim

robbing loved ones of that inner flame

that spread like the wings of an Eagle

embracing us all, daring us to inviegle

and wrest from life all of its secrets

from dawn to dusk, sunshine to tempests

winds that blow, moaning and groaning

that cry of the Earth making us start soaring

His net he casts, that mortal is caught

the fighting is over, the soul becomes a dot

rest it does for a while seemingly inert

trapped in His halls, no longer alert

Time-bound this inconscience

a brief period between existence and existence

Awake they do, a new cry of life

a joy to behold, delivered by a wife

who nurses the baby until it grows

serene and beautiful, timeless as a rose

Born again, to continue this cycle

endless as time, the old familiar spectacle

29 Inspire, 3 Jun 2017 - for Uma

I came back to life upon the single act of her love

inspired to take flight, innocent as a dove

She, my mother, Prakriti in essence

timeless, a whisper, a prick of conscience

Gentle and caring, doting and daring

a light that shines, dark clouds a-clearing

a weather beaten face, a graceful smile

a soft voice that lingers in my ear awhile

with her at my side, the battle of life to fight

saves me from danger, my anchor in any plight

tender and lovable, a heart pure as snow

spirited, indomitable, setting my face all aglow

soothe me she does, day in and day out

a light that shines in rain or in drought

a balm to my aching heart

making her life a work of art

friend, confidante, guide

guileless in appearance, with nothing to hide

inspiration to go on, fight the good fight

strive I shall, spread love to her hearts delight

30 Eros, 19 June 2017

a single beam of sunlight played across the wall

it touched her and she awoke, wanting to recall

their exertions of the previous night

that had left her in throes of delight

ragged his breath, tender the glances he threw

at her, turning her entire world askew

touching her heart, making it glow tender

leaving her emotions rent asunder

waken him she did, lusting for more

guiding him gently, deep inside of her

moaning and groaning, so heavy their breathing

stop him she would, force gaps in their love-making

full of light, the room now lit up

keeping their contact, the couple got up

nearing the window, the trellis green and refreshing

a view of the sky, a picture so invigorating

take her he did from behind, his nymph in ecstacy

cupping her breasts, evoking a laugh of pure glee

soaring on cupid’s wings, the couple would reflect

years later, on that love - so pristine and perfect

31 Mademoiselle, 23 June 2017

(“Lady” in French with English translation indented)

mes jours ne sont complet sans vous

les nuits sans couleur est solitaire

mon coeur ne veut pas battre

ton visage que j'adore est toujours dans mes pensées

my days are incomplete without you

the nights without colour and alone

my heart doesn't want to beat

your face that I love is ever in my thoughts

notre premier matin ensemble

je t'ai donné une rose

et nous marchons au parc

tu pris mon oreille et dit

our first day together

I gave you a rose

and we walked to the park

you took my ear and said

je t'aime mon amour avec toute ma coeur

tu ce dis doucement trop doucement

mes ailes battent vite

mon esprit s'est levé haut

I love you my love with all my heart

you said it softly very softly

my wings beat fast

my spirit soared high

nous avons voyagé à la campagne

tes mains dans la mienne

nos sourires si heureux

les oiseaux si adorable

we had been to the countryside

your hands in mine

our smiles so happy

the birds so lovely

sans l'autre nous sommes maintenant

comme les poissons hors de l'eau

trop trop triste mais en attente

pour l'amour qui va encore

without the other we are now

like fish out of water

very very sad but waiting

for love to come again

32 Tether, 15th July 2017

every time I look at you I see the world in a different light

my heart beats aflutter,  it happens day and night *1

pray fervently that love comes to us all

in clear skies or a stormy squall

in days gone by I built an image of love in my head

and now I find I'm missing... missing you instead

what hope for a dream that we may meet at last

a lifetime beside you I pray to you come fast

a pretty girl I saw and wondered would you be like her

a girl to ride besides in sun or  stormy weather

at night my chest expands and I think nobody loves you like I do.

so come quick and let's ride along the open road us two

calm and reposed battling our travails together

amidst life's designs in hope for a glimmer

of love to enrapture and make us meld into one

two hearts beating together, that prize we have won

you'll always have my unspoken passion

whilst I dream ways to forge and fashion

a joyful life full of meaning to spend together

to run the course, have each other as tether

*1 same ending words as the first 2 lines of sing a song of freedom by Cliff Richard

33 Sivam, 23 July 2017 - for My Grandfather

(Sivam = Mahakala, My Grandfather - MS Sivaraman)

Deities abound in this land where I hail from

foremost is Sivam with Shakti * 1 beside him

Woodroffe * 2 studied the tantras, discovering their nature

deep within us they resonate guiding the theatre

terrible her form in the aspect of Kali *3

numerous her devotees, serving her gladly

blue became his throat, as he drank some poison

to save us from an uncouth world devoid of all reason

King and Queen of time for that the meaning of Kalam * 4

Time in whose webs we find all things great and small

stern on the outside but inside aglow with love

that keeps us from faltering as we tread the path to them

they are the buds from which springs this world

of Sur and Asur *5 locked together

fighting until their sinews are taut

teaching us lessons so lovingly wrought

reveal themselves they do to a few

seers and saints in every hue

to instill in us a sense of direction

to stay the course and aid in the travails of Creation

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34 Once, 26 Jul 2017

it happened once before

love came to reanimate my soul

the days blurred into a corridor

of light and you constantly at my side

fierce this love a thing to behold

lift me it did from my inanimate stupor

high I rode on a magic carpet

my heart daring to dream again

the thought of you filled my days

I couldn't sleep without kissing your picture

my elation crested my confidence waxed

I tried hard to impress you with my humanity

a careless word a thoughtless deed

and I alone to face life’s drabbiness

I was beside myself with grief at the thought

that love so pure and pristine could come to aught

now I look back to the past

spent in spirit but not wistful

for the next time I shall savour with care

every moment that two lovers can share

35 Light, 26 Jul 2017

the magic has gone the grief still raw

the cat still teases the mouse in its paw

of days gone by I would surely weep

thinking of all the sentiments I keep

the most love I ever gave a body

was in those months of u beside me

a stirring deep within my heart

write letters I did to impress with art

you were the first to look deep inside

and draw me out and no longer hide

a man in blossom with dreams to cherish

a rock of ages whose love doesn't perish

so deep the bond we lovingly forged

feel you beside me our lips engorged

we kissed and kissed until I awoke

beside me how tenderly you spoke

that dream has gone the pain so real

the moments we shared so deep I feel

time has flown so piercingly I feel

your light ebb from me my senses reel

36 Glimmer, 29 July 2017 - for S2

When we met I thought

A glimmer in her eye I caught

A sadness borne from out of the past

Engulfed her and held her fast

She seemed soft on the inside

A woman to spend a lifetime beside

A shell she wore hard as rock

But signs could be read easy as a clock

Though not a knowing man was I

Something she said caught my eye

And made me wonder if she could

Be happy again if a man would

Aspire to make her complete again

Spend an age together in drought and rain

I prayed she would let the shell break

And let someone her thirst to slake

It gets lonely sometimes as one waits

For love to come and flood the gates

But bask she shall again in a warm embrace

As she boldly sets out again this world to face

37 Friends II, Sunday, 6th August 2017 - for Veena and Rahul

when we met we thought we knew

for we had read stories of every hue

about the world and its ways

quaint as a sailor walking down the quays

soon we parted, life taking us in different directions

a joy to behold as we strengthened our convictions

over the past ten years we’ve been

quick to respond to one another our love growing keen

goals and ambitions didn't daunt us

passions we strove with a testament to Amadeus

who touched us with his piano music

a salve to inspire us to clean fun and frolic

new friends we made with whom to bond

together and make life glitter like a wand

full of stars, a beacon like the moon

to guide us in twilight, see every rune

with ears and eyes to make me smile

and maybe hold on to my dreams a while

raise our glasses we did in toast

to a life from which we would wrest the most

38 Notables, 6 Aug 2017 - for Tolkien et. al.

A tribute to books, movies and songs.

