1. Is wrestling popular in your country?  How popular is it as a high school sport?  How popular is it as a professional sport?

2. Is wrestling only for men, or can women enjoy wrestling as well?

3. Do you like wrestling?  Do you frequently wrestle with your friends?

4. When you were a child, did you ever get in trouble for wrestling?  (Example: you were wrestling in the house, and you broke your mother’s lamp)

5. Do you ever watch wrestling on TV?  Do you have a favorite wrestler?

6. What skills does a good wrestler need?

7. Would you like to be a professional wrestler? Why or why not?

8. Have you ever been to see a wrestling match live?  If not, would you like to?

9. Is wrestling a dangerous sport?  What can be done to prevent injuries in wrestling matches?

10. Why do you think wrestling is so popular in many countries?

11. Do you think that watching or playing wrestling could cause people to become more violent in real life?

12. Which is more important in wrestling: speed or strength?

13. Imagine you and your partner were wrestling each other.  Who do you think would win?  Why?

14. Imagine you and the teacher were wrestling.  Who would win?  Why?