Dear parents,

With the school year coming to an end, it’s time to decide what to do with your child’s blog (enter blog URL). Your child is welcome to keep blogging if you’re happy to support them, or we can archive or delete their blog.

If you’d like your child to continue blogging...

Please consider whether you’d like to continue supporting your child with their blog by becoming an ‘Administrator’. This means you’ll be able to monitor your child’s blog and access all areas of their dashboard.

With your support, your child is welcome to publish new posts on their blog for as long as they like. The blog can be public or private (password protected).

Your child’s blog is hosted on Edublogs which uses a customized version of WordPress. If you’d like to support your child to continue their blogging journey, you’ll be able to find support via 24/7 email help ( and online help documents (

If you’d like your child’s blogging journey to end...

We can archive your child’s blog so it remains on the web for future reference (as a public space or private space that’s password protected). Your child will no longer be able to post on their blog and others won’t be able to comment.

It is also possible to delete your child’s blog, however, archiving can be a better option so your child’s blogging journey can be looked back on in the future. Deleting is not reversible.

Please let me know your decision by (date).

Kind regards,

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