be careful of The Company You Keep *1

rather than at life’s end you sit and weep

for in that War of Wrath by the Valar was lost

many things that should not have come to aught

Cortlandt *3 was dynamited by its creator

for Altruism *4 he didn't feel was better

than a construct of Niggle in whose Parish

was built and consecrated a fervent wish

that all things bright and beautiful

should live in Yavanna's *5 land of thrill

where nature would fashion and become

like the Eden in What Dreams May Come *6

At Kirrin Island *7 we found a joy springing like a fount

that would in later days come back to haunt

us for we amidst the rat race had lost our Voice

in the Wilderness *8 faced with little choice

but to rediscover the Flame Imperishable *9

set in the heart of every man able

to Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun *10

and with Agape *11, set our souls to Burn *12

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39 Striving, Mon, 7 Aug 2017

strife means conflict but striving, courageous battle

a resolve to wrest the most from life and whittle

away at each offered experience until

from each happening its essence we distil

that other ideal of tenacity we try to achieve

a commitment to stay the course and conceive

of things magnificent that come from a rich past

a time unremembered but built to last

why not give up when pressured you may ask

alas it’s only when we persevere do we do the task

we learn from our mistakes and try to make

fewer ones as from this pregnant life we take

things big and small that can make our hearts thrill

a new tomorrow we shape with our resolve and will

a testament to the ages the secrets of life we learn

a joy to behold, an ennobling prize we earn

in striving we find we've grown, our hearts widening,

our minds reaching to the far galaxies glimmering

we trace a smile, a guttural laugh brings us back to this

impassioned life in whose meaning we must find bliss

40 Dwell, 13 Aug 2017 - For A

when I was in college a lovely girl I knew

for she took me to her bosom and our love grew

into a thing so real and fierce that nothing could stand

in the way of our future together, little did I understand

that soon she would depart, leaving a hole in my life

that I could never cover, even today as I throw new dice

hoping that fate would bring another to me as wondrous

and with a joie de vivre to match my own, generous

and loving towards all that this world can bring

an intimacy to share, ah love, a wonderful thing

methinks a partner is the best thing to keep

in sickness and in health, a spirit so deep

entrenched in your soul, making your joy complete

etched in stone, to guide your hand and make life replete

and full of bliss that you experience when she looks at you

and draws you out to chase rainbows and clouds of every hue

could we turn the clock back I think by now we know

that what we had was the best that life at us did throw

we keep in touch from time to time for the love we shared was true

I oft dwell on the time we shared and I still look for a strain of you

41 Maa, Wed 23 Aug 2017 - for my grandmother Vasantha

on her death 2 days earlier - she whom we used to call Maa.

love us all you did, showering us with blessings

a fair maiden you were, a lark that sings

in good times that celebrated this glorious life

why silent now, oh you wonderful wife

and mother of 5, the last whom I love to pieces

forever and ever, now bereft of all senses

you were the dawn breaking the night

holding us gently, filling our hearts with light

and courage to face life’s big and little trials

a gaze that liberates, replenishes our vials

with warmth and tenderness to move forwards

wrest from life its plenty and bountiful rewards

3 generations you saw, filling your cup to overflow

my dearest niece came and set your heart aglow

a decade of laughter and mirth and delight

shuffle off you did this mortal coil in our night

now what light shall guide, showing the way from within

or mayhap as a spirit your force shall be as a grin

and testament to affirm the beauty in life - timeless

us now weatherbeaten, but the time with you, priceless

42 Music, 2 Sep 2017 - for Vasantha (granny)

four score and seven years you passed in our midst

your artistry shone as you were a talented vocalist

like a flute that rang out touching its audience

that only Lord Krishna could imbue with his fragrance

many were the songs you sang of the Divine

full of messages about life that one could divine

and see how simple it is to set a heart rapt

in service to our Creator, His experiences so apt

music was in you it’s what gave your life soul

soul that rang true as a melody in a bowl

we miss the depths to which our jivatma is kept

linked to the universe into whose play we've crept

dream you did of being surrounded by the same family

and being the foremost carnatic singer, bright as a lily

simple you seemed yet in you were the seeds

that makes us think of liberation and good deeds

weave you did, us into your story of love and life

serving that Creatrix your life joy amidst strife

music your tether bringing you closer to He

that made angels of mercy, replete such as Thee

43 Toi, 9th Sep 2017, for SA and MA

Toi et l'autre (you and the other). Written in Pondicherry after a short visit to my Guru's Ashram.

to he who hast been the material envelope of our master

and she the executrix of that divine will and sanction

together for 30 years they hewed their way through virgin forests

pioneers them both in trying to bring the divine down into matter

he departed some years before she did to hasten the process from behind the veil

and made a breakthrough eight years later

that each new generation would reap its rewards, more and more entrenched in that grand vision of tomorrow

a farmer tending his crop with love and virility and certainty that soon shoots would appear

architects together collaborating to bring into the fore a step forward in evolution

that would be as a testament to the ages a veritable springboard from which

we would gain glimpses into the bright future in fits and starts

a light to guide us in the dark, a way paved with love

now another two score years have passed since she left and we seem on the brink

of total annihilation our pilot extinguished with no time to pause and think

to follow our highest right as dictated by that voice from within

the titanic forces abound leaving us empty our promise turned to chagrin

long and hard the days ahead these forces so easily tripping us

slide back we do no saviour comes to redress our griefs and leave us

ready for the next challenge our adversary so daunting

but persevere we shall their memory ever us haunting

44 Fate, 29th Sep 2017 - for F

I cry when I think of how good it could have been

Something special, from the start my senses keen

Aware of the love that radiated from your heart

Silent, going berserk - for now life has no art

Melt you did in my arms, a love that engulfed us

Through storm and rain that love animated me and was

A bulwark against the harsh world, cozy and secure

Filling our reserves with courage and good cheer

Now we tread different paths the memory seems to dim

Until it rushes back up leaving me breathless and grim

Wondering why fate had to tear us both apart

Leaving me in the vacuum of my poor heart

Its now an ordinary world that has no colour

Me body ready to be carried out on a bier

Mayhap our paths will meet again as we grow older

Time has a way of healing: if only we surrender

To its little ways that wreaks poetic justice

To anyone who thought of breaking up what is

A love such as must last forever but it's only

In my dreams that we reunite, my lovely

45 Stormy*, 2 Oct 2017 - for Richard Bach

Stubborn you are to fate's every nudge

But strive those angels shall for they shant budge

Or flinch from the task of bringing us together

Oh wonderful love to have in any kind of weather

What shall we do to ground these children

Teaching them what it is to be a global citizen

Open their hearts to the glee of boundless flight

Supporting them so dearly with all of our might

Richard came to show us the way from within

What more fearless bird than that one in a million

Shall we give him the epithet of lion hearted

Living his way lest our dreams be thwarted

Why worry about food when we can take flight

Dance in the sky amidst clouds on a starlit night

Pushing ourselves to wrest the most and live

Win the sun with its splendour; find a way to give

Forward all the learnings we gleaned by following

With all our hearts the myriad paths that sing

Out to us to follow their mellifluous ways

Oh life, that leaves us in such a wondrous daze

* Character from Curious Lives -

46 For AFT, 3rd Nov 2017 - 9 things I learned by loving

In continuation to sara and atoms and in continued search of Tracey, lucky number 10.

I give thanks to thee for giving life purpose, direction, hope and joy

To 1 for teaching me that you are never too young to learn to love and never too old to forget your first love.

To 2 for being the most kindred spirit I have ever known. Whose memory hasn’t faded a shade. Who loves me because I am an innocent man. Us two always in Communion.

To 3 for being the best of what nature has to offer. How I wish we could start over. I can’t go back 20 years but in another 20 mayhap ye shalt come abide in mine arms.

To A, my best friend through college who loved me for what I was and what I was capable of becoming. Whose memory lingers on but when you pass me by, I think I see a teardrop in the corner of your eye. Fool for saying no, but hey, no regrets.

To B for being there and helping me rethink my self worth. B for Brief. Oh how quickly those 14 months went by.

To C for melting at my touch. I do hope you find joy again. May the water come and carry us away.

To D for all those kisses and hugs. Cry I did the day in which from my midst you did depart.

To E for the time you did give me. Perhaps the gentlest and most patient of the lot. Ah when love is new, now and forever, under the bridges of Paris with you.

To F who made me feel young again. As a little boy setting out to win his dreams. The most joy I’ve known were in those moments snatched from those dark clouds that separate us. Who catalysed my final reanimation. The cutest of all the very many girls I don’t know

To Tracey, finally someone to walk with, or on the shoulders of Boffin and Starlet. A lifetime beside you I pray for you to come fast.

