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Title IX Team Training for HC website
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2020 Regulations Requirement: Posting of Training Materials

Per the 2020 Title IX Regulations issued by the Office of Civil Rights (OCR), U. S. Department of Education, recipients must post on their institutional websites the training materials used to train members of their Title IX teams.  Below are links to training materials from ATIXA (the Association of Title IX Administrators) and Dan Schorr, LLC that have been utilized by Huntingdon College.  This listing will be updated as needed.

ATIXA (Association of Title IX Administrators)

ATIXA Training webpage (click here to access training materials)


Climate Surveys, VAWA Compliance and Strategic Prevention

Title IX Compliance & Athletics

Investigator Level Four

Title IX Compliance and Athletics


Civil Rights Investigator Level Four (Trainer Training, What Title IX Coordinators Need to Know About Advocacy, Prevention, and Trauma)

504 Coordinator


Title IX Hearing Advisor Certification Training

Hearing Officer & Decision-Maker Certification Training

Mock Hearing

Title IX Coordinator & Administrator Level One Certification Training

Regulations Implementation Training & Certification Course

Investigator Certification Training Level Three

Investigator Certification Training Level One

OCR Title IX Regulations Level 4


Rationale Writing Workshop for Decision-Makers and Investigators

Consent Workshop: A Comprehensive Understanding of Consent Theory and Practice

504/ADA Coordinator

1P2P (One Policy/Two Processes) Parts I, II, and III

Title IX Investigator Level Two Certification

Title IX Investigator Level Four Certification

Title IX Coordinator Level Four Certification

Title IX Coordinator Level Five Certification


Title IX Coordinator Level Three: Compliance and Case Management

Civil Rights Investigator Three: Sexual Violence/Sexual Harassment Case Processing and Resolution

VAWA Reauthorization 2022: Implications for the Title IX Field

Single-Sex Programming and Disparate Treatment in Title IX

Title IX and Athletics for Higher Education

Title IX Investigator Level Four Certification

DEI Practitioner: Level One

Informal Resolution One: Foundations

What the Title IX Team Needs to Know About Stalking Allegations

Title IX Coordinator Two: Additional Topics for New & Experienced Coordinators


Solutions for Managing Intake, Jurisdiction, and Dismissal in the Title IX Grievance Process Workshop

Civil Rights Investigator Two: Advanced

Dan Schorr, LLC (click here to access training materials)


Reluctant Witnesses and the New Regs

Title IX Hearings: Ten Potential Challenges to Anticipate

Title IX Hearings: Ten MORE Potential Challenges to Anticipate

Misconduct Complaints

Navigating Electronic Evidence in Misconduct Investigations

Conducting Climate Investigations

Individual Wishes vs. Risk of Harm

Investigating New Complaints of Old Misconduct

Implementing Restorative Justice in Title IX and Misconduct Response

Considerations for Building a Title IX Advisor Pool

Conducting Title IX Hearings After the Cardona Decision

Title IX Hearings: Lessons Learning in 2021


Title IX and Civil Rights Webinar - IX Issues to Consider in 2022

Decision Makers: Best Practices and Challenges

Title IX Offices:Structure and Staffing for Success

Justice Delayed, Justice Denied: Conducting Timely Investigations and Hearings

We Need to Talk About Something: Title IX Hearings


Title IX and Civil Rights Webinar - Title IX Advisors