#227 - Into the Nexus: “Into the Core”

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Intro:  Welcome to Into the Nexus! The Heroes of the Storm podcast!


Balance Update 7/25

Sally Whitemain is our next hero! You can see her spotlight directly following the first game of tomorrows HGC games. Thats the 27th of July.

There was a large balance patch this week, with buffs to Alarak and Kealthas, Nerfs to Fenix, Genji, Tracer, Diablo, Blaze, Malfurion, Raynor and Yrel

As well as interesting reworks for Hanzo, Azmodan and Artanis.

We will discuss the impact of those particular changes next week when garrett returns. This week,






Azmodan Rework Re-balance

Artanis Rework of sorts

Frustration Clean Up




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Team Play

This show often focuses on Hero League and solo-play. We do get a lot of emails about team play, what roles are required, how to coordinate, chain of command and shotcall.

Well this week, I have with me my entire Team League team. An elite group of Podcasters from both The Core Podcast on the frogpants network and the now retired Heroes Forge podcast on the Amove Network.

This team is rather unique, not only are they all long time blizzard fans, when we started our team in the Fall of 2016, we represented the entire range of leagues from Bronze to Diamond.

The Team :

Let’s start with the foundation of any good group, the front line.

The Sick Swapper, A Hell of a Hooker and Local Tasty Boy : Jon Jagger

Next up, the support. Because where would be without our healz.

The Bartender, Warning Whooper and Master of Shapes : Scott Johnson

In our final required spot on the team

The Minister of Camps, The Map Manager and Lead Objective Correspondent : Kristen Ashton

Of course, towards the end of the draft, we have to react to the enemies picks and this wouldn’t be possible without a player who plays a lot a lot of heroes.

The Secret Agent, The Worth It Warmonger and Whimsical Filler : Beau Schwartz

Solo Lanes :

One of the best things about playing with a consistent team is knowing that all lanes will be covered without argument.

The Happy Couple :

The Distraction, The Bait

Questions for the Group :

Bonus :

Were not only a Heroees Team, were a Dungeons and Dragons Podcast.


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