Adepthood – Complete success on all levels


A letter to the true seeker

 by Martin Faulks

                                        Edited by Anna Wyatt


Earnest Seeker after knowledge

I write this letter to you with the greatest of good wishes, as I sense you are ripe in your intention to attain Adepthood within this very lifetime. Becoming an Adept means finding the way to complete success in all aspects of life.


You have asked some very serious questions about this and I will deal with them all in turn, starting with your observations, then moving to the things you doubt and question.


Let’s start to work systematically through each one.


You asked me, “Is there not a way to total enlightenment without the need for contact with higher spiritual forces?”


I don’t know how you can conceive this to be possible. How can you possibly imagine you can reach higher without contact with higher divine forces?


The very forces you seek to reject are those which you dream of having within yourself. A true follower of the path is filled with these blessings and radiates them forth in every moment.


Adepthood is union with divinity, and this comes about from an ongoing and tireless aspiration towards the higher virtues and most pure thoughts.


Can’t you see that finding yourself and finding god is the same thing? If you deny one then you deny the other. You need to use both approaches as one.

A Clear Vision of the Goal

Just as knowledge of the location of a destination is most important to a successful journey, so too is a clear vision of a goal to its accomplishment.

In this letter to you, aspirant, I have attempted to the best of my ability to convey as accurately as possible the true nature of the spiritual path, a way which is my personal calling and which I have dedicated my life to walking. In order to best enable me to do this I have deeply contemplated each of the the points you have raised so as to answer from the position of an an initiate and endeavoured to use all rational and artistic means to present the answers so as to convey the true feel and meaning. I only ask that you reach behind my words with your awareness so as to grasp what I convey.

The goal of this letter is to pass on to you a clear vision of the goal of your spiritual calling. I am very hopeful that this will be fulfilled as for me this work has been inspired. Each word you see written before you came as if formed by an echo from a higher place.  Indeed when I started this work I felt inspired in an all-encompassing way. The words that formed in my mind were so beautiful, simple and direct that for days I spent my time in a subtle form of euphoria, uplifted and infused by the vision the words put forth. It was as if by the contemplation needed to answer your questions my mind had fully rested on the ideal state of being and this vision was lifting me towards it.  

This feeling became an inspiration to share this with those genuinely seeking the vision of Hermes in the hope that they too would have this experience.

In the distant past the term used to describe the goal of our path was Eudaemonia, or the True Success. The term eudaimonia is a philosophical term to denote true and complete happiness. It means a flourishing on all levels. The derivation of the word is as follows: ‘eu’, meaning ‘well’, and ‘daimôn’, meaning ‘spirit’. Imagine a situation where everything in your life was flourishing; good mood, good fortune, good friends, the right job, the right place. Picture contagious prosperity that amplifies throughout the whole of your life.


In modern terminology we would perhaps use the term “Adepthood” to express the same idea. Total self-perfection and success though harmony and oneness.

It is my hope that upon reading this letter a clear picture of this state of harmony and oneness will be imparted to you, creating a guiding light in the form of a vision of true adepthood.



Some criticisms addressed


You said, “I don’t think a spiritual person would abide by the rules of society, or care what any human thought of them.” It’s understandable you might say something like this. After all, many mystics and ascetics ignore society and do as they wish. Don’t you think that the true way is different from this? How can one gain oneness with all things by shunning them? Embrace all that is good in the world and be in harmony with all living things.


You then went on to say: “Don’t you think a lot of spirituality is just grand ideas and wish fulfilment?”


I can see why you would say this; many people turn to faiths or teachings from fear, looking for an answer to life’s problems. They open their mind to new ideas and really practice with their imagination. Of course these people can be subject to delusion and fantasy.


The real path is genuinely very different to this. When the spiritual life is perfectly active, there is nothing of the imagination outside of our control.  The essence of truth coexists with the gods. The true way is about being totally truthful with yourself and with what you see. Everything must be established with rational principles harmoniously.


You are very wrong to associate confusion and fantasy with our way. Yes, there are self-styled gurus and spiritual con-men with tall stories. Some of them may even use our symbols and methods, but in truth their unfounded and senseless ideas have nothing to do with genuine theology and theurgy.


Many of the things you mention are really about the challenges people face in their development. Often people reject something they are having a problem dealing with in life, or create a belief or idea as a way to cope. These incorrect adjustments too often have a disproportionate influence in a school or tradition. I am sure you have noticed how one small negative thing can cause a significant disruption in something otherwise very positive.

It’s true as you also mentioned that there are those that say that one should not merely deal in the ideals that shine forth as the gods of goodness but should also become one with the fearful and wrathful deities to achieve balance.


I too have heard this said, and notice those who practice this have as much calamity, chaos and pain in their lives as they do success and pleasure.

Why do so many people meet with failure in the invisible arts nowadays?”

 This is the highest and most ambitious of human endeavours and requires great ongoing dedication and internal change. If we look at the world around us, few people truly excel in skills focused on the perceivable and tangible. How much more subtle is our calling? In the ancient times teachers of great power and ability would be in the temples nearby to help guide and raise a practitioner.  Now most people learn from books and have to find the truth themselves by trial.

It has been said to me that: "The power that magical arts bestow are not made for men. They gift a mortal with the ability to express their selfish urges and dominate others."

Those who understand our way will know that because we gain our abilities through the deification of the mind
, our virtue and ability are always in prepositions. Those with poor character are inefficient in their use of the hidden forces. It's only through  immoral shortcuts used by other paths and schools that negative outcomes are powerfully produced.

You said: “Is it not true that there is no right and wrong in spiritual teachings but that it is all just opinion?


In all things we can see skilful and unskilled, just as there is true and false. In many arts generations of wisdom and learning have been perfected and improved upon. Do not discount this inherited wisdom; one lifetime is not long enough to discover the whole of a science alone.


From time immemorial, teachers have taught the best methods master to student, mouth to ear. Embrace the wisdom of a tradition but do not become shackled by its trappings.  Just as the farmer seeks the best way to utilise the inundation and the warrior the best movements to overcome his opponents. When the crops fail or the fight is lost no one can claim the success.


Dedicate yourself to truth above all things. Press the love of truth firmly in your heart. The masters that came before you added to the way with their experiences, learning from their successes and failures; it would be disloyal to the tradition for you not to do the same.


