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First Grade Newsletter No. 09

October 9 - 13, 2017

Mrs. Dolislager | (916) 331-7377 ext. 326

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Dear Parents,

Thank you so much to the families who supported the Frozen Food Fundraiser!  Our class sold $773.00!  The frozen items will be delivered on Nov. 7. Thank you also to the parents who are willing to take more children in their cars on our first field trip.  Because of them, our trip is back on.

Spelling - This week we will be adding two more words to our spelling list.  Due to the field trip on Friday, there will be no spelling pre-test this week.  The spelling test will be on Thursday.  In case you haven’t noticed, the phonics tests (on Wednesdays) also ask the students to write some of the spelling words.  Even though we practice the words in class, I recommend that you have your child practice at home every night.

Parent/Teacher conferences are scheduled for October 26 and 27.  You will receive your child’s report card at the conference.  Please schedule your time as soon as possible.  Click on the link and add your child’s name to a time slot.  Here is the link  to choose your conference time. [SCHEDULE]  As of Friday, only one parent had signed up.

With the cooler weather upon us, the jackets and sweaters are out.  Please label your child’s outwear with his/her name as so many of them are similar (lots of navy blue) and the children don’t always recognize theirs.   Also, for parents of girls: if your girl wears a dress or skirt, be sure she also wears shorts underneath.  Bike shorts work really well.  Thank you!

*Friday - Field trip:  Drivers, please be in the classroom at 9:50.

*October 20 - End of First Quarter

*October 26 - Minimum Day (12:00 dismissal), Parent/Teacher Conferences, Daycare available

*October 27 - No school, Parent/Teacher Conferences, Daycare available



Bible - Review all verses. No test this week.

Reading - Check assignment sheet.

Spelling -  List 4 (Write each word 3 times.  Return homework the next day.  Study words the other nights.)

List 4 - back, bake, lick, like, snack, snake, brick, clock, shake, broke, come, to


Bible - Review

Math - Lesson 32 (Side B) and Fact homework 32B (Check work and sign.)

Reading - Check assignment sheet.

Wednesday (Chapel)

Bible - Review


Bible - Review

Math - Lesson 33 (Side B) and Fact homework 33B (Check work and sign.)

Reading - Check assignment sheet.

Music: We are getting ready for the Christmas Concert on December 19th.

Download and listen to songs to prepare for Concert:


SING WE NOW [MP3 - link]   [LYRICS - link]