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LMHS Student Registration Letter 2023-2024
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Lunenburg Middle-High School

2023-2024 Student Registration

Welcome to Lunenburg!

To begin the registration process, you can submit your entire enrollment packet via email by filling out the forms linked below. The finished online forms will be automatically sent to Lunenburg Public Schools and a receipt for each form will be emailed to the person who submitted it.

You must make an appointment and come to the TC Passios Building, 1025 Massachusetts Avenue, Lunenburg, MA to finish the registration process with Deb Aro, Central Registration Secretary. Please call 978-582-4100 X5229 or email to make your appointment.

Please complete all linked forms below prior to your appointment and bring the required additional documentation with you. You may also scan and email required documents to Deb Aro at, with the exception of the original birth certificate that will need to be presented in person and copied.

For LMHS questions only contact Patricia Foster, Lunenburg Middle-High School Registrar, at (978) 582-4115 X1235 or

Proof of Residency Documentation:

All applicants must submit at least three proofs of residency, one from each column below. Documents must be pre-printed with the name and address of the student’s parent/guardian and must be presented at the time of registration. These documents are also required for any change of address or for re-enrollment. Kindergarten registrations need to bring these forms at the time of registration. 

Disclaimer: Students who are homeless, in foster care, or with military connected families are immediately enrolled whether or not they can produce the registration information at the time of enrollment. Families that cannot produce documentation should contact the Homeless Liaison for Lunenburg Public Schools - Julianna Hanscom, Director of Special Services, at (978) 582-4100 x5213 or

Column A

Column B

Column C

Copy of most recent mortgage payment

Utility bill (gas, oil, electric or water)

Valid MA photo driver’s license with Lunenburg street address (not just a P.O. box)

Copy of current Purchase & Sale Agreement

Telephone or cell phone bill

Current MA vehicle registration with Lunenburg street address (not just a P.O. box)

Copy of Lease (including HUD leases) and record of most recent rent payment

Cable or internet bill or work order

Valid MA photo identification card with Lunenburg street address (not just a P.O. box)

Notarized legal affidavit from landlord affirming tenancy and record of most recent rent payment

House or rental insurance bill or statement

Current W2 form

Section 8 Agreement

Credit card or bank statement

Current excise (vehicle) tax bill

Current property tax bill

Letter from approved government agency (DFS)

Credit card or bank statement

DOCUMENTS TO BRING WITH YOU AT YOUR REGISTRATION APPOINTMENT: (registration cannot be completed without the following)

Online Registration Process:

Please read and fill out the online registration forms below. After submission, a copy of the completed form will be emailed to you for your records. Please note that the forms need to be completed in one sitting (i.e. you cannot save and return to complete) and a Google email is NOT required.


Proof of Residency (updated March 2022) - please review

Student Information Form - required

Student Record Release Form - required if your student attended another school/program 

Emergency Form - required      The Student Emergency Form is required each year to collect student health information and consent for emergency care. Please complete a new form each school year or as information changes. Please note that the form needs to be completed in one sitting (i.e. you cannot save and return to complete). 

Custody Form - required

Transportation Survey - this required form is available from Deb Aro at

Parental Notification Regarding English Language Education - please review

Home Language Survey - required

ELE Program Resources: District-Family Communications - English Language Learners

Click the link above to find the Home Language Survey and other resources translated into multiple languages. Please reach out if you need assistance.

Chromebook Information - please review

Chromebook Agreement - required

Google for Education Account Permission Form - required

LHS Naviance Account Setup - required for grades 9-12

LHS MCAS Information - required for grades 9-12

Acceptable Use Policy Students Approved 04-04-2012 - please review

FERPA Notification - please review

Compliance Notification - please review


Household Free & Reduced School Meals Application 

In School Year 2023-2024, all students will receive free breakfast and lunch at school. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has provided money to do this for another year through the State budget. We need your help to keep providing free meals to all students in future years. Please fill out this application for free and reduced price school meals. If many families fill out and return this form, we will receive more money from the federal government for free school meals now and in the future. We will also get more money for other school programs. The information you provide is confidential. We follow strict federal rules to keep your information private.

If you are not receiving Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits and have been approved for free or reduced-price school meals, you may be eligible for SNAP which provides monthly financial assistance to purchase groceries to Massachusetts residents who qualify. Find out if you are eligible for SNAP today by calling Project Bread's Food Source Hotline at 1-800-645-8333 and a counselor can help you apply over the phone. You can also apply on your own online at DTA Connect: 

Please open the Food Services FAQ that answers many questions about the Household Free & Reduced School Meal application process. If you have other questions, please reach out to our Food Services Director, Nadine Lorenzen 


OPTIONAL PAPER VERSION (application needs to be downloaded, printed and returned to school):

LHS Release of Student Information to Military Recruiters Or College/University Recruiters OPT OUT - only submit if you object to the release of directory information

Volunteer Form - not required & CORI Form would need to be submitted with copy of your license

CORI Form - only submit if planning to volunteer in school or classroom

Created July 2022. Updated 1 April 2024