Let go of the love of the colours and trappings of a culture and seek the truth behind it all without prejudice. Many people do, but they don’t improve what they do they see but they don’t learn from what they see. Unshackle yourself from culture and conformity. Let go of religion and embrace the universal.

You expressed  concerns about the secrecy our order is known for. Please be aware that for us silence of our art and practices is a form of sanctified purity which means that our practices and experiences remain holy in our own minds, and so that the thought forms we create are pure and unpolluted by the impressions from the consciousness of others.

Some Fears Allayed

“Master I find myself worried about the total goal. The way of Hermes seems ambitious beyond my capabilities. If I undertake it with a fully dedicated heart I fear I will be in a prison of my own making formed by standards I can never reach. I am disheartened and unmotivated.”

Oh my dear student please worry not. You are as a caterpillar fearing the confinement of the pupae or the patient mistaking their medicine for poison.

The name of the path is life and it's the way we all walk in mortal form. Your training is a means of freedom to be your true self and to live your life to the full. A saviour from the greatest dangers of all: a life unexamined and a spirit unexpressed. Truly, this is what you should fear.

About Hermetic Martyrdom

You said: “I have noticed that some great Hermetic Masters with great powers and abilities suffer terrible fates as part of their mission of the world. How can this be so if adepthood leads to oneness and harmony?

You may as well ask why great warriors of bravery and skill die in battle. The truth is that some adepts choose or are called to great missions which can sometimes involve facing great adversity, sometimes involving selfless personal sacrifice.  Be reassured that goodness begets goodness and please take their lives as evidence of rare noble acts against evil performed by those of great virtue.

The Law of Attraction

You said to me.

“I want to ask you. We are told that our beliefs directly affect reality and that we can use this force to draw positive influences to us,yet in life I have seen many people truly believing with their heart and soul in a plan or undertaking and yet it comes to nothing. Likewise there are men driven from their senses who are insane who believe themselves to be wealthy or some other illusion but yet they never gain money and nothing they believe in comes to pass.”


The vibration and charge of the mind does indeed have a subtle influence on the unseen forces around you. Like truly does attract like. This however is far more about what you are in tune with than what you believe.


The effect is like gravity: very gentle but persistent. Think of it like gravity, the power of which you overcome with each movement,yet which dominates all things in its influence.


When your soul is full of good intentions and best wishes all blessings gravitate towards you.

On the actions of the Priests

Why do you control your eating and refrain from frivolity but yet you claim that the Hermetic path is a joyful one?


We have not rejected anything that is good in the world but through temperance seek higher goals. We fully embrace the blessings of the material word, however please understand that when you truly find great joy in the world you are satisfied with far less. Likewise we are drawn to greater joy from which all worldly goodness comes and  hus the mystic longs for the inner journey as others long for worldly pleasure.

What is the purpose of Asceticism?

As you progress in your path you will find yourself increasingly finding fulfilment directly from the underlying nature of things and thus feel less drawn to seeking it from material objects  actions. Asceticism attempts to encourage this forcefully from a withdrawin of what would bring pleasure and a sense of purpose in life, so that all is directed towards the divine. This approach can be of value to those with little energy but a path of genuine connection with divine forces is far more direct and suitable for those living in the world.


For this reason in our order we only use acetic practice to bring balance if a passion or vice has outgrown its place or if an element of the mind needs growth and development.

Stepping Forth from the Body

You are right to say that the magi of Egypt have the art of stepping forth from the body both into this place and into the next one. I can understand your fear that this skill is, as you say, just a form of dreaming when awake, but I do not agree that this stepping forth is never demonstrated as true.

A huntsman who tests his skill to the very limit by stalking the most rare and sensitive of game does not always meet with success and will find it very hard to do so when accompanied by others who are not skilled hunters. So too is this great art on the edge of human ability; when the mind goes forth, the awareness and senses are strenuous to maintain and their performance is hindered when a mind joins with the intention to test you.


About Clairvoyance


I want to go over a few things you said about the spiritual senses.


You said: “Many people can predict the future through normal means.”


You are correct; there are people who specialise in predicting the weather or natural events. There are those who focus on the behaviour of animals or people. Perhaps we could even include people who predict changes in the value of things that are bought and sold in the market or abroad.


But for me there is nothing magical or spiritual about this. If you look at animals they are very good at predicting things just by being aware of the signs in nature. The predictions of things we see are really made via calculation and logic, just as a doctor makes a diagnosis.


When we see someone who is naturally sensitive to things around them, or has trained themselves to read the subtle hints in people in order to discover what is true or not, this has nothing to do with any magical force or supernatural ability.


The Divine Endowment

Genuine spiritual awareness arises from the link one has with the divine. It is an awareness of spiritual things; your mind being able to directly sense information from the forces all around you.


This comes to us as part of our divine way of life which tunes us into the thoughts and vibrations of the divine participants of the divine foreknowledge and the divine thoughts, and renders us truly divine.


It causes us to be genuinely the possessors of goodness, because the most blessed thoughts of the gods abounding within us tell us of emotions, fates and tendencies hidden to others.


You mentioned that in in your opinion “No one ever demonstrates any genuine clairvoyant ability.


Then you went on to say that “If they can really see the future why don’t they take advantage of this to gain great wealth or position in the world?”



All of this springs from a misunderstanding of what the genuine mastery of spiritual senses entails. The opening of the spiritual senses allows you to observe things on another level so as to access the extra information around you. In this sense it is very like the physical senses, and like the physical senses it has its own limitations.


The spiritual senses are a great blessing and allow you to see the beauty of things on a whole new level. Large events occurring in other places or in the future stand out to you. This does indeed allow you to avoid great calamities and avoid danger, and on other occasions to take advantage of things that are to come to great effect.


Because the full utilisation of this skill involves working in harmony with things to come and sensing things that come naturally, much of your work is hidden, as it comes from working with the natural flow of events, just as the dolphin swims through the sea so gracefully that no one can see it avoiding danger, and taking advantage of the natural flow of the tides and currents.

The Diverse Forms of the Spirits and Gods

You questioned why the gods and spirits taketh on so many forms and have so many names. How can this be if these forces are beyond corruption and unmoving?

The truth is that the beings you mention exist as pure thoughts and do not have any form or name. It is our mind that brings these notions to us, and gives them shape, when we perceive them using our own individual consciousness. For this reason beings of a given nature often appear with similar characteristics but diverse forms.

