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       DMIS Newsletter

                             September 2017 

  A Message from Dr. Wygal

Dear Generals,

It has been a great start to the school year! It really is an exciting time! We still are learning lessons as we go and will continue to do so as the school year evolves.

As we enter this month, we have a few service projects going on to support those in need from the devastating hurricanes that have affected parts of the country. We are also beginning intramurals this month with some pretty exciting activities taking place.

Please know that I am happy to help make your student’s experience at DMIS a positive one. Please email me at or call the school should you ever have questions or concerns. I am happy to assist. Please realize that a great deal of our success in your child’s education depends on the active involvement of the parents and guardians. I encourage you to be involved, ask questions, help with solutions, and be a partner with us in this journey of education success. Your student is valuable to us and working together is key.  

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Matthew Wygal, Ed.D

        September  is School Attendance Month

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What’s Happening at DMIS


 Time & Location


September 11-15

  • M-Th DMIS Intramurals 3:30pm - 4:30pm

September 18-22

  • M-Th DMIS 3:30pm - 4:30pm
  • 18th: DMIS Auditorium 6:30pm
  • PTO Meeting

September 25-29

  • M-Th DMIS 3:30pm -4:30pm
  • 26th: DMIS Auditorium  6:30am-3:30pm
  • DMIS Intramural
  • DMIS School Pictures

DMIS Intramurals

Daniel Morgan faculty and staff members offer after school activities for all DMIS students, who are in good standing. Intramurals are Monday thru Thursday from 3:30-4:25. A list of activities offered will be sent home with your child at the beginning of each month on the monthly newsletter.  The sessions will be a month to month schedule, meaning the activities may be changing each month.


The activities may vary each session and some clubs may meet year round. Each student needs a signed permission slip to be able to attend any intramural. You only need to turn in one permission slip per child per year; it will cover all intramural activities they attend. These slips do not obligate your child to stay each day. They are free to attend whenever they choose. Please make sure you communicate with your student if they are staying so as a family you are all on the same page.


Transportation home from the intramural is provided by the Winchester City School System buses. Students must ride these buses home unless the student gives the supervising teacher a note from a parent giving them written permission to be picked up or walk home. If you have any questions please contact Mr. Jeremy States at 667-7171 extension 75206 or at states Please sign and return the attached permission slip to the office.

You can go to the DMIS website for the Intramural Schedule by clicking the link below or typing in the web address provided: 

Intramural Page



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Beginning Band students have been working their way through the instrument exploratory and having a great time making lots of sounds! We will conclude instrument trials and selection on Friday, September 8. Students will bring home information that day about what instrument they will be playing and how parents can obtain an instrument. Our goal is for all students to have an instrument ready to play by Thursday, September 14. If parents have any questions about instrument selection or supplies, please get in touch! or or call the school.