Advanced Art Honors 2                 Spring Syllabus 2019            Klenow

About Advanced Art Honors 2; Students take Advanced  Honors Art 2 to create a body of work that is of the highest quality, shows originality, and risk-taking. A variety of media, materials, and design approaches are explored throughout the year. Entering art contests is expected and encouraged.  Students build a portfolio (body of work) that shows mastery of media and a variety of techniques.

75% in class work

                15% sketchbook work including weekly WARMUPS

                10% Quizzes



Due 1/24-25  Texture drawing

Add an unlikely texture to an object of your choice.

OR Capture It Rain Barrel Water Contest  for city of Raleigh Due Feb. 1st. - see flier from class.(prizes; $500 and publication)

Due 2/14-15 Doodle Word 2 page Drawing- Use one of your emotion words from your emo bag. Write it big and bold across 2 pages of your book, then fill the remainings space with doodles in pen or marker, add line weights and shading.

January/February Class Work students will complete the following by February  28th.  Project grades are worth 75% of the average

Emo Bag Drawing

Express emotions and technique by unique still life drawing of paper bags.  Illustrate 2 out of 3 randomly assigned emotions.

Watercolor Review- practice techniques, skills, and composition


CLASS WORK --Hand Composition

  • Choose a concept/issue; class, bullying, heritage, race, communication, etc….
  • Draw hands in 3 or more different poses, create a cohesive interesting composition, convey your concept/message.  You may use any media.


March Homework students will complete the following by March  30th.  Project grades are worth 75% of the average

Due 3/7-8 Impossible shoes, Draw an outrageous shoe concept; think steampunk, surrealism, anthropomorphize

Due 3/21-22 Portrait Photo shoot

Use yourself or a friend or family member.  Use GOOD light and capture at least 3 strong portraits.  

March Class Work students will complete the following by March  30th.  Project grades are worth 75% of the average

Shoe Design-

Product Design in 2D Then Digital or 3D

  • Planning/sketching
  • Choose best of 3 ideas to create in digital design or sculpture form
  • Alternative option, paint on blank canvas shoes




Due 4/11-12 Color in your FACE - Get inspired by Alvaro Tapia. Draw a portrait, then fill with unusual colors combinations


BIG Portrait in Design   a portrait combined with an element or principle of your choice.

Review proportion rules,

  •  choose 1 element or principle of design to focus on; Pattern, movement, harmony, color, texture, etc.
  •  then photograph yourself or a friend/family member for your model;
  •   Use any media, WORK BIG


Class Work



Study Giuseppe Arcimboldo

And Laura Ball

Create a dual image;

  1. A silhouette
  2. A pile of things



Due 5/2-3  Unexpected Spectrum

Draw a something on the “emo” side of life, something that makes you scared, depressed, or uncomfortable, then apply a spectrum in a surprising way.

Use collage if you like

See Moon Patrol

BOOK DUE -5/23-24

  1. Front and back Cover
  2. Craftsmanship
  3. sketches/planning
  4. At least 5 homework drawings from S2
  5. Book Play/Style
  6. Warm Ups