The gods stand apart from other spirits as higher forms of pure thought that can raise you from your limitations.


“Why, may I ask, are some stones, plants and even places held to be blessed and magical? If the gods are pure essence and exist in heaven, how can their influence be related to one planet or star in the sky or a type of wood or sacred spring on earth?”


The Gods in their splendour shine forth upon the earth as a hidden light behind all nature of things. Just as the sunlight is taken up and heats objects of some substances and colour more than others, so too do the rays of a particular god gather in some nature of thoughts, objects or living beings.


The Path to True Success


Why am I making such an effort to explain everything in such detail? I hope after reading my previous words you are ready to delve deeper in this subject. Perhaps you might ask me to “please make plain the exact way Adepthood can be achieved in this lifetime.”  By exploring this question we will be able to focus on the most important thing and soon a clear image of the truth will be made manifested as a guiding vision which will answer all your questions and doubts.


I would like you to imagine a very positive person who is very in tune with things, someone who before their birth was part of the pure oneness. Perhaps you can imagine that they have been sent down into this incarnation for a specific mission or felt guided to return for some purpose.


Whatever the reason they have come to the earthly existence, they are now part of the life with all its ties and links. Fate and and karma have powerful influence over them


Let me explain how they can step beyond all this and gain enlightenment.



There is no other way but through oneness with the higher powers, the forces that are known as gods that shine forth beyond the veil. This is because success comes from a positive focus, just as failure comes from doubt and negativity.


Therefore to achieve pure enlightenment or Adepthood you need to cultivate an all-encompassing focus on pure goodness. You must fill yourself with pure good intentions that radiate out from you, as a powerful light shines into the world in every moment bringing harmony and truth.


Doing this links you with the divine, bringing you into union with everything. If you forget this and focus on selfish outcomes or become the victim of your lower nature, you connect with an inferior destiny.


You need to choose which path to walk; the path of goodness and immortality, or the path of the forgetful mortal.


The sacred path is about a focus on the ideal principles, tuning into the highest ideas of virtue and goodness, and helping them to lead you to the ideal state of mind and the best possible outcomes in all your actions. You diverge from this path when you start to focus on taking what you can from what’s around you for personal gain thus lowering yourself to fit what is normal.


But it’s not enough to just hold high ideals. You need to link to them through meditation and contemplation. You need to learn to step beyond yourself and to be able to reach forth to oneness with each essence. In our tradition in Egypt we call these essences gods, and it is though the images of them and their symbols that we attune to them.



This way leads to oneness with the highest hidden god, the original idea which holds all things within itself. The unchanging and unformed, beyond the realms of impermanence and change.


This is the path to true success on every level of your life. Really take time to contemplate this vision in yourself. This is the method called the Door to the Creator of the Universe, or Supreme Goodness.


Someone who walks this path cultivates a higher virtue, they solve problems at the very root. So rather than resisting something they know is bad for them or counterproductive, they correct the faulty idea leading to this urge. Chastity of the soul rather than that of the body.


Then once this process is completed one needs to prepare one’s understanding and to get closer to the Egyptian tradition. Clothe your very being in hieroglyphs and make the temples your home.


Then you can start to invoke the gods and the blessings and powers they bring with each moment.




Return of the Soul to Divinity.


We practice our theurgic discipline with each of the divine powers in turn so the light of divinity pours into the soul, transforming the character and blessing the mind and body.


Our being is thus slowly transformed and, having conjoined individually with the several departments of the universe and with all the divine powers that pervade it, then it leads the soul to the Creator of the world, places it in his charge, and frees it of everything pertaining to the realm of matter. We become the divine consciousness.



Picture in your mind’s eye the process I am describing. At the moment your mind is a weak force linked to your body via your brain. It exists as a form of energy containing all your thoughts and imaginings. If you focus your life on normal material goals and trivialities, then when you die this consciousness will be no more.


If instead you choose to build this consciousness then you will be able to evolve this into a force so strong and integral that it can survive beyond the body and be perfected.


To do this you need to follow my instructions, to let go of all weakness and failures and seek the highest in yourself. By creating in yourself the highest motives and forming habits that lead to evolution in every moment,your consciousness becomes deified. The ability to become one with the original force behind each power or idea comes to you and you can reach higher than human consciousness.


With time, consciousness returns to the one, the self-moving; that which sustains the universe, the spirit behind all things, who arranges all things in order, who leads it to the supreme truth, to the absolute, the efficient, and other creative powers of god, thus establishing the theurgic soul in the energies, the conceptions and creative qualities of those powers. Thus the soul joins with the entire Demurgic God.


This, with the Egyptian Sages, is the end of the “Return” as taught in the Sacred Records.


Concerning the Good


There is an underlying force of Good in the universe, a energy that exists before thought. This force glows within each and every human being. This is well explained in the ancient Scrolls.


This goodness is the very essence of the art and is passed on from one Hermetic teacher to another.


You said that you felt that our practitioners “call upon the Divine Mind” in relation to “trivial matters.”


This is true in the sense that they regard every small matter as pertaining to the purifying of the soul, its release and salvation. Likewise too, although many traditions assert that they believe that all is created from all consciousness, it is only us of Egypt that fully apply this knowing that all things, even the objects you see around you, are formed of pure consciousness. In this sense there is no higher or lower, the above truly is as the below for those with eyes to see.


You are quite wrong to say that Magicians “work diligently with great force to develop abilities that are of no use to human beings”. On the contrary, the abilities you see are most profitable of all to the soul.


You were worried by the lack of display of superhuman powers. Please do not let this move you. Just as our divine gods work in secret through the subtle so do we, bringing harmony and success with each breath of life. The miracles you seek do indeed exist and are well known by us, but only occur when needed in the most exceptional of circumstances. All the lesser however are the most material of effects compared to the guiding force of a pervasive spirit of honour; far more powerful than any subtle or clairvoyant vision is the ability to truly see what is before our very eyes.


Nor are our abilities created by contact with negative entities. In fact of all people we ensure our development is genuine and that in every instance deceitful spirits are known for their true nature.


Our genuine powers are manifested from the exaltation of the consciousness into the realm of mind and divinity. True, it must be said that for adepts Presence is all pervasive, and for he who is present in all things, the fates respond to his will; he moves the material as if his hand.