47 To Hold, Nov 12 2017

I take thee to be my prime mover, to have and to hold, sharing joys and sorrows, oscillating, as we find that life that’s illuminating

Steadfast in our love and in a quest to have in life only the best of our dreams as we fill our cup to fill and overflow

To find the hidden treasures Shiva and Shakti left for us to find and us to conjugate that love in all tenses and parts of speech

To begin the siege of Angband until every thrall is liberated, daily putting ourselves in harm’s way as we seek a nobler life for mankind

To be party to the liberation of souls everywhere as we first discover it for ourselves and raise children of the Kingdom

To continue and strengthen that bond that takes lifetimes to truly intertwine and take firm hold of our lives

To procreate and produce more sparks of that divine light, born in an ever sweetening world and who colour it with their individual expression

To raise them as did once Ruby Jean and Billie Lee, truly a gift of wings, the gossamer wings of which dreams are made.

Love only grows with time. So come fast and lets grow wise in the ways of the earth, stretching time to infinity until the music shall be played aright.

48 Nos Animaux (Our Animals), 18th Dec 2017

Dans ma vie j'ai aime bien toutes nos animaux. Il etait

In my life I have loved much our animals. They were.

Les lapins Binkle et Flip

Dumbo l'elephant qui peux voler

Remy qui a devenu chef - il a dix ans

Mes trois souris blanche que je raconte dehors de Pondicherry

The rabbits Binkle and Flip

Dumbo the elephant who can fly

Remy who became a chef. That was 10 years ago.

My 3 white mice that I met outside Pondicherry

Quand j'etais petit il ya des moineaux

Qui je vois de notre balcon

Avec Marquis le chien entre mes jambes. C'est l'an 1996.

il etait mon dernier animal de compagnie

When I was young there were sparrows

Whom I saw from our balcony

With Marquis the dog between my legs. It’s the year 1996.

He was my last pet

Radagast de Tolkien parle avec tous les animaux - les Kelvar

Treebeard et les autres Ents parle par la verdure - les Olvar

Yavanna est la Deesse pour ces, Mere Nature

Les Elfes, les enfants aines d'iluvatar vivent avec la nature

Tolkien's Radagast speaks with all animals - the Kelvar

Treebeard and the other Ents speak for venetation - the Olvar

Yavanna is the Goddess of these, Mother Nature

The Elves, the eldest children of Iluvatar live with nature

Pas comme les hommes qui les torture

Et tuer ces meilleures creations de dieux

Tuer pour la nourriture et le plus decevant pour le sport

mais pas tout le monde. Il y a de l'espoir

Not like the men who torture it [plants and animals]

And kill this best of God's creation

Kill for food and most despairingly for sport

but not the whole world, there is hope

Parce que certains humains sont vegetaliens

ils et elles aimer les animaux cherement

nous aimons nos chiens et chats et perroquets et ours

mais surtout nous nous aimons parmi toute la creation

Because some of us [humans] are vegan

they [men and women] love animals dearly

we love our dogs and cats and parrots and bears

but above all, we love ourselves among all the creation

49 Go Back, 24th Dec 2017 - for Pater

What I'd give to go back to when my husband and I had just met

Or to find my parents fighting and tell them differences can be overcome

Or to teach my daughter her algebra without yelling

Or to make a cup of coffee for my father and sit and listen to him reminisce

To find myself age ten and say sweetheart, never quit on your dreams

Or the days I was so tired from toddlering I never saw they were the most unalloyedly blissful days of my life

To Remember the sunset on my honeymoon in Ooty

Or the evenings I would sneak out of the house and go buy myself chocolate

A note to all virgins to make much of time

For life goes on; not tarrying with yesterday

It's always been about the moments that take your breath away

Such moments I find each week anew regardless of my mood or depth of despair

For it is in the deeps of time that we do discover

That it truly is the little things that make this short life tenable

A turn of phrase, a strain of tune, a glimpse of children playing

A chat with a kindred soul, a painful cry after a heavy loss

Hear thee, hear thee. For this it is promised.

That all your unquenched desires shall be wrought again

Mayhap not in this life but in the hereafter

If only you surrender yourself to the divine whilst thinking to "go back"

50 - Prayer Rebirth, Nov 2015

Dear God,

We pray for all those dear departed souls.

May they have met the moment of death with calm and peacefulness and little or no discomfort, pain or trepidation.

May they have soon realized that they had passed away from us and not look back to us with sadness, attachment or regret.

May their short visit to the world between lives be full of courage, acceptance and daring.

May they not be lured into phantasmal worlds which are hard to come out of.

May they not be too harsh on themselves in judgement of their past birth and their actions therein.

May their time in purgatory / heaven / hell be adequate and productive.

May they choose wisely their next birth (or afterlife) and be granted your Grace.

May they once again become intimate with life’s secrets, never forgetting, no matter the travails.


51 Boy, 5th March 2018. For Tejas

A blessing you are to us, a gift from above

Sweet as ambrosia, though a mite tiny yet

Our fervent wish that your heart soar like a dove

Into timeless tomorrows, that ever will set

Your feet on the path to the divine.

A path full of panache and daring

Strewn with moments sublime

An act of love, scented with caring

For all whom you meet and enliven,

Whispers intuition in your ears that love should be

The force that binds us, pure as the driven

Snow, hardy should He make one such as thee

A strong young soul, a breath of fresh air.

With a thirst to slake, and reach a new height

O, twice blest, this baby boy I see and do declare

That he shall to his lot be a wonderful delight

More children will come of his like and stature

A new generation of this manifold blest

A salve to our hearts, finding a way in nature

Loving us tenderly, from high east to high west

52 Field of Truth, 13 Mar 2018

To be a Muslim living in the land that invented harmony

Where we internalize the conflicts of the world

In order to breathe a new spirit of oneness

In the times and climes that agitate this pale blue dot

Ah the love and peace Mohammed intended

Just like the Kurukshetra, the Jihad is within

A fight for truth and justice, once again within

For what higher commandment than to Love Thy Neighbour

And live in the lap of God, a peace and submission surreal

Not for the faint of heart this journey with its ups and downs

Struggles without, with the foolish masses being swayed

Away from their true nature of prem and bhakti (read love and devotion)

The creed of the Aryan fighter, to stand for Dharma

Aspire to a higher calling of the Divine that says

"Do my work and shrink not from its pleasant nor unpleasant

For equanimity is the highest aspiration - that and equipoise"

So be not afraid to be labelled a Muslim or a Hindu or a Christian.

Do not sink to the level of the stereotype

Rather rise higher than the clouds above

Reach heaven, and touch God's face

53 Dear Lady, 6th April 2018

Dear Lady [Can you hear the wind blow] [Led Zeppelin]

A tribute to the [many] love songs quoted from below

Dear lady, love me tender [Elvis Presley]

Wrap your arms around me [uncredited]

Fill up my senses like a mountain [John Denver]

Let not suns set upon arguments [Savage Garden]

Sway with me [Dean Martin]. Be my baby [Dirty Dancing]

Is it too hard to see we're in heaven [Bryan Adams]

Ritorna me for my love I am sorry [Dean Martin]

Touch the clouds above [Jo Dee Messina]

Bring to life your fantasies [Jo Dee Messina]

Wrap your love around me [Jimmy Messina]

A fool searches for some heaven in the sky [ELP]

Were just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl [Pink Floyd]

The beating of my heart is a drum [...and its lost]

And it’s looking for a rhythm like you [Air Supply]

With a million stars all around [The Eagles]

Wherever you go ill be two steps behind [Def Leppard]

Walk the wire for you yeah I'd die for you [Bryan Adams]

Now I only have to hear your voice [Air Supply]

Moonlight and roses bring memories of you [Jim Reeves]

Tell your favourite old wishing star [Cliff Richard]

54 Killing Time, 6th April 2018

Killing Time [until we’re together again]

It’s only me whose killing time [Cliff Richard]

Wanting to go back to that construct

That filled my senses for a while [John Denver]

Where silence was so potent

But in between those silences was

A stream of whispered intimacies

Now its all just a memory oh baby

Where did all that tender love go?

Tell Tracey I love her. Tell her I need her! [Everly Brothers]

Tell her the wait is over

I've become who I wanted

If only she'll abide in my arms again

Then my life replete will be

Another spring when love overflows

Can this poor heart bear another winter

Oh shall I find a hundred ribbons [Tony Orlando]

Or find im just gone to pieces [Freddie Mercury]

"Hold me in your arms for just another day

I promise this one will go slow" [Air Supply]

Ah memory, guess you'll have to do

55 What Time Remains, 6th April 2018

Is it really over? Is this the end of the line? [Jim Reeves]

Will we meet beyond these shores of mortality

Or will we gain a new lease on life

And set right the differences that have piled up

Death is a hard thing to understand

The soul's release for a while from pain

A cessation of feeling and false identification

With the myriad nettles of life

Life on Earth can gain that divine touch

Which Prophet was it who said to simply love?

