Second-Grade Learning Outcomes - Fourth Grading Period

This document highlights the focus standards for each grading period. Teachers may choose to review previously taught standards as well.

Language Arts - Reading

Use phonetic strategies

  • Use knowledge of short, long and r-controlled vowel patterns to decode and spell words
  • Decode regular multisyllabic words

Expands vocabulary

  • Use information in the story to read words
  • Use knowledge of sentence structure
  • Use knowledge of story structure and sequence
  • Reread and self-correct
  • Use knowledge of homophones
  • Use knowledge of prefixes and suffixes
  • Use knowledge of antonyms and synonyms
  • Discuss meanings of words and develop vocabulary by listening and reading a variety of texts
  • Use vocabulary from other content areas

DDemonstrates comprehension of fictional texts

  • Summarize stories and events with beginning, middle and end in the correct sequence
  • Draw conclusions based on the text
  • Read and reread familiar stories, poems, and passages with fluency, accuracy and meaningful expression

DDemonstrates comprehension of non-fictional texts

  • Identify the main idea
  • Read and reread familiar passages with fluency, accuracy, and meaningful expression
  • Use dictionaries, glossaries, and indices
  • Use online resources


Language Arts - Writing

MODE – Narrative: letters


Writes for a variety of purposes

  • Generate ideas before writing
  • Organize writing to include a beginning, middle and end for narrative and expository writing
  • Expand writing to include descriptive detail
  • Revise writing for clarity

Edits writing for correct grammar, capitalization, punctuation and spelling

  • Use apostrophes in contractions and possessives
  • Use contractions and singular possessives
  • Use knowledge of simple abbreviations
  • Use correct spelling for commonly used sight words, including compound words and regular plurals
  • Use commas in the salutation and closing of a letter
  • Use verbs and adjectives correctly in sentences

   Demonstrates growth in word study knowledge and applies it to writing

  •   Differentiated word study groups


Number and number sense


Patterns, functions and algebra


Scientific investigation/reasoning/logic

Life processes and living systems

Social Studies