The Hermetic Way of Life

“In our ancient words we read of those who lived a "Pythagorean Way of Life" or a "Philosophical Lifestyle". The characteristics of this we would perhaps see as follows. Being silent and using words sparingly, developing a love of truth and using this as a means to purify the soul, following a vegetarian diet and acting on a belief in reincarnation, pursuing mathematics and music and learning and above all valuing inner experience over external pleasure seeing, advantage or status. What, please tell me, would you see as the defining characteristics of a Hermeticist?”


The Hermetic practitioner shares many of the qualities you most eloquently list of the Pythagorean. The love of silence and skilful use of words and actions. Likewise the Hermetic practitioner has a great a love of truth and clear perceptions. This, however, for the Hermetic practitioner is part of a sincere and passionate dedication to the mastery of the hidden forces both within and outside the self. The Hermetic student is encouraged to take the role in life as a messenger of the higher powers, not in the sense of a prophet or clairvoyant, though some do have this calling, but rather in the sense of bringing higher awareness and goodness into every action. Making each action an expression of the highest aspect of the self and thus a divine message in and of itself. This means that our school is not very focused on rules of diet, conduct or specific disciplines but more focused on bringing the spirit into contact with the great harmony and goodness behind all things.


Recognising a Master

Many people ask what miracles and wonders a true adept would demonstrate and what wisdom you will see in his character.

The Marks of the True Adept are manifold and appear according to the nature and undertaking of the practitioner.

The include the following in order of development:

Ability to maintain a goal or discipline

Clear focus in each moment

Inner calm that shines forth

No barriers to learning

Ability to keep silent

Words and actions match

Only speaks the truth

Actions motivated by the the best outcomes for all

Pure goodwill expressed in each moment

Words and actions are beautiful like poetry or art

Rejects and withdraws from all negatively disempowering it

Brings the best out in all situations; like the golden fleece, the Adept hold on to the gold letting the dirt drift away

Able to amplify good growing in people, places, and situations

<New line?> Presence Bestows healing

Presence bestows enlightenment and inspiration

Blessings Gifted to the Adept in Reflection of their Perfection. 

So too as the inner qualities of the Magus evolve the blessings gifted from the hidden forces of the outer world form as a reflection. As the path progresses the blessings build on each other and combine, creating great power and influence beyond the sum of its parts.

These powers, although mighty, are too subtle to be seen by most and manifest more overtly and easily for female practitioners.

1. Nature subtly harmonises to the magus and reflects her inner presence, bringing subtle help and protection  

2. The beauty behind the material world takes on a guiding and protective form in her eyes; her words and actions form images of glamour, beauty, magnetically attracting good outcomes in her wake.

3. Guidance from fate and karma. The forces teach the student directly.

4. The kind hearted are guided to the magus as allies, feeling a sincere heartfelt wish to aid her and remain close.

5. Healings and inspirations are transmitted in lights and graces.

6.  All ties and curses are broken, reversed, or turned to blessings.

7. Fate and Karma protect, avenge, and work the will of the Magus.

. A Choir of angels that if accepted, aid all allies and undertakings and destroy bad luck and enemies. Sometimes specific spirit helpers come forth to aid as a nature reflecting the magicians mastery

9. Forces become the hands of the magus expressing their will by impulse.

10. The original emanation enters and surrounds the adept. This is recognised by all who encounter her. Their countenance takes the form needed by all who gaze upon it. All things evolve in this presence.


The Sayings of Agathos Daimon

My spiritual child, in order to help you with your sincere quest I share with you the fruits of my years of study. The sayings of goodness are to be contemplated as much as possible. These very words if set within your heart as a seed will blossom into wisdom.

Treat them as ambrosia or divine nectar. The pleasure arising from them is genuine, incorruptible, and divine. They are also capable of producing magnanimity; and though they cannot make us eternal beings, yet they enable us to obtain a genuine knowledge of eternal natures which opens the door to higher things.

I call this collection of the lessons I have learned in life the sayings of Agathos Daimon as they are dedicated to the spirit of goodness.

If you find yourself pulled towards demonstrations of powers or abilities by pride, protect yourself and be humble before those you would impress. Your abilities are to help those in need, not to gain admiration or dominance over others.

To know the truth you must first be the truth.

If you feel that your skills are such that you are never challenged by normal events, and that this makes you become weak, this calls you to higher challenges.

Live your truth.

Rebirth is nothing but learning to think from a position beyond your body.

The most loving thing you can do for yourself and the most honourable gift you can give to the world is to transform your vices to virtues.

When you make a vow beware! Your inner vices take on the voice of reason to try to make you break that vow. For this reason once a vow is taken, never make exception unless you or someone you love is at risk of harm.

If your meditations go past your understanding and your experiences can not be described in words, raise your intellect and uplift your words to match.

If your teachings say that children have natural enlightenment then why do you not invite them to your assemblies as teachers?  

Don't take authority as truth, but rather make truth your authority.

Every moment is a chance to express your divinity.

Accustom your soul, after it has conceived all that is great of divinity, to conceive something great of itself.

Learning to be in harmony with the students in your school and your fellow humans in life is to be considered part of your hermetic training.

To make sure you are being honest about your development focus on demonstrable abilities that arise as a result of your training.

Do not become distracted by longings for, or the importance of, future steps in your path. The most important step in the path is the one you are taking now.

If a teacher accepts you as a student then together you can work together to perfect your exercises. Your first training is overcoming all barriers to this undertaking.

The world is in peril; to save it remember that you are the world.

Remember that your words are like seeds: make sure the soil is ready for them before you plant.

The way to excellence is through harmony.


There is a light in you brighter than any seen. This light brings awareness and kindness. Put this light at the top of your being and let it shine forth.


When good intentions motivate your actions your intellect is unclouded; when kindness fills your heart your emotions are clear.

To know the truth of people look at their actions rather than their words. 

A shared goal is the key to united people. This applies to all human relationships.

People will treat you as they have others, do not expect to be an exception.

The greatest honour which can be paid to divinity is to know it and imitate it in ones life.

Godlike awareness leads to divine knowledge.

A man is to God is as a wave is to the sea. 

If you aim to cultivate awareness and sensitivity in daily life then you need to strenuously endeavour to be skillful and prudent in every moment of life. If we make this a healthy discipline we become more responsive and accurate in our perceptions and see things how they really are.

