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MVBC Code of Conduct
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MVBC Code of Conduct

The purpose of the Mid Valley Bicycle Club (MVBC) Code of Conduct is to provide a general guide of conduct for members.
Our Club strives to promote a safe and enjoyable cycling environment for all its members in the company of other cyclists. It endeavors to lead by example and relies on each of its members to take responsibility to achieve this.

• MVBC wishes to operate in an environment where people show respect for others and their property.
• MVBC wishes to operate in an environment that is free from harassment. Harassment is defined as any action directed at an individual or group that creates a hostile, intimidating or offensive environment.
• By being an MVBC member, you are expected to adhere to this code of conduct. Breaches of this Code may result in a disciplinary penalty in which case all of the circumstances of the incident will be examined prior to any decision being taken. The Club President and at least one member of the Board will be responsible for investigating and deciding on any disciplinary action.

• Act in a manner which is compatible with the interests of MVBC;
• Accord people courtesy, respect and regard for their rights;
• Treat people's property with respect;

• Show a positive commitment to MVBC’s policies, rules, procedures, guidelines and agreements;

This list provides a few examples of behavior deemed to be unsuitable and not in the best interests of the club:
• Any non-consensual physical contact, language or gesture, or other inappropriate or  threatening language or conduct directed towards any MVBC member

Behavior that denigrates and/or intimidates another person
• Acting in a way that becomes a public nuisance, or creating a public disturbance.
• Damaging another person's property

A range of issues has arisen as a result of the increased use of the email as a tool for club business. Email can be a very powerful tool, but also creates unacceptable and unintended consequences on many occasions.
o Do not send chain mail.
o Do not use email to send defamatory, threatening, disparaging or obscene
messages to other members.