There is no separation for those who truly love...

Immortality is won by those who open their hearts

And make way for good to manifest

But until our experiences are full wrought

We understand not this harsh separation

That blots out memory and shatters faith

Precious is each minute and content he

Who fills each one with sixty seconds

Worth of distance run [Rudyard Kipling]. Conquer time [Richard Bach]

and drink ambrosia in Lord Shiva's halls

56 Friends Oughtn’t Fight, 6th April 2018. For MSV

Do we really need to fight anymore?

Over the mountain and down in the valley we've been

Yesterday I held your dreams in my hand

And you were my heart's salvation

Why should we let a moment's bitterness

Engulf us and make us forget our heyday?

A mite weather worn we are

But sail into yon horizon we shall

Where I was your dream unsated

And you filled my eyes with wisdom

Is there no cure for this malady that has befallen us?

No setting aside our cloak of bitterness?

Can you find it in your heart to forgive?

This madness that is my despair confounded

Or I your madness that is grief unslaked

That worries us until there’s no one left

No tender yesterdays that we filled

With our camaraderie and gaiety

Come back to me O friend of the world

Let me support your weather-beaten heart

57 First Touch, 8th April 2018. For F

Based on a weird dream I had

For that passing ship that brought me this.

A stranger walked into my room, while my light was on

And mumbled something about a project I was working on

I spoke about it a little and then realized I was hard

I cupped my hands to her ear and said a little embarrassed

Lady, I may not be that good in bed,

But it’s been awhile since I gave a girl head

If you know anyone let me know and I'll willingly oblige

But instead of pulling away I just knelt and put my arms around her side

Wanting badly to go down on her but not knowing what to do

We just stayed there for hours, just us two

In silence that embrace seemed to last forever

A couple who’ve bonded, will always be together

Dawn came and with it her roommate who I knew

Who'd sent her to help me with my projects - quite a few

When the roomie left, I realized the depth of our attraction

Not wasting a moment, I began to give her satisfaction

A week of love-making while time stood still we went through

A love that grew from a hunger that consumed us two

This time we played for keeps, a love that grows in leaps

And bounds. Still together, we love each other heaps!

58 Lord Scamp, 11th April 2018. On Animals

A puppy you came down, oh the best of us

For doggy love it is, missing in this world

And then as an adult I met you in a dream

Philosopher Dog that bowwowed a message to me

One forgot in the light of day but that remains

In the deep backroads of my mind

To come forth at the right hour

Turn my mood sweet from sour

Sweet was your face, a kind soul

Noble your expression a true Marquis

Who looked upon this world and its woes

And with a woof awakened that Father Almighty

Who granted us succour in our trying times

A grace from above that warms deep within

And touches to our marrow - a life truly blessed

To live on this Earth and on verdant greens run

Hike through the woods and secret caves find

Where the raw beauty of nature seems to burst out in splendour

Olvar [Plants] and Kelvar [Animals] in harmony with one another

Did He that made the grasshopper and the lamb truly make Thee?

59 Teach Us You Did, 16 April 2018.

for my master - Mir Momin Ali [O master, my master]

O master, my master - the love of my life

Perhaps my biggest friend amidst all my strife

Love me you did for all of mine upto now

My turn to spread the love I learnt from thou

Warm was our love in the beginning - tender too

Dearest student I have been to a few

It was you who taught me that peace comes from within

And that love can encompass this world to the brim

A gentle love from a gentle soul - a giant among men

Will we meet on the shores of heaven and embrace again?

I suppose we belong to a long chain of the fortunate

Love lifts us daily, a love never dispassionate

Love is threefold but only agape sublime

It comes from knowing the Lord amidst time

Our hearts rise up and capture the moment

In this fragile world we must carry a sentiment

A message our Prophets bore, a glimpse of divinity

A fire inside that burns oh ever so brightly

Come back and teach us in the depths of our heart

That lovely this world, God’s work of timeless art

60 Teakliness, 25 April 2018

A smile full of braces, you appeared at the corner of a panoramic shot

A sexy voice as you laughed when you blew some soap bubbles apart

Touch my heart you did in ages gone past

Now 7 years have passed and you can still tug at my heart

Sweet by any measure with a heart pure as the driven snow

Lady-like and regal, as you set my heart aglow

Hold my hand you did in jest for the silly boy I am

Wondering when this kid will grow up into a man

But happy you are, your world already set and made

What can I ever be to you except a memory that doesn't fade

Of a time in our youth when we were full of life

Oh lovely to see how you've grown into a wonderful wife

Like two ships passing solemn in the night

What happened to our love that gently faded from sight

A girl from yester-life your head upon my shoulder

Was it really the first time you set my heart aquiver?

Kissing I remember for all the good it did me

Along the ether waves that separated me from thee

Now that your back I hope that we can take

Our love forward, a thirst of our's to slake

61 The Bhaktas, 16th May 2018. For RK

Love for the divine is itself a grace

All of us are blessed to have its peace

It springs from a deep well in our heart

With us right from a very early start

So what is this divine some may ask

And seemingly daunting that task

Of finding a presence transcending it all

But find it we can and bask and have a ball

For God lives in us all, even the faint of heart

Find the Divine we shall like an unerring dart

That reaches its center against cross-blowing winds

Ah this life full of our myriad wonderful minds

Ways in which to meet our sublime creator

Who guides with love the human theatre

An accepting love thats caring and nurturing

Filling our cup to overflow and with daring

To see the least of His plans come full wrought

Us children of his innermost thought

A day we have in which to finish the task

Find our humanity - preserve it in our cask

62 In My Life, 2nd June 2018. For A

With friends I still can recall

Oh how I’ve loved you all

Then came along this friend

3 weeks after me. she does lend

Into my earliest dreams of how love can be

I was then 20 with many sunrises before me

7 years passed and I fell for a cloud in the sky

Fell hard and for 2 years her love I did enjoy

But it was all an illusion - just a deluded man's dream

So it turned out and deep within I wanted to scream

Now when I think of love it is with fear

That another loss my heart mayhap will not bear

But love it is that comes and lifts us all

Amidst clear skies and a stormy squall

Enjoy them seasons I do a man full of caring

Who loves tender and deep with each new spring

I think back to when I was 20 - in love for the first time

A woman to ride beside in any sort of clime

Who looked at me to the depths of my very soul

Saw a hunger there to fill many a cup and bowl

63 No More Cloudy Days, 3nd June 2018. For E

A couple of years separates us

You who will always be kiddo to me

With you beside me I thought does

Life any better than this can be

You filled my days with your sweet dimpled smile

Your gentleness touched my heart

Now I wonder if you will stay yet a while

Let's make love again, go back to the very start

This time I will try and let you lead

As we dance on into the night

My inmost mind only you can read

As I find a joy that you can relight

Joy it was that brought us together

Ecoutez bien ma cherie

Me and my joie de vivre

You did indeed love me deeply

Why did we ever let distance get the better of us

Or was it just me who couldn't bear to be without you

Did you really mean to say goodbye and does

My heart still skips a beat as I bravely say adieu

64 Angels, 6th June 2018. For MSV

Were so close to being there for one another

Then fate closes a door and then it’s a bother

The love we had just died because the angel in me

Was cheated by the devil who got his hold on you

Where are you my brother

Where are you my lover

Where are you my sister

Where are you my father

Why do we lose so consistently

When there's angels among us

Seems everything we’ve ever known is here

I never wanted it to die

Time has taken its toll on you

Open your eyes and drink again

from the stream that is life

Angels persevere to the bitter end

The klaxon has not yet sounded

So wake from this stupor that devours

Open up your eyes and turn the page

Dwell in the houses of tomorrow

Whilst there's still springs to drink from

65 Turn That Page, 6th June 2018. On Peace! (for Eugene)

Which decade was it that, out of the last score

didn't bring new horrors to take the place of the old

Will the call to have no more wars be heard no more

Have we abandoned our conscience, our hearts run cold

Dismantle the machinery he said from the fore

All they did was shoot seven times with one bullet

Leaving the wall of DeCeit a memory of all that gore

Next time we say peace, lets not let them destroy it

Oh Eugene will no one hear your plea before it’s too late

That we can build a society of nary a single horror

Bring your future into the now for to find your love we're desperate

Build upon trust and affection and never close the door

To another's suffering or pain - a shock from above

To make us wake up and regard one another

In a new light of togetherness and love

Strive to be together, mayhap even love our brother

Truly in the way our God meant us to

Love every last creature of this earth

Love our sisters and wives and daughters too

For it is commanded that of love there should be no dearth

66 Well, 23rd June 2018

In me deep inside is a well of love

It surrounds my heart - fits like a glove

How can time turn something that was eternal

Into a new love, at beginnings - sometimes carnal

Yet timeless as I understand it's true depth and potency

An experience of divinity, truly a gift from Thee

For the honey is in our throat waiting for it's time

When drinking it we shall, our experience turning sublime

What of thou and I? where on Earth shall we begin?