He who drinks practices drunkenness and becomes more so in daily life.

Be the good in all situations, helping things flow to the next step for them.

Enlightenment is taking the chance to express your full potential in every moment.

As the breath is drawn into the blood, so too is the spirit drawn into the breath.

Many people seek great titles and clothing to bring a sense of power and influence. When your path is correct your name becomes a title of greatness and no clothing can hide your brilliance.

All material things are imperfect, therefore life is the art of dealing with imperfection in the most perfect way.

Summon all the positive actions and noble undertakings you put off until future and embrace them as your present.

Take your high ideals and manifest them as actions rather than words or imaginings.

Within life all the mysteries of the universe are contained.

You are the link between the two worlds, for your mind is divine and your body is mortal.

The best way to help others is to create paradise in your own life and allow those, when they are ready, to join you in it.

Be silent by all means, but make kindness like that of an attentive ear listening rather than bringing forth a stern silence of one aloof and superior.

Silence gives space for goodness to grow.

Be not anxious to please the multitude.

Far better to have goodness accompanied with poverty than wealth with violence. Always choose frugality with health, over greed with disease.

Silence can heal you, but is a strong medicine, so increase your dose gradually and carefully.

Silence reveals things that were never hidden .

When someone uses words to draw you in and be aggressive, silence says more than any words.

Silence is the greatest resistance.

That which God gives you, no one can take away.

He who speaks little has great value placed on his words.

Silence your words and only your actions can express your true nature. In this you can meet yourself and find the truth.

You need not mention your stature, but let your nature shine forth for all to see.

Impulses express themselves as words or actions. Channel your energy well; cease your power escaping by words.

Your own mind listens to your voice more than any other, therefore say the words you want to hear in the world.

Never empower someone who is mentally ill; this may seem kind but it is like giving a sword to a depraved man.

So many voices, words and messages invade your thoughts and direct you. In silence you discover what you truly think and desire.

Neither do nor even think of that which you are not willing for everyone to know.

Before you do anything think of divinity, that his light may precede your energies.

The soul is illuminated by the recollection of deity.

Our contemplations, dedications and imaginings temper our mind so as to survive death.

Rely on your own skill and dedication and never luck or others efforts.

Silence is the greatest discipline, gifting the greatest mastery of the mind.

We shall venerate Divinity in a proper manner if we render the intellect that is in us pure from all vice, as fromany stain.

The master of silence is free to use words skillfully, others are skillfully used as by words.

Silence and peace are sisters. 

Some evils of the body and of the mind cannot be transformed but need to be destroyed.

Silence is a way of saying I care enough to listen.’ 

Only replace silence with something better.

Devils are what we call young angels.

Endeavour to be great in the view of divinity, but among men avoid envy.

By honouring a wise person, you will honour yourself.

Those who fear quiet fear their own mind.

Use lying like poison.

He who fears his own mind is never able to rest.

If you give your body more than it needs of anything, this causes an imbalance that can affect your mind adversely.

Every action is a chance to express divinity.

You have in yourself something of the nature of God, therefore make yourself a temple of God, on account of that which in you is the nature of God.

To emulate God, want for nothing.

Say the words you want to hear and do the actions you want to see more of in this world.

The use of all animals as food is indifferent, but it is more rational to abstain from them.

Remember that wise men often are little in the estimation of men when they are living, but of great renown when they are dead.


A good intellect is the best form of prayer.

A bad intellect is the worst of curses.

Honour that which is just, on the very account that it is just.

Honesty is consistency.

The foundation of piety is continence; but the summit of piety is the love of God.

Quiet is the voice of God.

Silence is the only description of the divine.

Nothing is to be rejected as everything is reflected.

The Magician considers it his sacred duty to remain in total control of his own being at all times.

Wish that what is expedient, and not what is pleasing, may happen to you.

Gold cannot be made to rush and virtue can not be touched by vice.

A temple, indeed, should be adorned with gifts, but the soul with disciplines.


Move your focus to being good, rather than to appear so.

The reason which is in you is the light of your life.

Darkness can not be cut with a sword but only dispelled by creating light.

Focus your heart on those things which no one can take from you.

Bear that which is necessary, as it is necessary.

Ask those things of the higher forces which it is worthy of such divine force to bestow.

Health is harmony inside, Enlightenment is being in harmony with all things outside.

Let the fish in the river dictate what you aim to catch.

View your place in the world as a common curator of all things after goodness.

Effortless excellence comes from harmonious joy. 

He is dear to divinity who considers those things alone to be precious which are esteemed to be so by divinity.

As the lesser mysteries are to be delivered before the greater, thus self control must come before enlightenment.

If you want to live a grand life do so by living rightly.

Esteem nothing so precious which a bad man may take from you.

Uncontrolled emotions are the beginnings of sorrows.

The stars came down to earth to help. You are one of those stars.

Make yourself a temple of truth and honesty. This will protect you from the harsh words of others.

Don’t expect divinity to work for you but rather through you.

Every thing which is more than necessary to man, is hostile to him.

Take courage; the race of man is divine.

Sacred nature reveals the most hidden mysteries.

If you would wish to be wise learn to love truth.

When you preside over men, remember that divinity also presides over you.

Be persuaded that the purpose of life is to live at one with divinity.

That which you wish your neighbour would be to you, so also be unto your neighbour.

You should not possess more than the use of the body requires.

By the healing of thy soul, thou wilt deliver it from all evils, from all afflictions.

Selfishness is the disease of the soul, but injustice and ignorance are the death of it.

He who uses his fellow man badly, uses himself badly.

Wish that you may be able to benefit your enemies.

In all your actions place God before your eyes.

Abstain thou from the meats, if you truly believe in nonviolence.

Leave thyself always to be guided and directed by the understanding that comes from above, and that ought to hold the reins.

After having divested thyself of thy mortal body, thou arrivest at the most pure Æther. Thou shalt be a God, immortal, incorruptible, and Death shall have no more dominion over thee.

Only by purifying your intentions can you gain a true vision of the world.

Let your senses be your teachers. Only say what you wish to hear, do what you wish you see, cultivate emotions that bring harmony inside while you take into your body what is healthy and healing.

Impure beings gather around a impure soul.

Match your speech to who you are with; focus on the next step on the path of goodness for them.

