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Inspire Academy - 2022 Concert Parent Handbook
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2023 Concert

Our concert this year is held in Theatre 1 at HOTA, Home of The Arts.



Each student will be performing one routine per Inspire Academy class they attend. Specialty classes are generally not included (eg Privates/Technique). The first costume is included in your Concert Fees. There is an additional costume fee for every extra class. Costumes are for students to keep.


Existing Students

For students who joined or continued classes from Term 1 2022, your partial concert fee has been added to each termly invoice throughout the year already.

New Students

New students joining from Term 2 or 3 2022, you may have missed the Part 1 and 2 payments. These will be added to your next invoice to keep you up to date if required.

Fees Breakdown


Do I need to ‘book’ to be in the concert?

All Inspire Academy students are assumed to be participating in the concert. Please speak with us if you would not like to, are away, are unsure or have any questions.

How will photo day work?

Students will be allocated different groups for the day. Each group will have a timeslot that they are required to be at the studio. It will not be for the full day, however until we have released the timetable, please keep the entire day free of other plans. Although we will do our best to maintain a tight schedule, sometimes things do go overtime. So please do not plan anything after your time slot. Students will practice their group pose in class prior to photo day. We will hold onto costumes and have them ready for them on the day.  It is a group photo for each routine and if you would like an Individual Photo, these will be $20 each.  Please let us know by the 6th of November!

To ensure the costumes don’t get dirty, please have a snack before arriving. We won’t be able to have any food during the photoshoot. Water ONLY, please.

Students will be required to come with their hair and makeup done.

Is photo day compulsory?

Yes. We do require each student to attend, please.

How will rehearsal day work?

Rehearsal is at HOTA - Home of the Arts, 135 Bundall Rd, Surfers Paradise. Drop off at TBA (early morning) will be at the Stage Door at the back of HOTA. We will provide maps and additional information closer to date.

At the door, staff will sign your student in and provide them with a lanyard. This will include their name and allocated dressing room. This way we know where they are meant to be at all times. We will also include a note if there is any medical or other information that we need to be aware of. We will have access to all of your information in case we need to contact you throughout the day for any reason.

Children will stay in their allocated dressing room where teachers and volunteers will keep them entertained with games and activities whilst they are not required on stage. The backstage and theatre doors will remain closed so we can keep track of children at all times.

Parents are to collect students from the Stage Door which is the same place they were dropped off.

All students will need to be signed out by our staff when being collected.

What does my child need to wear to photo, rehearsal and concert day?

Simple clothing that can be easily removed over the head or off the body with buttons or zips so as to not mess up hair and makeup.

How long will each routine run for?

Each routine will be approximately 3-5 minutes of stage time. Students perform one routine per class they are in. If they are doing 3 classes a week, they will perform in 3 routines on stage.

What if we are undecided if we would like to participate - what is your cut-off date?

Cut off is Mid Term 3.  

What if my child doesn’t want to perform on the day?

We had over 120 students in our 2021 concert. Although there were certainly a few nerves, every student confidently went on stage and performed. The experience backstage is incredible.  We will do everything we possibly can to support your child to have a positive experience on stage.

Is my child required for the full day of rehearsal and concert?

The rehearsal day is critical and therefore we require each student to be in attendance.  Each student is an integral part of their dance routine and an important part of their team.  We will require students to be there for the full allocated duration. Students will also be required to come early for concert day at the time provided (morning).

Do I get to keep my costume?

Yes! All costumes are brand new and are carefully chosen especially for your child.  

Can I hire my costume instead of purchasing it?

No, all costumes are purchased to keep.

How does my child come prepared for the rehearsal and concert?

Students will arrive in regular clothing (we’ll hold onto their costumes) and parents will be required to bring them with their hair and basic makeup done.  The details of what is required is towards the end of this handbook or sent in a separate email.  

How long will the show run for?

The show will run for approximately 3 hours with an interval.

When will the videos and photos be available?

