Intro: Imagine a world where pets and animals are hurt everyday. A world where small puppies and kittens are hurt but everyone passes them without a single thought. Where animals are abused everyday or put down by their owners. Would you do anything about that? Well I would because I care. I am one of the thousands who fight for the right of animals each day.  My name is Caitlin and here is my speech.

R1)It’s cruel. Do you think it is? Have you ever seen dogs run around the track on tv? Do you know why people do that to dogs? Well if you didn’t know people  either do that  for there satisfaction and they think it looks cool and fun or because people have placed a bet on that specific dog just so they can win some money. But if you put yourself in the eyes of that dog how would you feel if you had to run every  3 or 2 times a week and you run 3 laps! It would probably tire you out. And how does living in a cage sound ? With a muzzle around your mouth until you race? That would probably not be for another 2 days. Some of these dogs die. So would you help them? I know what I would do.

R2)Some are innocent. Some owners decide to blame little things such as the tv fell down because of the cat when you threw the  ball at the tv. You know your weren’t suppose to have a ball inside still you threw it.   Now you see some owners leave their pets to stay outside and don’t even bother to feed them or give them clean water just because they are lazy and can’t get of their phones or laptops. So what your friend texted you? Your dog or cat is probably outside drinking dirty water and starving and maybe even dying. Actions have consequences. They die because you haven’t fed them and they might have a sickness or a disease because you left them in the cold rain.

R3)Have you ever seen people abuse their pets? Like hit them just because they came inside with little muddy paws and stepped all over you new lush carpet. It’s annoying cleaning it up but just because they  stepped over it with their muddy paws does it give your the right to hit them?  Animals and pets have feelings too. Why else does your cat purr every time you pat them? Or why does your dog bark and pant every time you and him or her play fetch on the field?  That’s what makes them so happy to stay with you. If you hit your pet or if you hit an animal they will remember that and it might damage your relationship with them.  Now remember  next time you raise your hand to hit your pet … think twice about what you’re doing.

Conclusion:Think about what I said. How almost every pet and animal have been abused once or twice in its life. This brings me to the end of my speech but I want all of you to think about this …help and do something about this or ignore it and forget it.