 It is dangerous, and the danger is not small, to speak of God even in things which are true.

 A true assertion respecting God is an assertion of God.

When talking to many different people use allegory.

He does not know God who does not worship Him.

The man who is worthy of God is also a God among men.

It is better to have nothing than to possess much and not give when others need.

Keep enthusiasm and focus befitting of someone taking up something new by exploring hidden aspects and subtle improvements in daily tasks.

Symbols help your mind reach the ideals you wish to bring into reality.

He who loves that which is not expedient, will not love that which is expedient.

The intellect of the wise man is always with divinity.

God dwells in the intellect of every man.

Every desire is insatiable, and therefore is always in want.

The wise man is always consistent.

To bring about positive change in your life first plant the seed, making sure the location and soil is sound. Water it and protect it. Make sure it has enough nutrients and light to grow. Soon it will grow and become strong. In time it will bear fruit.

To honour divinity the best, make your mind as divine as possible.

The wise man is governed by higher motives and on this account is blessed.

 A scientific knowledge of God causes a man to use few words.

To use many words when speaking of God, produces an ignorance of God.

The enlightened man will not be very ambitious in material things.

Accustom yourself always to look to Divinity.

A wise intellect is the mirror of God.

Be persuaded that things of a laborious nature often contribute more than pleasures to virtue.

Every vice of the soul is the seed of its salvation.

If you injure no one, you will fear no one.

World peace starts with inner peace.

No one is wise who looks down on others.

To lie is to deceive in life, and to be deceived.

When you recognise divine things, search inside as the divinity in you recognises these things.

 It is not death but dishonesty that destroys the soul.

If you know him by whom you were made, you will know yourself.

It is not possible for a man to live conformably to divinity, unless he acts modestly, well, and justly.

Divine Wisdom is true Science.

Do not speak of higher things to lesser souls.

When you follow divinity, divinity guides and protects your soul.

Pursue those things that bring out the best in you. 

Wish that those things which labour ought to precede, may be possessed by you after labour.

Honour kindness above all things, that it may rule over you.

Ask those things of God which you cannot receive from man.

Don’t look down on those things of which you will lack after you leave this body. Take advantage of the chances you have for experience now.

Only ask for blessings that are permanent.

If you wish to gain fame, be unwilling to do many things. For in a multitude of actions you will be minor.

Every cup should be sweet to you which extinguishes thirst.

Fly from intoxication as you would from insanity.

Invoke the one as a witness to whatever you do.

Assert that which possesses wisdom in you to be the true man.

Where that which is wise in you resides, there also is your good.


The fear of death renders a man sad through the ignorance of his soul.

You will not possess intellect until you understand that you have it.

Think that your body is the garment of your soul; and therefore preserve it pure.

You can only walk one path in life.

For an excellent life on all levels cultivate excellence in your soul in every way.

All the parts of human life, in the same manner as those of a statue, ought to be beautiful.

Frankincense ought to be given to the Gods, but praise to good men.

When the wise man opens his mouth, the beauties of his soul present themselves to the view, like the statues in a temple.

Remind yourself that all men assert that wisdom is the greatest good, but that there are few who strenuously endeavour to obtain this greatest good.

It is better to live lying on the grass, at peace with yourself, than to lie on a golden bed with perturbation.

Let go of all those things which when liberated from the body you will not want; invoke the higher powers to become your helpers.

Neither is it possible to conceal fire in a garment or a bad nature in colourful clothing.

Wind indeed increases fire, and awareness compassion.


Those alone are dear to Divinity who are hostile to injustice.

Now is the only time for you to be who you wish to be.

If you find yourself needing to hurt people to get what you want then your desires have gotten out of control.

Learn to listen to your emotions and know when to trust which ones.

Endeavour not to conceal your errors by words, but to remedy them by better actions.

If you see a failure in others, be sure to correct it in yourself.

Learn to listen to your emotions and know when to pay attention to their advice and when not to.

As a bodily disease cannot be healed if it be concealed or praised, thus a remedy cannot be applied to a bad habit, which is badly guarded and protected.

The grace of freedom of speech brings freedom of thought.

It is not proper either to have a blunt sword or to never learn to use your words skillfully.

Value people in your life who with a kind word correct your errors.

The life of the greedy resembles a funeral banquet. For though it has all things requisite to a feast, yet no one present rejoices.

Acquire self restraint as the greatest strength and wealth.

You become like those you associate with. Therefore find company superior to yourself.

It is impossible that he can be free who is a slave to himself.

If you wish to be cured of a bad habit, meditate on the outcomes of the bad habit and the blessings of the cure.

Either be silent, or say something better than silence.

Let it be more likely that you would throw a stone for no reason, than to utter a thoughtless word, for words have more power.

Do not say a few things in many words, but much in a few words.

Talent can be your greatest ally or the worst enemy.

Treat your country as a mother.

Travelling teaches a man adaptability and opens the mind.

To the wise man every land is eligible as a place of residence; for the whole world is the country of the worthy soul.

Do those things which you judge to be beautiful and valuable but don’t expect to become famous for it, for people are not good judges of what to appreciate.

Those that do not punish bad men, wish that good men may be injured.

Make sure your self control exceeds your power.

There is no gate of wealth so secure that the opportunity of fortune may not open it.

Expel by reasoning the unrestrained grief of a torpid soul.

It is the province of the wise man to bear poverty with equanimity.

Spare your life, lest you consume it with sorrow and care.

Old age is the beginning of a blessed life.

The soul is conjoined to the body through a certain punishment, and it is buried in this body as in a sepulchre.

Be succinct in speaking your truth.

Be vigilant in your intellectual part; for sleep about this has an affinity with real death.

Divinity sends evil to men, not as being influenced by anger, but for the sake of purification. Anger is foreign from Divinity, since it arises from circumstances taking place contrary to the will; but nothing contrary to the will can happen to a god.

When you deliberate whether or not you shall injure another, you will afterwards suffer the same yourself.

Study the art of either speaking or acting; it develops your awareness and brings the ability to recall your words and deeds.

Divinity does not principally esteem the tongue, but the deeds of the wise; for a wise man, even when he is silent, honours Divinity.

The wise man, being sent hither naked, should naked invoke Him by whom he was sent; for he alone is heard by Divinity, who is not burdened with foreign concerns.