To continue some connect, discover love amidst the din

And bustle of life, tendrils of our soul entwined

I await thee my love, now slowly going out of my mind

Love once or love all the choice is yours

Love deeply, like a bear gouges with it's claws

Insane go I not knowing when, who or where

Dare I invite you to come in, haunt my lair?

Consume me once again my dear leave me gasping

Increase my wonder for life as we keep wresting

An ounce more from life, our thirst thus slaked

Leaving our love beneath the stars, unmasked and naked

67 All My Loving, 24th June 2018. For Tracey

To have and to hold in sickness and in health

In gladness and in gloominess in sorrow and in mirth

My soul is perhaps overflowing with the wine of the ages

Long years have passed since my faith was strengthened by the sages

A strength I asked for to stand boldly and serve

Live life to the full welcome you all in a drove

Friends and loved ones, all sorts that me do bless

Above them all, you who taught me love and kindness

Brother your silence does render me bereft

Of most of my senses, your loss like a theft

Of all that once was good in me a joy to behold

Now inept my very blood's run a little cold

Will there be time for us in this life to regain

your love or is it that which stifles like ball and chain

How long does it take to know that I'm still here

A bit frazzled but determined to make you smile once more

Why does ego finally seem to have the upper hand

Between us two who've been closer than dust and sand

Is there no more joy in your life, a joy in giving

Your best to me and I, all my loving

68 Babble, 30 June 2018. For F

750 thoughts jostled for expression at once

They phased and epoched in a dance

Of words and feelings - not one out of tune

In time to the music, shimmering like ye old rune

A scabbards-worth of runes, which begs the question -

Is the pen truly mightier than the sword? Is it the fashion

That the sword shall not rule as much as before

Let sailor cast away from his warship, find the way to shore

Sailors and warriors unite to find passage

To the kingdom - oh that old adage

That when man smites at his innards he shall find

A kingdom... of God? Are you out of your mind?

What better journey than to lead the wayfaring stranger

To journeys end betwixt the stars - in that heavenly ether

Writers, philosophers and poets... ah truly the forerunner

Reflecting the artist in you and in your Heavenly Father

Who consorted with Shekinah or Mother Nature

Shakthi in her guise as creatrix - sweet and pure

A void that's no void at all but throbs in wonder

Creation, all of it - such cosmological splendour

69 When to Dream, 14 Jul 2018. For M

The Saras and Sandras of this world may have left an indelible mark but

It's visions of you that swirl around in my head

Visions that seem ethereal - go ahead make your cut

Or instead, oh kiddo, bring me back from the dead

I know just where to touch you, but only if you let me in

I'd know just when to pull you closer but lack the nerve

I wanna know what love is - oh dearie just give me a grin

And say that your love I can keep forever and I'll regain some verve

Babbling was my style until I met you then all the words made sense

My inmost mind you didst unravel as I watched you weave a spell

Of love and gossamer wings on which my heart made a lens

To view this wondrous life again my sorrows cast in a well

It's all passe you said and gone were my demons in a jiffy

Your demons took longer but plug away at them we did until

One winter morning we awoke to find their memory very iffy

Throw off that cloak you did and ride in sunlight in thrill

Rapt and enchanted we were in the days of our spring

When we made love - sweet the taste, saccharine

Now the years have gone by but ah what joy they did bring

Awake now I realise, I don't know just when to dream

70 Fudge, 14th Jul 2018. For N

Let's fudge together she said causing him to come alive

Is this love he asked but that line nagged him back and said

Nah it must be just the idea of being in love, So live

And let the two ships pass on in the night. But she pled

Him that the moment and it's watery buzz could carry...

Carry them away on the wings of an Eagle. Thorondor's own

Child Tracey would be their muse that bade them not to tarry

And when they looked back my oh how the years had flown

He a little grayer. Oh how the starlight caused her to gasp

His firm hands at her waist. Let's make a night he said

As she thought of their first night together, it left her voice a rasp

She realized he'd always guessed her inmost desire and laid

His heart bare in a way that reached out and touched her soul

Touched with intimacy and burning as a beacon to her hungry arms

Arms where he found a haven, a lamp that made him whole

Pushing the limits of their insanity, joined at the bounds of their palms

And the fudge? Delights in cubicles of upto 3 minutes

A series of guided rejuvenations, form they did a throng

Filling their cups to overflow and then in buckets...

His last word to her was - thank you for believing in my song

71 Cosmic Shiva - 20th Jul 2018

For shivA, vishnU, Maheshwara (AUM)

There are 3 qualities of nature - wisdom, dynamism and inertia

As master of time, one that helps conquer the lower is Lord Shiva

Rudra, Shankara, Chokka, his symbol is the phallus

actually a black stone, representing the formless

Each of us is blest with a different combination of these gunas or modes

The cycle of creation, sustenance and deconstruction teaches us loads

Saatva for the one who believes in a higher cosmic connect

Pure virtue and goodness that touches and animates a few select

Easy to fill your thoughts with Lord Vishnu or Krishna in all his mirth

The King of dynamism who so oft looses himself in human birth

For whenever there is a fading of the Dharma he rises

Not a harsh judge, ever so softly he makes us make promises

To love our neighbours and set all lower tendencies aside

Burn our ignorance with the awakening of the Guru inside

That Guru that burns away the unreal and half-truths is Shiva

Without him who sanctions and witnesses, creation were nada [Spanish for nothing]

Worshipping this 3 eyed Lord means burning away the very body - Gayathri

Burn away with intensity, leave nothing of it for you or me

To drag on into another birth for without tamas begins a spree

Lord Brahma shines forever with his Sattwa, a part of Thee

72 Miscreants, 20th Jul 2018. On Rape

In a world of misfits and miscreants, where is all the culture and courtesy

A bunch of goons, shorn of all we had, which started with basic human decency

I keep my pecker on a tight leash with no vent until I'm depraved

Lose control and find myself enmeshed, people wanting me spayed

Was it hormonal imbalances, a world that would never look out for me

Psychological battles with me the loser - was this always meant to be

Why the need to sensitize, weren't we always to keep doing that

In whetting our appetite did keeping decency going we conveniently forget

New waves of horror, tales from the dregs of the cesspool

Will no one stand and say ‘tis only love can break any rule

In green lantern didn't we learn the lesson not to hate

our lowliest brothers, redeem then, close not their gate

Eye for an eye is known throughout the world for its stupidity

I believe in love conquering all, loving into eternity

Easy is it to say oh forget it all be friends again - forget the past too hard to bear...

If parents can forgive a daughter's murderer there's perhaps a lesson there

I don't mean to say stand back and let the dark forces win

Do your share to stop and rout out every last of a body's  sin

On thinking back you may find it in your heart to say

Oh Father forgive them for knowing not the way

73 Us Not Them, 18th August 2018. For Mel and Bal

Blank was his face when she said it was done they were free

A moment later it lit up, erupting, hit thoughts carefree

Love me forever she said, forever be mine

Surely I shall my heart henceforth beateth alongst thine

Satisfaction shall be the cornerstone of our covenant of love

You me, me you, together always us two a spell we weave

Thunder and lightning lit their lives up their hearts entwined

A moment of glee their joyous and glowing faces enshrined

Poise he had long striven for and finally found it at her side

A woman he could love into eternity embrace with arms wide

Serene her face as he kissed her as I blessed this couple

A very special couple with much to encompass in their little bubble

Oblivion had lifted, each moment filled again with new purpose

A strand of hair here, a caress there firm and steady as a tortoise

Surrender she had to a newfound sense of her maker

For now her whole nature had undergone a sense of divine splendour

Addicted no more they were to anything except each other

An intoxicant like nothing before had ever gripped him or her

Rebirth they found together, a baptism in holy rivers

Fair they made this world showing God's work amidst the diverse

74 Promise, 19th August 2018. With Jenny

Future - ah bright it shines with the promise of a new day

Love comes and goes freely but in our hearts it's there to stay

Drunk brings joys, magnifying our emotions and revitalizing us to the depths of our soul

Happiness and bliss are there in the moment

When no longer just lost fish swimming in a fish bowl

Passion drives us - it's what makes the journey worth the while

Anxiety stems from not trusting the moment and losing faith - lose it and smile

Success for they that are always able to hold their head high

While some are blessed, for in this world they foresee the healing that comes from a little bit of cry

Belief in oneself, trusting the outcome - even when we stumble

Oblivion comes to purge our grief - whilst a roam from us does rumble

And rediscover in ourselves, a joy to behold

Relief, breaking the cast of any past mould

Instinct is all we're given - a grace from above

Bittersweet is life - no bitter, no sweet - so love

And find in life a way to resonate

Bliss, euphoria, ecstasy - don't let them close the gate!

