AISL Board of Directors 2022-2023

Sean Robinson (Chairperson)

Sean Robinson has served on the board as a U.S. Ambassador-appointed member since August 2021. He is the Chair of the Governance and a member of all other Committees. Sean moved to Zambia in 2020, with his wife and daughter, Grade 7.  Sean is the Consular Section Chief at the U.S. Embassy, where he supports the American Citizen community in Zambia through the issuance of U.S. passports, Consular Reports of Birth Abroad and notarial services.  Sean began his career in public service while serving in the U.S. Navy. He also served as a civil servant for the Department of Homeland Security before joining the U.S. Foreign Service in 2011.  He has a Bachelor's degree from the University of Notre Dame, and Masters Degrees from Marymount University and Georgetown University.  Sean understands that the success of the school is extremely important to the entire community in Lusaka, and is eager to help AISL prepare for the challenges of the future.

Aki Georgiou (Vice Chair)

Aki Georgiou has served as a local elected member of the AISL Board of Directors since August 2018. He currently is an active member of the Building committee (since 2014), and a member of the Legal/Ownership committee (2019). He was the chair of the Ad-hoc (Temporary) Marketing Committee in 2019. Aki has 2 children attending AISL, his daughter in grade 3 and his son in Grade 7. Both kids have blossomed under the guidance of AISL. Aki is a Permanent Resident of Zambia. He has spent his working life in the digital printing and advertising industry. He was the Co-Founder and owner of Grandad Digital Printing and is currently the CEO of Six Light Media. Nothing is more important than family to Aki. Keeping his children close, in a school that has high international standards, teaches them independence and at the same time makes it fun is why Aki and his kids and love AISL.

David Burrows

David Burrows’ two children joined the Early Learning Center soon after he arrived in Zambia in 2009. He joined the Board in September 2020 as.  His kids are now in 9th and 11th grades, both looking forward to completing their education at AISL. David appreciates that AISL exposes his children to diverse perspectives, challenges them academically and fosters a welcoming community. He is excited to contribute to AISL achieving its mission and vision. David began his international career as a Volunteer in Peace Corps/Malawi’s Health Program and now works for Jhipego, an affiliate of Johns Hopkins University, managing public health projects in partnership with Zambia’s Ministry of Health. He enjoys adventures exploring Zambia, introducing the kids to classic movies from his childhood, and watching his son stay up all night to experience the joy of his favorite team winning the Super Bowl.

Shawna Hirsch

Shawna has served on the AISL Board of Directors since August 2021 as an elected US representative. She is a Chair of the Finance Committee and also a member of the Building Committee. She has children in Grades 11, 8, 6 and one who graduated last year. Previously, she served on the Board for the International School of Uganda (ISU) (2018-2020) and the American International School of Monrovia (2013-2015). Shawna works for USAID/Zambia where she supports conservation of forests, wildlife and wildlands, clean energy, and  sustainable economic development. In her previous career, she was a science teacher in both public and private schools in the USA. Having both taught and served on the board gives her insight into the need for strong governance structures in place that give community voice to educational and administrative systems and partner with the head of school, principals and teachers to ensure high-quality, inclusive educational opportunities and foster a sense of community.

Dr. Raj Sharma

Raj has served on the board as a local elected member since August 2021. He is a Zambian citizen and holds a DBA in Business leadership, an MBA in Finance, a PGDip in Law and attended the OPM at Harvard Business School. As a founding member of JEWEL OF AFRICA, he has contributed to its organic growth as Zambia’s leading vertically integrated Jewelry company for over 28 years. Jewel Of Africa mines emeralds, cuts and polishes top quality jewels, designs and manufactures high jewelry, has several retail outlets and exports world-class jewelry, manufactured in Zambia by Zambians. He has a proven track record in being a credible decision maker and being able to find strategic solutions to business challenges using knowledge, an extensive local network and sound principles of corporate governance. His daughter and nephew have been at the American International School since kindergarten and will hopefully be there until they finish high school.

Dr. David Howlett

David was elected to the AISL board in 2022 and is a member of the governance and building and maintenance committees. David works in the Economic Growth and Environment office at USAID/Zambia, managing programs that improve the economic wellbeing of Zambians through agriculture, nutrition, trade, and water and sanitation projects. David is the proud dad of a second and fourth grader in the primary school. David seeks to improve transparency of the school board and maintain AISL on strong economic footing.

Amy Monsarrat

Amy joined the AISL Board of Directors this year as a U.S. Ambassador-appointed member.  She is a member of the Finance Committee and the Building Committee.  Amy moved to Lusaka in September 2022 with her spouse and son who is in Grade 7.   From 2019 to 2022, Amy served on the Board for the International School of Krakow (ISK).  While at ISK, she chaired the Search Committee for their new Director and served as Board Chair in her final year.   Amy is currently the financial manager for the U.S. Embassy in Lusaka.  She has also worked for U.S. Embassies in Poland, Madagascar, and Guyana.  Prior to her government service, she was Senior Director of Global Operations at Conservation International and worked at several smaller NGOs in the U.S. and Asia.  Amy’s first career was as an astrophysicist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center.  She looks forward to exploring Zambia and engaging with the community and the Board to maintain the long-term financial health and leadership excellence at AISL