It is impossible to receive in life any gift greater than virtue. Fools may ask you to offer money and treasure to God. Why would God consider some of the metal or stone of his own creation as more valuable than others?

A bad heart is a terrible ruler?.

It is better to converse more with yourself than others.

Act as if everyone sees all your actions.

Believe that you are furious and insane in proportion to your ignorance of yourself.

Chose a partner who will value you after your enlightenment as much as before.

You are the living talisman of your life. When you see your life is lacking something, produce the virtue inside you that will bring about that blessing.

Say the things the world needs to hear.

Esteem those to be eminently your friends who assist your soul rather than your body.

Aim not to impress others but to be genuinely impressive.

If you are inconsistent in your actions you make friends become your enemies, as they encourage actions they see expecting them to be repeated.

Nothing in this world is hidden, therefore be genuine.

Reason is frequently more persuasive than gold itself.

Everywhere use reason as your guide

The friendship of one wise man is better than that of every fool.

Don’t trust anyone who has not one worthy friend.

Many turn from their friends if, from affluence, they fall into adversity.

Equality is beautiful in everything; but excess brings harm.

He who loves no one does not appear to me to be loved by any one.

No one is free who has not obtained the empire of himself.

Labour, together with good intentions, precedes the acquisition of every good.

Do that which you judge to be beautiful and honest, though you should acquire no glory from the performance; for the people in charge of the world do not value beautiful deeds.

Make trial of a man rather from his deeds than his discourses; for many live badly and speak well.

Perform great things, at the same time promising nothing great.

Let your actions not your words define you

Since the roots of our nature are established in Divinity, from which we also

are produced, we should tenaciously adhere to our root. For streams of water, and other offspring of the earth, when their roots are cut off, become rotten and dry.

Base your life on a firm foundation, on your inner truth and calling. Don’t try to rely on friends or family to make you happy.

Yield all things to their kindred and ruling nature except liberty.

Learn how to produce eternal children, not such as may supply the wants of the body in old age, but such as may nourish the soul with perpetual food.

Keep your focus on goodness rather than happiness. Goodness is the goal; happiness is the messenger of success.

The Divinity has not a place in the earth more allied to his nature than a pure and holy soul.

Admit nothing as pleasant which is not advantageous.

The perfection of the soul will correct the body.

He who loves the goods of the soul will love things more.

Sin should be abstained from, not through fear, but for the sake of the becoming.

It is a great thing to be wise where we ought in calamitous circumstances.

He who does an injury is more unhappy than he who receives one.

It is the province of a magnanimous man to bear with mildness the errors of others.

Many who have not learnt to argue rationally and convincingly still live according to logic and reason.

Often people with poor self control and negative actions learn to speak well to cover this up.

Fools frequently become wise under the pressure of misfortunes.

It is necessary to emulate the works and actions, and not the words, of virtue.

Those who are naturally well disposed know things beautiful, and are themselves emulous of them.

Vigour and strength of body are the nobility of cattle; but the rectitude of manners is the nobility of man.

Neither art nor wisdom can be acquired without preparatory learning. Do not look down on those at the start of the journey.

It is better to reprove your own errors than those of others.

Those whose manners are well ordered will also be orderly in their lives.

It is good not only to refrain from doing an injury, but even from the very wish.

Many that have great learning have no intellect.

Develop your consciousness above all things.

It is better to get good advice before you do something, than to seek out comfort when you regret what you did.

A worthy and an unworthy man are to be judged not from their actions only, but also from their will.

Wise people only trust wise people.

A friend is someone who has a positive ongoing interest in the story of your life.

If you  get too focused on one thing in life you miss out on the rest.

Seek the things that do good and all goodness will be yours.

Respect yourself and this bring respect for others.

A man full of inner conflict is easy to upset.

Make sure you enjoy listening more than speaking.

Self defence is very important.

Envy leads people into useless conflicts.

Whenever someone gives you a gift or grants you a favour, be aware that the repayment tends to be higher in value.

Small favours seasonably bestowed become things of the greatest consequence to those who receive them.

Do not be discouraged by failure but rather enjoy seeing it fade away as you gently apply your best efforts to all undertakings.

The beneficent man is one who does not look to retribution, but who deliberately intends to do well.

Many who appear to be friends are not, and others, who do not appear to be friends, are so.

He is an agreeable old man who is facetious, and abounds in interesting anecdotes.

The beauty of the body is merely animal unless supported by intellect.

To find a friend in prosperity is very easy; but in adversity, it is the most difficult of all things.

Not all relations are friends, but those who accord with what is mutually advantageous.

Since we are all here alive and subject to the same risks and dangers, dont mock those who are suffering but aim to help.

Good scarcely presents itself, even to those who investigate it; but evil is obvious without investigation.

Men who delight to blame others are not naturally adapted to friendship.

Always remain the ruler in your kingdom.

It is the property of a divine intellect to be always intently thinking about the beautiful.

He who really believes in the unity of all things will act the same in private and in public.

Those who praise the unwise do them a great injury.

If you find yourself wishing to find fame, turn this passion to aid you in setting a genuine good example.

It is better to be praised by others than by oneself.

If you cannot reconcile to yourself the praises you receive, think that you are flattered.

The world is a scene; life is a transition. You came, you saw, you departed.

The world is a mutation: life a vain opinion.

Of all the rest of mankind, make him thy friend who distinguishes himself by his virtue. Always give ear to his mild exhortations, and take example from his virtuous and useful actions.

Use compassion when others err and remember your own shortcomings are often forgiven.

Talk not of your illnesses but see them as teachers and seek to cure them.

Admire othes not too easily, nor reject them.

Use patience and calmness as your armour and sword.

Never do anything which thou dost not understand.

In no wise neglect the health of thy body.

Accustom thyself to a way of living that is neat and decent without luxury.

Avoid all things that will occasion envy.

Balance is the key to all things.

Keep aware of yourself and make sure any correction is with you first.

Never begin to set thy hand to any work, till thou hast first prayed to the gods to accomplish what thou art going to begin. When thou hast made this habit familiar to thee,thou wilt know the constitution of the Immortal Gods and of men.

Listen to the tune of the universe and learn to dance to it.

Look around you and see how the unskillful bring their fears to them as they cannot adapt or change what they do.

The name of your presence is Harmony.

Find a way to flow and adapt to situations so that your light can shine wherever you are.

