Maarten Mulder

How to nudge Joe Public towards effective donating;

Barriers to donating and how to take them down

When Maarten heard about Effective Altruism, he realised that he has always been an Effective Altruist without knowing it. EA confirmed his gut feeling that working for an NGO (which he did by that time) might not be the most effective way to improve the world, so he decided to go 'meta'. As the director of Kinder Foundation his aim has shifted to the higher scale level: to improve the performance of the charitable sector as a whole.

How to nudge Joe Public towards effective donating:

One of the core goals of the effective altruism movement is to make people donate more effectively. Target groups of different EA-initiatives include high net worth individuals, entrepreneurs, poker players, and off course effective altruists themselves. However, initiatives that aim to nudge the average small private donor (‘Joe Public’) towards donating more effectively have been scarce and merely unsuccessful.

How come? Is it because the potential impact is too limited? Not really; average donors spend billions to charity every year. Maybe then it is just too difficult? Probably, especially if you try it in the conventional EA-way. Therefore Kinder is developing an unconventional approach: we actually listen to Joe instead of telling him what to do. You want to know the details? Join the session!

Barriers to donating and how to take them down:

Kinder is all about nudging Joe Public to effective donating behavior. But is effectiveness really what bothers Joe when the topic of donating is on the table? At Kinder, we believe that Joe has more fundamental issues that need to be tackled first. During this round table we discuss those issues and how to tackle them, so the road is cleared towards discussing effectiveness after all.