[para 5 to be completed in the depths of time]

75 Resilience, Aug 26th 2018. For Anusha

Gonna keep this world from dragging me down, I'm gonna stand my ground

Standing ground, the hallmark of resilience! Sparring another round

While there's something to fight for and still some spark left in thee

Freedom's just another word for nothin' left to lose - so fight and be free

Don't give up, don't look back, there's a silver lining, it's out there somewhere

We need  a shining star to depend on, so shine forth and find the star in there

They say we get more brittle as we age. That's just a layer of change that keeps crumbling

Away as new dimensions of our being come to the fore, our raison d'etre keeps a changing

When the going gets tough, the tough get going... well they conquer inner space

Find that their dreams can come true... dreams of ultimately finding a Divine grace

For Grace it is most of all, that makes it all happen in reality. Infused by it, we find

Life after all has all been worth the while. So fret not and think we're in a bind

Its only the Potter's fire can turn silly putty into Clay and Porcelain. So be pliable

And open to life's lessons, and remember always the stern stuff were made of - its doable

The race cant be won, only run. So run it to your best - find that one moment in time

That brings us closer to perfection. Perfection lies in simply loving, flowing like a rhyme

So tarry not in life, make the most of what time is left. Regret not for moments passed

Nor moments in the now, wasted away. Don't live in denial - stay in the moment, stay blessed

Break up the universe into its constituent atoms and keep infusing them with your Divine Spark

A love from above, in a script you co-wrote - show them you're just fine wood, all covered with bark.

76 2018, 26th Aug 2018.

2018 and it's 5 preceding years - for Sahlan, Imran, Biraja & Simon

Many new blessed things didst appear

From the heavens above, a grace like a cure

For all the maladies that shook us, tearing up apart

And then a restorative, love pouring from the heart

Of the many millions we share this Earth with

Flowing towards those bereft, grief-struck, now enriched

We have a twin source - a potent all sanctioning Lord

And his Queen - creatrix of all the universe. Accord

And fraternity and sorority and egalite and harmony

As only sweet music men can conjure - a symphony

In which our darkest fears are dispelled by jyoti - light

No more can avidya come and rob the splendour of our night

A night that precludes the coming dawn - That symbol dawn!

The hour before the God's awoke! No more time left to yawn

For us the forerunners that spread joy to our parent's delight

Will Tulkas enjoin the battle, valiant and mirthful with his might?

What other cast aside heroes will we resurrect in this final march

Back to Eden, that Eden we shalt henceforth build on Earth

A million splendid suns as Lord Krishna didst promise

Will we find it now and make this future slip into bliss

77 Sculpting, 2nd Sep 2018. Jointly on Brotherly Love

Brotherly love is the highest love we can attain

Happiness and joy it gives - a joy sublime

Heart is all we have to give, so love freely my brethren

Spirit in matter - a gift from above to lift us in any clime

Persistence and dedication to bring th8rough all our trials

Truth and peace and love to amplify our creator's breath of fire

Faith and trust we have in God's plan with all its details

Lust we do for higher rewards that come from finding beauty amidst the mire

Poor and distressed are those who need for us to give of our best

Plumb and Level our guides as we this world consecrate

Honest interaction forms the hallmark of success

Stick it out in thick and in thin, a relationship that us doth liberate

Strength and courage we need as this life's trials we run

Bonding into one solid wall of love, for that our truest aim

Like minded we are for in our subconscious we came from one

We are overflowing with the wine of the ages and we are game

Prudence and fortitude we have in plenty in which to sculpt

A better person as this life can only make of us if we try

Affection, gratitude and hope as we discover the occult

As artisans on this pale blue dot we give a loud war cry

78 Joy, 7th and 15th Sep 2018. For F

Joy I've known aplenty with you beside me

In wake or in dream, boundless as can be

Calm my mood, bubbly and effervescent

Heady our brew, giving off a lovely scent

That people can smile at, two dear, dear friends

So full of each other, that any problem can mend

Twin hearts beating together as one entity

Come love me girl, love me till all eternity

Love me tender, love me till December

And in that winter, beside a warm ember

That hearth of ours where we make love

Meld our bodies till all our worries dissolve

A light that guides me from dawn to dark

Steadfast our love, to enliven with its spark

Me and you, you and me - as from life we wrest

Secrets aplenty, your warmth at my breast

Lips so gentle as to reflect the whole universe

My arms embrace you as me blood doth course

In throes of delight I waken but to find you gone

A shattered dream where for a moment we were one

79 Starburst, Sep 30 2018. For F

A gift you are from the stars

Lonely am I, a man behind bars

Waiting for your love to shine

Let me in my dear, come be mine

In flood and in drought - all weather

A smile and a kiss, treat me tender

What woman with such grace and art

Hold my cheeks, watch my lips part

As they pray for to melt at your touch

Heart to heart, body to body. A torch

To bear testament to the love we share

In all the seasons with us without a care

Me oh my o, melt at my touch me dear

Guilty I am, of everyday you spend in fear

That our love has plateaued, but it's really meant

To reach for a new zenith and stand in testament

The heavens may close, my heart may bear

Another year without you - but that's no fair

Of life to in such cruel fashion keep us apart

I'll carry our love till the End of Days in me heart

80 Taken, 8th Oct 2018. Jointly

Touching her elbow and trailing another finger along her arm

He placed his body behind her and kissed the nape of her neck

Raw thrills tingled up and down her spine, making her feel warm

She slid backwards to press against him searching for that speck

Of boneless flesh that gave them both such boundless ecstasy

Passion was their middle name and togetherness their hallmark

Wet she was all over by the time he finished his neck-spree

A joy to behold was his member as he pulled it out of the dark

Moaning softly she took him into her depth with glee

A sweat beaded face as he thrust his pelvis into her

A cool night breeze wafted through the windows simply

Driving them to new heights of love making as dear

As two lovers can make their lives entwine - a plea

That all couples should always, always make love

3 AM came and went but still they wanted to be

Finding a bliss like grace from our maker above

Truth was a wave of euphoria passed her like a swimmer about to dive

That she could lay her heart bare in their love-nest, feel complete,

Feel a butterfly's heart beat, aware and fully attractive

Taken gracefully as only her man could, her life replete

81 Imran, On himself - 8 Oct 2018

Sonofabitch he had been called by only the closest around him

Idiot I'm gonna bang you said another that loved him

Psycho he’d been named in college and before that lunatic

Love them all anyway he did even the complete dicks

Hermit from the wilderness a dear bespectacled friend clucked

And intriguingly a woman had told him he was greatly loved

Adore her he did, the cutest woman he knew

Who'd inspired him to build a life not straight but askew

Queer his friends regarded him - a nutcase but good hearted

Who dreamt to change the world lest his dreams be thwarted

Pretty girls he saw aplenty but had eyes only for one

A girl to ride beside who never knew his heart she had won

Insane was the love he had for friends from lifetimes past

Sandra had set his soul ablaze - he still shook from that blast

Divine was one of his most inspired pieces. It was writ in Nov 2015

He'd reflected on everything that touched him since he was sweet 16

Bulldykes are in fact seemingly-male lesbians

He felt the time had come for their acceptance

Thracian he'd called himself a man who'd become millions

Long after the thespian had made his mark on world citizens

82 Sadness Lifted from the Kernel, 19 Oct 2018

He'd always sensed a sadness in her, a mind he could unravel

As she clung to him more with each passing night, a swell

And surge that her heart felt for the gentleness he was.