Beauty is not happiness but happiness is beauty.

Every moment is a chance to be enlightened.

Clairvoyance is when the forces inside are in such harmony and control that they can tune into the vibrations around you. Hallucinations caused by mental illness occur when the inner forces are so conflicted that you lose understanding and believe some are external.

If you find yourself plagued by negativity then give that inner voice a loud artistic expression until things balance inside.

If you undertake interests or actions in private that you would not wish to be known, then inner conflict will result. If however you keep all actions in line with your greater calling, great momentum will well up, adding power to all your mental faculties.

Turn your demons to art.

You are a garment of the divine.

Our material affairs are like an asana. Make sure they are solid, healthy and well aligned so they don't disturb us, but do not keep fiddling with them or make them the focus.

Nurture your vices into the virtues they are trying to be.

Purify yourself with good intentions.

Make your home in a place with a good ruler, creditor, river and physician.

Often talk is best answered with silence as often the best course of action is stillness.

It is far easier to practice good habits than to stop bad habits.

Be on your guard against tempting foods, wine and pleasurable actions. Fill your heart with faith instead.

Death is a dart already thrown, your lifespan is the time it takes to reach you.

Weapons are no use to cowards. Philosophy is no use to those who do not act.


They who live as if they will never die, die feeling like they have never lived.

The hermetic adept does ordinary things in an extraordinary way.

God-like abilities and divine competence are the only true proof of divinity.


To be in heaven you need to die first.

Some spiritual teachers create status with clothing, special titles and vows of obedience. None of these are needed if the guide is genuine. A genuine teacher is one you follow because of their knowledge, competence and skill, rather than artificially created authority.

Often an illness comes from an imbalance which needs to be addressed. Through this you can find a cure and also discover hidden lessons of the self.

Say the words you want to hear and do the actions you want to see more of in this world.

Goodness, awareness and truth all come together.

A genuine spiritual school is a constellation of stars, not a pyramid with one light on the peak.

Many people question why divinity does not take action to end evil, not knowing in their forgetfulness that they themselves are that divine solution.

Let every word, thought, and action count.

The adept is the one who does ordinary things in extraordinary ways.

Learn to tell the difference between what is true and what feels pleasing.

Allow inner calm to be your power. Let it become armour against hardships and salve for inner rebellion. Use calmness as a bridge to greater awareness and appreciation of small things. Use it as a tool to bring focus and fastidiousness in to all aspects of life.

Be the power of balance in life. When it's hot, help your body cool with your mind; when it’s cold practice bringing warmth. In situations of inappropriate anger be the calm in situation of entrenched sadness bring joy. Be the catalyst for the next step of improvement wherever you go.

Sit in the presence of those that impress you. This will allow you to become like them.

Ascend the ladder to divinity which is used by nature to enter the world.

Let the all lead you to the One.

Learn to observe without a need to interact.

One of the greatest blessings you can bring to your life is the ability to make clear decisive decisions and stick to them.

Endeavour to be unmoved by trifles and small faults of others. Your indifference will stop many bad seeds from growing.

A mortals breath only goes as far as his chest; the immortal breathes all the way to his feet.

Enlightenment is learning to focus on how things are rather than how you think they should be.

There are so many people seeking status by claiming secret knowledge, special lineage, contact with higher beings or powers but few who become genuinely respected because they shine forth genuine harmony and honesty and kindness.

There is no need for cement in the perfect building, there are no gods to those who see the oneness of all things.

If noble people hold back from grasping power then who will hold it?

We all have innate genuine wholesome desires: we wish to be successful, powerful, good and genuinely respected. When we find it hard to meet these goals we reach towards them in confused imbalanced ways. The goals become corrupted and we seek shortcuts to obtain them replacing success with delusion, power with dominance, good with pleasure and respect with fame. Go back to the original pure state of self.

If fear holds you back look to befriend what you would wish to do if it left you.

Often the best way to help someone is to allow them to experience the consequences of their own actions

In our spiritual paths we should note the daily disciplines we find hard to stick to. Our shortcomings have meaning and reflect in other aspects of our life too.

The difference between a siren and mermaid is often in the one observing them.

Great things happen when frustration becomes resolve.

If everyone around you seems to be fixated on trivialities then you might need to make sure you have not become obsessed.

Master your passions or your passions will master you.

Only trust those who recognise what is of value in this world to advise you on what  is to be cultivated in the other planes.

one day everything you have gathered will be left behind and you will only take what you have given

If you don’t teach then you have not learned.

Take food as your medicine and medicine as your food.

Your heart lasts a long time and can work constantly because it rests after every beat.

It does not require many words to speak the truth

Make your lifestyle toxic to failure.

Your meditation practice is very important, as during your practice you create vibrations that become your new way of daily being. How you practice is how you live.

A Prayer to Agathos Daimon

I call to you for favor, my own good spirit, my Agathos Daemon, my companion through life.

From the day of my birth you have walked next to me, turned me from all evil, kept me safe from those who would do me harm.

In days of old, kind spirit, you received offerings of strong wine, you were honored at great banquets and in the home.

Faithful one, unfailing guardian of my luck, I turn to you for counsel when I am in doubt, for direction when I am uncertain.

Mild and helpful spirit, I thank you for your guidance, I thank you for your blessings.


In ancient times the practitioners of the Western tradition had a clear vision of the total goal of their path.

The master teachers of the day aimed not only to convey as accurately as possible the true nature of the spiritual journey, but also to help the student clearly see their destination. The term used for this was often “Eudaemonia” or “True Success”. The term eudaimonia is a philosophical term to denote true and complete happiness; a flourishing on all levels. The derivation of the word is as follows: ‘eu’ meaning ‘well’, and ‘daimôn’ meaning ‘spirit’. To connect with the idea we need to imagine a situation where everything in your life is flourishing; good mood, good fortune, good friends, the right job, the right place. Picture contagious prosperity that amplifies throughout the whole of your life. In modern terminology, we would perhaps use the term “Adepthood” to express the same idea. Total self-perfection and success through harmony and oneness.

Written in the form a letter to a genuine seeker on this path, this book brings this ancient wisdom into modern language. The work guides the reader in the path of self perfection and answers common questions and misunderstandings that still persist to this day and brings the reader’s understanding firmly to the true Hermetic path and a true vision of Adepthood.