Seattle Farm Co-op

Nov. 30, 2017

Ray, Christy, Kaitlyn call in that represents a quorum



Christy is finalizing numbers with the accountant. We continue to just make our payments. A full report will be delivered at the annual meeting.

New Space:

Christy reported that the Lynwood space continues to be our only option. It is less expensive than a storage space and we can operate out of it. The board agreed they had looked at a number of spaces and we are being priced out of Seattle. We will start negotiations with the manager there. We agreed there needs to be a south end pickup spot as well as the West Seattle and North End. A proposal was discussed to put a pop up at ACEI. Ray will draft a proposal to start negotiating that space.

Delivery model:

With the loss of a true retail space, we agreed the delivery model was our best option. Narissa will look into a vehicle and necessary insurance. We have a possibility of sharing a truck. Christy will look into that.

 Plan for annual meeting:

We discussed how to organize the meeting. Ray will welcome to site and set stage. Christy will give financials and describe our possible Lynwood space. Kaitlyn and Ray will discuss need for more board members and the fact we will not have elections this year, as we are short members. Meeting will be at ACEI from 5 to 6 on Dec. 2, 2017. A notice has already gone out to members.

Banking Business:

It was unanimously voted that we change the check signing and banking privileges as follows:

  1. Remove Meredith Holladay as she is no longer a board member
  2. Add Kaitlyn Van Nostrand as the new Secretary
  3. Add Christy Cusick as the warehouse manager

The meeting was adjourned and best wishes were shared.

Ray Williams