From his eyes and lips and hands - a lingering caress

That drove her into throes of delight as she relaxed in his embrace

Tenderly he kissed her nose and ran his fingers across her face

Their love had nearly always been rationed and metered

But now grew in bounds as his newfound surety she discovered

A surety that his love would stay on target, unerring as a dart

As close as two friends could get - there from the very start

Deeply he treasured their joinings there were many

He never felt as complete as he was in her company

When they made love they both climaxed in a frenzy

A love that stayed true for in each other they saw aplenty

Gently soothing away the other's fears and misgivings

Gave dreams of a tomorrow that took off on a bird's wings

What bird was it personified their special special bond?

Perhaps turtledoves it was made their love into a pond

A deep well from which daily they would draw and bring

New love to treasure in their selves as that from a spring

83 Love Our Nature, 26 Oct 2018.

For and Simon Anholt

I saw the world as one one night

No more wars, no waking in fright

Long and hard we had dreamed

Wake up and unite, we screamed

We came from places in so many hues

Following our instinct, reading clues

Time to watch as new horizons appear

Give all ur heart, dream on my dear

Our numbers swelled, our ranks grew

Embrace change we did as time flew

Make the most of it we did each day anew

As people each brought in a fresh world-view

#LoveOurNature we said as we looked inside

Saw everyone unite, instil a sense of pride

Together we'd spend the rest of our days

Be as one, as always, live a life of grace

Stand on the Shoulders of Giants with vision* we do

As in the deeps of time come wonders in every hue

Simple Ardent, Jovial, Roly-poly, Rounded and Timeless

Kingdoms of God, Loving, Dearborn and Lost in Abundance

* Sri Aurobindo, JRR Tolkien, Khalil Gibran and Louis L’Amour

84 Woman of yester dreams, 5th Nov 2018

Oh woman, how I have loved thee most of my life

Nice to see you grow into the role of wonderful wife

Caring for your wards as you do your own children

I wonder do you think of me now and again

Was it only yesterday you filled each waking moment

A promise to forever love each other - how we meant it

And how that love runs true in every fibre of our being

A being that echoes the fragrance of the cosmic scene

How do you feel after has lapsed these vast expanses

Of time since we so lovingly filled each other's senses

Yesterday we were the sun and moon to each other

Now only a sliver of memory brings us back together

You were to me the dawn breaking the darkened night

And I was unto you a whisper of promised light

Seems like we together threw all our sadness away

A lifetime apart, oh was it all only yesterday

Next time, lets not let this love of ours pass on

Lets treasure it and nurture it in a garden of its own

Time flies but our love ever shalt stay timeless

As loved ones, not lovers - a love that's stain-less

85 Beaten, 6th Nov 2018. On Domestic Violence

With a not so gentle grip at her he didst vent

His deepest frustrations - his goodness all spent

What madness could ever create this horror for which

A lifetime he'd spend in going back to turn off the switch

And kill his stupid self for not knowing better

Than to hit a girl that too one who'd become a mother

I saw the boy behind the monster crying out desperate

To be held in someone's regard, again by life to be tested

For the sense to take help when he needed it most

Lest his past came back to haunt like a deadly ghost

Painful pleasure as he saw his own flesh and blood play

Under summer skies making his heart malleable like clay

Beat each other now to show love and generosity to their kid

A kid so cute and bright and loveable as to never stay hid

Who in all this built a bridge for daddy to come back over

Resume his part in the march back to some grandeur

Beat each other to show love and generosity they did

Constantly being their best selves no skeletons hid

Or demons to drive them past the point of no return

A rollercoaster of pent emotions - nowhere to turn

86 Light, 6th Nov 2018. for Diwali / Tolkien

Festive is the mood as we many lamps do light

A dhuni to keep us contemplating on into the night

Contemplate the events when Rama and Ravana strove

The 10 headed demon spewing 10 forms of unhealthy love

I no longer know fact from fancy but I believe in the reality of story

That it matters only whether we believe in this or other theory

For full of truth and meaning are these epics from my country

Does it really matter our beliefs - cant we take it all very literally

As real as maintains a living influence on the heart

It's time we listened, perhaps go back to the very start

And realise there is no full and final  pralaya or armageddon

Just a cycle as around Lord Vishnu's navel we wax and wane

What better day than diwali in which to gain afresh some data

Reading and renditioning the ramayana and mahabharata

The vehicle of the gita that speaks of the coming age

In which 300 years have passed - by Yuki reckoning we gauge

There is but one epic I dare breathe in the same breath with tears

For it tells of a Siege of the Devils Stronghold of 500 years

Mortality a gift and in which so many heroes and kings didst fell

Gone to the halls of Mandos and the undying lands, bypassing hell

87 Wonder, 10th Nov 2018. For F

I wish you wonder to look at the night sky as if for the first time

To see the moon wax to her full and hear an old clock chime

As it turns midnight with the promise of turning dreams true

Dreams you held on to for a long time, that reach out and touch you

Make you feel the world is all yours as each day begins anew

Think of dreams lost but that all turned out to be the best you knew

The best days of  your life lie ahead of you as faith you again renew

So love never to fear lest your dreams diminish into a lowly few

Win the day when you can and some days you don't just smile

But remember to fight again the next day, if you can, walk a mile

At journeys end look back and remember what it is your fighting for

A smile, pat on the back and courage to LIVE another hour

Star of wonder, star of light. To shine on and on into the night

We're after all living each day, according to our highest right

Thy will be done on Earth, as you plan and with all sincerity seek

Be a force for good don't forget to give courage and help the meek

I love you, you love me - I guess that's a pretty good start

Build a life of plenty, for in building it we show our true art

Plentiful bounty as grace our Lord doth bestow

In our night, to shine, smile and watch us grow

88 Tarun, 30th Nov 2018.

Capabilities are often found just when we need them

We just have to learn to trust in the process

Silly is he who forgets the power within him

And taps out because of a moment spent in duress

Tar makes the best roads - black and inviting

As we hew our way through this life anew

Salt adds to the flavour making it all exciting

As we each found ways and over the nest flew

Curtains in vivid colours adorn the sky outside

As we look on and watch the clouds sailing by

Thumbs up or down who cares - look inside

Watch as yon fledgeling finds some heaven in the sky

Straps to pull us up when life boots us in the backside

And then a sea of calm as we gentle take off

On wings with here and there a graceful glide

Blankets of down from far off Düsseldorf

[last paragraph pending]

