Current Needs List

Dear Friends,

 As you know we depend on our community to help meet the needs of the families we serve.  The needs of these people are such, that we operate in a more specific way to achieve our giving objectives.  

We are filling the gaps that aren’t reached by our partners and  friends at the other homeless shelters.  

The following is a list of items that will enable us to continue helping the most vulnerable of our community throughout the year.

For your convenience, we have provided links to the items we prefer, but please feel free to donate  similar items if you can find a lower price or want to purchase a smaller quantity.

Items can be mailed to us at:

13626 W Baldcypress St.

Ste. 119

Boise, Idaho  83713


Dropped off at our Counseling Center Saturday and Sunday Between 10am and 2pm.

3350 W Americana Terrace

Ste. 100

Boise, Idaho  83706

Finally, we all want to thank you for your support,

Warmest Regards,

Tim Flaherty, Executive Director,

Current Needs List:

Current Needs List Continued:

Gas Gift Card ($25) Maverick

McDonald’s ($5-$25)

Jack in the Box ($5-$25)

Del Taco ($5-$25)

Subway ($5-$25)