Your Child’s photo from Photo Day and the Concert Video will be available as a digital download which is included in your Concert Fee. Both the Video and your child’s photo will be distributed by the end of January.  

Can I get a refund or cancel if my child is sick or cannot participate in the concert?

What are my fees covering?

There are many different expenses associated with a concert. These include our Staff for the full weekend, HOTA Technical Staff, HOTA Door Staff, Photographer, Videographer, HOTA Ticket Programming, OneMusic Licence Fees, Ticket Booking Fees, Credit Card Merchant Fees, Activities for the Children and a whole range of other expenses. The Concert Fee and Ticket sales together cover all of these expenses. The Costume Fee covers the direct cost of purchasing your child’s costume (we don’t charge for the time spent selecting, fitting, ordering, steaming and organising). The digital download of the group photo from photo day and video of the concert, will be included in your fees as mentioned.  

Are there any other expenses I need to know about?

If your child doesn’t have the appropriate dancewear including ballet/jazz/tap shoes and tights, these will need to be purchased. They may also require items for their hair and makeup if you do not already have what is required for your child’s routine.

When do tickets go on sale for the concert?

9am 17th of November -  

How do we purchase tickets?

Tickets will be available on the HOTA website, in person at the Box Office, or by calling them on (07) 5588 4000. Tickets can only be purchased from HOTA directly.

What happens if the show sells out and I miss out on tickets?

We have 1100 seats available. We expect around 700-800 in the audience this year, so there is room :)

What happens if I have a young child (children under 3) that I need to bring along?

Children under 3yrs will need to sit on a parent’s lap and they have free admission.

Photo Day

All routines will include a photo shoot. This is included in your Concert Fee. A digital photo of your child’s routine(s) will be provided as part of this. There is no additional charge for the group photos.

The photo schedule can be found here:

Photos will take place at our Helensvale Studio:

Unit 2
138 Siganto Drive

Students will be allocated to a session. Some students may be in multiple sessions if they are in multiple classes. We do our best to keep everyone in just one session. This isn’t always possible with every student.

Students are to arrive in casual clothing such as t-shirt and shorts/skirt. Something that is easy to get changed into their costume.  Each child’s costume will be ready at the studio.  

Hair and makeup is to be prepared as per the guidelines listed further below in this Handbook.

There will be an allocated Dressing Space for our students so that the bathroom can be kept free for Toilet Use Only.  There will be a designated waiting area where you are welcome to wait for/with your child.  

As soon as your child’s photos are finished, they will be able to leave. This may be before your scheduled completion time.

We do have a set schedule and order of photos, however, things may go slightly overtime. We will do our best to make allowance for this in the times allocated.

No food is to be eaten whilst wearing or near costumes.  Please bring a labelled Water Bottle!   Please save snacks for after your photos are done.

Some of our students do have allergies, so please no nuts with any of your food.

Hair, Makeup, Shoes & Tights


Ballet, Musical Theatre, Singing and Tap - High Bun on the Crown of the Head

Jazz and Cheer - High Pony Tail on the Crown of the Head
Acrobatics - Low Bun at the base of the head

All hair is to be slicked back with Gel/Hairspray and all Fringes pinned back or slicked back!


We are keeping make-up basic for all students.

Please apply a light base of foundation to match your child’s skin tone.

Refer to the images below.  Please use a bronze-toned gold shadow and brown as pictured and use mascara for lashes. No eyeliner is required. Lightly fill in eyebrows if applicable.

For Lips we require Red, please use the following picture for reference:

Tights and Shoes

Ballet students will require Theatrical Pink Tights and Ballet Shoes.  (Boys do not require Tights)

Jazz/Musical Theatre/Tap/Singing/Cheer students will require Tan Tights (Boys do not require).

Acrobatics Students will require Convertible Tan Tights and no shoes.  (Boys do not require)  

Jazz/Musical Theatre/Singing students require Tan Jazz Shoes.

Tap students require Tan Tap shoes or for boys, black Tap Shoes.  

Cheer students will require White Sneakers as mentioned via email.


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