Nicholas Tuck


Programmer Portfolio:


Growth minded, agile oriented, software gardener, interested in creating innovative, efficient software that will help make people awesome.

“Technology innovation isn’t about giving people what they want but what they don’t know they need.”



Java, Maven, Spring Framework, JMS, MongoDB, MySQL/Oracle/SQL Server, JUnit, Spock/Mockito/Hamcrest, .NET, C++, C, Visual Basic, and MatLab.

Web + Mobile

JavaScript, Typescript, Angular1/5, Ionic, Cordova, NPM, RequireJS/Browserify/Webpack, Grunt/Gulp, Mocha/Chai, Protractor, JQuery, CSS/SASS/LESS, Dart, Backbone, PHP, Flex/Flash, Websockets/STOMP, XML/JSON, XSLT, HTML and Photoshop/Adobe Products.


Windows, Unix, *nix, Mercurial/Git/CVS/SVN, InelliJ IDEA/Eclipse/Netbeans/Visual Studio, Jenkins, Sonar, Atlassian Toolset (Jira, FishEye, Crucible), Tomcat/Apache/Glassfish App Server/nginx/Azure


Sr. Software Gardener, Proxibid

Omaha, Nebraska — 2018-Present

  • Responsible catalyst to rebuild the development & technology department to an agile, iterative and learning culture.

Sr. Software Engineer, Aviture

Omaha, Nebraska — 2014-2018

  • Team lead of cross-functional teams working a multi-year government contract supporting UAV mission execution teams.
  • Kicked off an agile project reinventing an outdated web app sharing geospatial data statically over google earth to a modern, multi-functioning, collaborative web application utilizing Cesium.
  • Built productive development environment for multiple web projects including Dart apps using Pub and Grinder and Javascript/Typescript projects using NPM, Gulp, Browserify and Webpack.
  • Implemented best practices for using Mocha/Chai with Karma and Protractor for Angular testing.
  • Designed and Implemented real time collaboration of full motion video metadata and live UAV geospatial data over websockets utilizing STOMP with Java Spring and SockJS with Angular.
  • Team lead for prototyping mobile application to showcase what troubleshooting locomotives from a tablet could be in the future. Utilized Ionic/Cordova + D3 frameworks on top of Angular to accomplish the prototype.
  • Team lead for multi-year contract supporting a health company transition patients from hospitals to post acute care facilities. Re-created and modernized customer’s web portals utilizing Typescript, Webpack, Angular(1 & 2+), Foundation, Covalent, as well as created iOS and Android mobile apps utilizing Ionic(1 & 2+)  and Cordova to have nearly equal functionality.  Integrated push notifications for mobile apps to increase communication and help get patients healthier faster. Created automated system level tests for site and mobile utilizing Protractor. Server implementation built on existing Java Spring REST services.
  • Team lead of apartment management software startup. Overhauled existing ASP.NET project to a more stable, supportable and ready for market product. This included bug reduction, performance tuning, usable logging infrastructure, deployment to Azure and improved architecture away from stored procedures to reusable logic tiers.
  • Productionalized front end redesign of Sony Pictures Store. Improved stability and quality with rigorous testing of many environments including mobile and effectively eliminating bugs and increasing consistency of experience. Supported production launch of redesign. Project was a mix of Angular, Backbone, Bootstrap and LESS.

Software Engineer, Air Force Weather Agency

Bellevue, Nebraska — 2009-2014

  • Worked as a DOD contractor which consisted heavily of Java EE web applications.
  • Primary contract entailed visualizing and caching weather data and processed imagery. This was accomplished utilizing EHCache libraries and introduced Terracotta to achieve a scalable caching architecture.
  • Learned to work with and manage extremely volatile data while serving that data in real-time via standard services to multiple client interfaces, including Flex and JavaScript applications of our own.  
  • Front end applications consisted of mapping technologies (OpenLayers, OpenScales, Google Maps, FlexiWeather) to visualize weather imagery and data services (WMS, WFS) in real time environments.  High performance around the world was achieved through proper use of http/web standards, caching solutions, unique tiling algorithms and exploitation of existing architecture.
  • Prompted and integrated MVC standards into multiple projects using SpringMVC, Spring Integration and RobotLegs frameworks.
  • Modernized a legacy metsat/satellite processing application to use up to date java standards, the Spring Framework, hibernate, unit and integration level tests. While modernizing we added new mosaicing functionality and improved performance of the application by 10x.
  • Helped organize and lead an inter-organization web enterprise team workshop.
  • Prototyped and setup enterprise distributed development tool sets and drove correct adoption of them: Mercurial, Atlassian Tools, Maven etc.
  • Researched and implemented Agile Scrum across multiple projects.
  • Grew adoption of development best practice throughout the enterprise including TDD, Pair Programming and Continuous Integration. Achieved this through practice, brown bag presentations, coding dojos (randoris), servant leadership & other culture changing techniques.
  • Introduced and implemented many advanced JavaScript practices including Unit Testing, Object Inheritance, RequireJS and utilizing tools like IntelliJ in daily development.
  • Prototyped and shipped the first Space Weather net-centric WFS data services as well as used JavaScript best practices to visualize the data utilizing AMCharts, inheritance and RequireJS.

Agile for Defense Meetup Organizer

Bellevue, Nebraska — 2013-Present

  • Helped organize the Agile for Defense Meetup which includes facilitating meetups, presenting topics on Agile and its application in the defense industry.
  • Presentations included Scrum Discovery, Extreme Programming and Retrospectives.                            

Senior Web Developer, Quick Connect Computer Services

Lincoln & Omaha, Nebraska — 2008-2012

  • Developed and maintained web services ranging from simple web sites to complex web systems including in depth custom content management systems and custom web software for businesses.
  • Was project manager as well as handled customer relations ranging from new customer consultations to upset customers with critical problems.
  • Kept projects on time and employees on task as well as contributing to the marketing of the business for Quick Connect, including the computer repair side of the business.
  • Implemented version control and continuous integration into over 50 projects.
  • Setup and maintained web Atlassian Tool sets to support remote work: Jira, Confluence, and Fisheye.

Web Developer, Brad's Web Design

Lincoln, Nebraska — 2006-2008

  • Created and maintained the back end of a dynamic web site editor in PHP and MySQL.
  • The project referred to as the 'Sandbox' was constructed from scratch entirely by myself and includes information editing, picture gallery, and a compact calendar for use by beginner users/clients.
  • Also worked on many individual flash projects for specific sites as well as help setup each site with CSS and use through the Sandbox.


Scrum Professional Certification (CSP)

Actively applied agile scrum for over 2 years and passed the Certified Scrum Professional exam.

Scrum Master Certification (CSM)

Studied agile scrum and trained under Brian Rabon of Braintrust Software to become a Certified Scrum Master.

Second Place: Annual Programming Competition in South Dakota

Participated in a competition environment and gained experience in programming skills and working under pressure.


University of Nebraska Lincoln


Major: Computer Science - Emphasis in Algorithms and Algorithm Analysis
Minors: Math, Physics