89 Time travelling, 6th December 2018. Dehors d'Auroville

Calm is that state so oft pursued but easily found

For in the end we realise we are to each other bound

The knot makes life tenable for together we find peace

And in that calm, courage to face things with grace

Love huts we build to keep the storm outside

Journeys are made to be remembered, aside

From the destination it's the memories that matter

As from rock to rock flows good water

Burn away your stupid selves as spirit is revealed in thee

For from dusk to dusk you are you and i am me

A divine spark as only our maker makest us

Love this life, truly madly unto eternity thus

On your shoulder I put my hand - lead you to the light

Softly as two lovers play on and on into the night

Fond memories of being together as we once were

A bliss so surreal as a picture that oughtn't disappear

Come back and let's build that tomorrow

A vision so fierce as to fill our marrow

Remember our true path as once we were led

Blood sweat and tears, so easily shed

90 Wake up (Sons of God), 5th + 11th Dec 2018.

The sun is burning in the sky

Strands of clouds go slowly drifting by

But the sky holds so many celestial beings

Sons of flame, helium and other things

Back to our origins, a planet of the Gods

In love we find infinity, against all odds

But how hard is it to love your brother

Son of God and also His very daughter

With his wrath aroused the son avenges, because

Their lot was neglected, none fought for their cause

Why does none fight for the very principle of right

Sons of God wake up, live the good life and in might

Engulfed in a sea of Babel's voices we look

Confused by what's reflected in the good book

Manifest in body is the spark of the spirit Divine

Son of God, won't you come into my life, be mine

Transform yourselves, live the Life Divine

Hew your own way, leave the myriads behind

Yoga samatvam uchyate - union with Him and equanimity

Son of God come be that luminous glimpse of serenity

91 Plug Away, Dec 12th 2018. For Rahul

The man of purpose never falls from the virility of youth

Builds a life that exemplifies virtue, nixes the uncouth

A rich life is built as layers of texture is added to character

A base from which to give battle in the human theater

A sense of calm as he sees others hold upright the flag

Of the Grand Architect whose service is never a drag

Always looking forward to step in, fight the good fight

Plug away as humanity sleeps peacefully into the night

Plug away until every possible path is trod and with care

Until tomorrow becomes fairer - ah fragrant fresh air

Whence comes this grace, a blessing from above

Scented with caring and plenty of Divine Love

What higher purpose than to exist; calm and resilient

Join a band of brothers of the very, very sentient

Who join to serve together with grace and aplomb

Together on this pale blue dot, a force that's never dumb

Rather vocal in it's charge to feed the poor and hungry

Not just food but tender loving care for all and sundry

With a warmth that pours as love from the heart

Take care to be ready as we race back to the start

92 Nymphs n Angels - 13th Dec 2018. Romance

Beads of sweat trickle down my back in anticipation

Hair like a sheen from ages past steal my imagination

Caricatures of nymphs and angels you bring to my mind

Making my inmost fantasy of you in every shape and kind

When we make love. I think what'd I do to deserve you

Thoughts of you haunt my days. What can I do

Except go on loving you for the things you say

That go on making me feel oh this special way

Breast to breast as we tiptoe around the dance floor

Your kisses on my mouth leave me begging for more

Lips that cut loose as we each pleasure the other one

What a way to live our souls entwined, the summit won

Baby just keep on loving me as I gasp for a breath of you

That makes me believe in love undying between us two

Nearly 2 months have passed since I fell off the deep end

The bond with you all this time has surely only deepened

Waken me to life you have my senses keen and sharp

You've accentuated my music as canst a lute and harp

Live in your warmth I want to for the rest of eternity

Hold me tied down as my spirit tries to fight gravity

93 Still Loving You, 26th Feb 2019

Erupt do my feelings every time I think if you

That my fellow creatures should never be blue

Calm and warm was that feeling you awoke in me

For desiderata it was that enlivened and impelled me

Things desired for all creatures great and small

That reflect the spirit of the God who made them all

A spirit that's boundless, knowing no limit or end

Make us insane with love, drive us around the bend

Drive us to wrestle and grapple with that very life

That shines as a jewel, a jewel amidst all strife

Babbling is all we can do until your touch does make

Us serene and peaceful, allowing us the joy to partake

And share in all of this wondrous life's inmost secrets

Secrets that drench us with love as from many tempests

Love that encompasses all, as only Chiang could instigate

Love to liberate every last thrall and to him dedicate

The remainder of our lives, for bound we are to one another

As to their most precious spiritual child is a mother or a father

Come wash away the past and look to the future

Slip into bliss as should every last human endeavour

94 Wie Lieben Dich, 20th Mar 2019.

For the “We Love You” welcome the Germans gave President John F Kennedy in 1963.

We are one in our majesty, the crown of God's creation

Bliss we feel repeatedly, a sense of pure elation

That washes over us as the mundane transcends all

Profundity magnifies His things great and small

Wie Lieben Dich ils lui a disent.  We love you they told him

But he was killed for trying to stop a war so bloody grim

We've always killed the very best of humanity

A tragedy repeating itself in every last city

Where men gather together to teach Love's gospel

Come let's unite now, cast together our own spell

In which we invite our neighbour to break bread with us

Sit at our board and make of life plenty with no much fuss

Peace reigns supreme in this game of tug and war

A play into which we've crept, bringing us this far

Far from the madding crowd, a new lease we've gotten

On life, full of its nuances, in depths untrod or forgotten

We must learn to love and treat all with compassion

Love that engulfs us from mansion to remote mansion

Strive we shall in a symphony by Nature orchestrated

As we find a life, simple yet profoundly over sated

95 Captured Heart, 20th Mar 2019. Romance

Baby who sets my pulse racing and my heart aflutter

Can I ever explain what it is that makes me love her

Love unto eternity as does a doe her kid

Me wonders am I worthy as I make a bid

That she and I should be together for all of eternity

Snatching moments of ecstasy her so very witty

As makes me laugh from the depths of my being

A love that's forever as is a platinum wedding ring

Methinks we're destined to be utterly entwined

A love that engulfs us both, holding us enshrined

In words, gestures and deeds that sets us apart

Oh woman, can’t you see you've captured my heart

By your side I shall be always with a steady hand

For you to lean on and I to hold a witches wand

That weaves spells to make our hearts beat as one

A oneness that springs from a frolicsome fun

That facing life’s trials we shall always have a smile

That cause crinkles in our eyes and for a long while

I'll always want you at my side to make of life

Pregnant moments as we find bliss amidst strife

96 Woven, 28th March 2019. Agape, Inspired by F

Woven is our twin lives without doubt

Until as one those lives reach out

And touch infinity holding it tight

In our grasp, as one we behold the light

Serving it till eternity until our purposes are met

Together we frolic in this play into which we crept

Unto one another we're bound to distil the essence

Of the human equation with its myriad fragrance

Father, lover, friend, teacher daily your face changes

As we find new expressions to simply love in all hues

Love everyone within and without our collectives

As we push the bounds, ever finding new directives

And ways in which to multiply the love we share

For one another, invigorating as mountain air

Love the poor, the rich, the spent, the mediocre

Make it the only covenant worth LIVING for

Find new ways to love, always be creative

Be caring and doting, in all ways supportive

Remember the past and let your love emanate

As on this frail planet you find its LOVE you create

97 Fight, 30th Mar 2019. Live Valiant

I rather be a sparrow than a snail

Wondering when the dark forces will fail

Guess I should, if i could go out and fight

For the victory of Good - fight with all might

In another lifetime we were taught to be strong

Because in a war we are, one that takes too long

To Marshall the forces that fight for the right

Fight to stay ahead and live valiant in the light

What will we do about those who seem not to care

For their future, one that could be as of fresh air

In splendour we shall wrest the utmost from this life

What a pleasure to live an uncertain life full of strife

Strife is what makes us value the passing moment

Full of wonder for we shall strive to make a dent

And fill this world with wondrous fragrance

To bring to full cycle a life of no more negligence

Rather vocal are we that this earth should have plenty

And be bound to each other we are in our misery

But it is only darkest just before the sun breaks out

Oh will it all be made into perfection in his inmost thought

98 Louise, 31 Mar 2019. For Louise L Hay

I am grateful to God

And I am going to blog as I nod

I haven't experienced this before I am so happy to be here

It feel so good to have all of you here

I experience the beauty of the universe with love and joy

I set out to win it all with a loud yell of ahoy

My life is an ocean of blessings

And it full of givings of happiness and feelings

I am blessed and alive

Which helps you to survive

I feel connected to nature

As we love life it becomes our greatest teacher

The waves of life come and go

Make everyone your friend not your foe

We toil in search of the perfect partner only to find it was ourselves

So roll up your sleeves and get to work, busy as them elves

I jump with joy to the music of love

And fly the highest skies, free like a dove

You, me and we together this team is perfect

And this force we feel is a love effect

99 Tonight, 6th Apr 2019. Romance

Lend your love to me tonight for love we want to share

Make every minute count as into your eyes I stare

Lost as a tiny lamb bewildered by the immense forest

Let's make love as does the rain in a fiery tempest

I would fly you to the moon and back my dearest love

Fly away, soaring as dreams do on the wings of a dove

Into star riddled skies whereupon floats the moon

Let's make love sublime from midnight to noon

A walk on a spring evening in a glade of trees I'd beg for

As we together set out on paths that intertwine me dear

What a warm feeling pours from me, your hand in mine

Let's make love dearie, tell me our lives are so divine

What do I do with this fount of love I have for you

A love I beg you'll let me drip on you like mountain dew

Shall we race back to the start our love growing tender

Let's make love my baby, a night of total surrender

Blessed am I to have you and your heart at my side

This earth is wondrous as in your arms I abide

What do we do now we've discovered each other

Let's make love sweetheart, for you my tether

100 Joyland, 10th Apr 2019.

With members of Lodge Mt Charity on 14th Feb

Love is the beginning, the middle and the end

Joy it is that makes it all worth our collective while

Passion should drive us, drive us around the bend

Humility keep us in check as we go around serving with a smile

Selflessness is the mark of true greatness a grace from above

Srivatsam signifies all the virtues of wealth and prosperity

Ananya is what sets us apart. Atulya as each flies up like a dove

Happiness is what saves us from any kind of calamity

Satisfaction is the reward of a lifetime spent in caring

Blessings are the spirit of a future oneness that takes our heart

Eros, philos and agape the progression makes us daring

Life, an endless cycle as we race back, back to the very start

[rhyme scheme changes]

Were not here very long, time keeps ticking

Glimpses of divinity everywhere,  our love growing

As we accumulate experiences, some wear some care

Through it all, you oh lord, like a breath of fresh air

Make us know the depths of our hearts as we hear

Your voice resonate deep within us, that we may bear

Your message of love for animals, plants and minerals

For Life thus Explained causes us to become immortals